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Dawn Gregory
14823465_5OEuZD9MsLJXke3.gif- She/her - 27 

Dawn is a simple woman; she likes watching the sun rise over a morning cup of tea, she likes watching the hummingbirds flit about her balcony feeder, she likes her peace and quiet. And she had found glimmers of peace between work and school, until her old friend Eli whisked her away on a time travelling motorcycle

Now she's just trying to keep herself, Eli's, and Eli's other cohorts safe, so she can get back home in time for her midterms

 ♫ Playlist ♫
  • Hot tea
  • Wisteria
  • Reading
  • Loud noises
  • Drama
  • Silverfish


Other Stuff:

  • 5'4" 240lbs
  • Often lost in thought. Quiet, reserved, contemplative, observant
  • Takes a while to get things done, is very thorough and methodical
  • Seems less that she's indecisive and more like she forgets she's capable of choice
  • Often slow to verbally respond, thinking up the best response. Doesn't say a lot in general
  • Hard to get to know, despite being very friendly; people don't usually try looking past the mousy exterior anyways
  • Very forgiving, takes a LOT to get on her bad side, gets along with most people
  • Capable of keeping a genuine looking smile even when work is busy, but goes near catatonic if a customer yells at her
  • Very neat and tidy, is the first person to tell you if you have a spot of something on your shirt and hand you a napkin discreetly
  • Currently saving for the next year of nursing school
  • Often gets overwhelmed thinking about the future, and drowns sorrows in tea. Is doing her best. Is determined to keep doing so
  • Very much an introvert, heads straight to her room after shifts to refuel and relax
  • Knows first aid, and if someone needs it, takes charge to assist them. Doesn't usually volunteer for anything else, it's like a switch is flipped if someone is hurt
  • Is very upset that she can't enjoy medical dramas as much as she used to because "did the writers do any research whatsoever, come on"
  • Wears light makeup at work, doesn't dress very flashy. Loves her pastels!
  • Loves cats, but is sadly severely allergic. Adores children, wishes she could be a Mom one day
  • Her ideal living would be a little cottage on a hobby farm. Loves to fantasise about her happy ending
  • Writes in her spare time. Is incredibly insecure in her ability and shows it to no one else
  • Despite her love for pastels, her favourite colour is red