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General Warnings

  • Some of my characters contain heavy, dark, explicit/mature (18+) or sensitive content. Viewer discretion is advised.
  • Any character tagged with "warning" and/or censored images will most likely be involved with any of the aforementioned topics. Please avoid them if you don't wish to interact with them.
  • I'm not responsible for any discomfort or harm you might feel if you ignored these warnings and chose to continue anyway.

  • Please don't use my characters in any way without my permission.
  • Don't copy or steal my characters, story and design-wise.

  • In no way do I seek to harm or trigger others, nor do I condone, glorify, romanticise or justify the themes depicted in my characters and stories.
  • I don't support any of the subjects or perspectives that might be displayed. I only depict and write these for fictional purposes.
  • All of the names, places, events and characters here come from my imagination, and no resemblance or affiliation with the real world is intended unless otherwise specified.
  • Characters are eighteen (18) or older unless otherwise specified.

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