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【 Name 】 Alma Sendeeri【 Called 】 Alma
【 Age 】 21【 D.o.B. / Zodiac 】 6th of Kaat / Rauha, the Feathered
【 Gender / Orientation 】 Female / Bisexual【 Goo 】 Uncommon (Dk. Purple and Fuchsia)
【 Skin / Markings 】 Gradient (gray and black) / Uncommon (heart)【 Eyes / Hair / Ears 】 Common / Uncommon / Rare
【 Spikes / Arms / Mutations 】 Rare / Uncommon / Rare Arm Ends【 Height / Weight 】 4' 3" / 218 pounds
【 Origin 】 Kotiin【 Species/Race 】 Pakkeli

About Alma

Alma is a slow-paced party girl in a fast-paced gambling city. She is rather dark fashion-wise (a goth at heart) and likes to be cryptic in what she says. She has a dry sense of humor and finds dark things funny. She doesn't like to take chances - even calculated ones - and she certainly doesn't gamble. She can't say no to a good party or concert, and she hates the 'popular crowd.'

Home Life and Family
Alma lives with her brother, Laekin, and her parents. Their parents are gambling professionals (blackjack and poker), and while they can make enough to live off of, they certainly have not hit the big win nor are they rich. She doesn't get along much with any of her family though her brother is somewhat near and dear to her as he watches her back at parties. He's lazy and annoying though! Her parents mostly ignore her and dote on Laekin as he is taking after them more-or-less.

Home City: Meoizle
House: 3-bedroom apartment
Transport: Black 2-door car

Work and Fun
Alma is pretty good at blackjack, but she never brings anything home money-wise. Instead, she prefers to spend her time making custom designed card decks that she can sell to gamblers and gamers at a "fair" price as collectibles (or they can use them - she doesn't care). She's pretty good at haggling with buyers and creates small metalwork coins that go with the custom decks to sweeten the deal. Outside her crafting job, Alma spends her time shopping goth fashion and going to parties. She loves mingling with good music or attending a mad crazy concert!

【 Likes 】
  • Parties
  • Dresses
  • Death Metal
【 Dislikes 】
  • Super peppy people
  • Annoying jokes
  • People who haggle/argue with her
【 Hobbies 】
  • Painting coins
  • Creating custom card decks
  • Adding black lace to all her clothes



[ a rather extreme brother ]

A little overprotective, a lot annoying, and super douchey on occasion. I hate his jokes. Sometimes I pity laugh for him though...

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