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North Star northicon.png

Status: Open (picky!)

Seeking: anything but love

Genre: slice-of-life, drama, smut

Setting: original, dystopian, futuristic, sci-fi, any fitting fandom

A delusional young man with an ego the size of a planet. Thinks way too highly of himself, and as long as you're feeding his ego and image, he'll treat you really well.

Joel Tanner joelico.png

Status: Open

Seeking: friends, acquaintances, enemies, lovers

Genre: adventure, slice-of-life, drama, smut

Setting: Borderlands 2, Tales From the Borderlands

Vain and dramatic, Joel loves to show off and feel like he's the bitch in charge. More often than not tries to raise his self esteem by putting other down (both literally and figuratively), and that has gotten him quite a few enemies.

Alice Lockwoodalice_th_co.png

Status: Open

Seeking: friends, acquaintances, enemies, lovers

Genre: adventure, slice-of-life, drama, smut

Setting: Borderlands 2, Borderlands: Pre-Sequel, Tales From the Borderlands

A mercenary from Concordia, Elpis. Very outgoing and attention seeking, Alice loves to talk to people, and whether that is to piss them off or to actually get to know them depends entirely on the first impression she gets from them.

Abigail Westabigail_icoo.png

Status: Open

Seeking: friends, acquaintances

Genre: slice-of-life, adventure, drama

Setting: Fallout 4, Fallout New Vegas

Abigail is a young child with a naive trust that everything's always gonna be alright. Friendly, curious, and compassionate, she's very easy to get along with. Because she has hard time speaking up due to a trauma, she carries around a sketch pad and pens, and communicates mostly through drawing and expressive body language.

Dennis Haleden_ico.png

Status: Open

Seeking: anything and everything

Genre: same as above

Setting: Fallout 4

An ex-raider turning ghoul stuck in his old not-so-civilised ways. Drinks, smokes, and uses chems a little too much, and tends to get in trouble when bored. Completely off his rocker, literally fell in love with a man who stabbed him.

Emily Hastingsemily_icon.png

Status: Open

Seeking: friends, acquaintances, enemies

Genre:  drama, action, adventure, slice-of-life

Setting: Fallout 4, Fallout 3

A slave owning bastard originally from the Capital Wasteland, now living in the Commonwealth with her group. Rude, bossy, and hotheaded, she's not the easiest person to get along with, but to those she values she's loyal to to death.

Ami Aroamicon.png

Status: Open

Seeking: anything but enemies

Genre: slice-of-life, romance, drama, chat log

Setting: original, modern, real-life, any fitting fandom

A shy web designer with a heart of gold. Tends to screw up his relationships by being too indecisive about everything, but if you don't mind his indecisiveness and awkwardness he'll be a friend you can go to no matter what and he'll do his damnest to help.

Linda Sanderslinda_ico.png

Status: Open

Seeking: anything but romance or smut

Genre: action, adventure, drama, slice-of-life

Setting: Fallout 4, Fallout 3

Foul-mouthed and distrusting, Linda is easily perceived as nothing but yet another raider without a conscience. She is, however, not completely mean by heart and would help pretty much anyone if it doesn't put her group in danger... Unless you're a ghoul. Racist to no end, Linda carries a strong hate for the irradiated and will not take kindly to their kind.


Status: --

Seeking: --

Genre: --

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