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Nigel Damocles

24 ✦ He/Him ✦ Bisexual

"Just who the hell do you think I am?"


Nigel is cheerful, honest and caring. However, he's a bit of a show-off and can fall victim to his own hubris. Nigel has always had a deep drive to uphold justice and act in a fair manner no matter what.


Low-Tier, Pilot Class, Vaporwave Dork. He wears a lot of hoodies and jackets and band shirts. The boots and pants he wears double as knee pads and slight armor for patrols. Here's his place on the masterlist! #1027 >


Just had to make a full playlst for this guy, since he's inspired by some of these songs. Mostly "Silver Lining" and "Crazy=Genius" by Panic at the Disco, but it has quickly become a 30+ min. playlist. -

  • Black Coffee
  • Pop Rocks
  • "Good" EDM (Electric Dance Music)
  • Superhero Comics
  • 90's Aesthetic
  • Confetti/Glitter
  • Disorganization
  • Needles
  • People who misuse Authority
  • Vapid/ Beatless Dubstep


Nigel spent every waking hour as a kid at the beach or the roller rink. At home, he burned and edited CD mixtapes for his mom, she's the number one fan of his radio show, secretly tuning in every night. Currently he works as a Radio Host/DJ, Pilot and occasionally picks up shifts at the roller rink as a favor to the owners (and cause he loves to skate). He still competes in Roller Derby, but not as much as he used to.

Type of RP preferred: I dunno. I haven't RPed in a while. Either way, it has to make sense with his personality and backstory. I wouldn't mind doing a roller rink RP (that's part of the reason I didn't pick a roller derby team name or really detail the staff) if anyone's interested.

-Low Tier MYO slot traded to me by creepypastafangirl44 on DeviantArt; links above.


Pan is his favorite Medic! They know each other by virtue of Nigel always getting himself hurt. Even though Nigel hates needles Pan can usually convince him to take shots and stitches when he inevitably needs them.


High Class, Galaxy badass. Good childhood friends with Nigel, DDR championship winner 8 years running.


Goth Goddess, Leader of the rival roller derby team. A real spitfire, prone to doing cruel things to win. Nigel wanted to befriend him at first, to swap notes on leadership and train together, but he purposely gained that trust to hurt one of his teammates. He'll never forgive him for that.

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