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Name Gladwin   Pronounication glad-win
Pronouns He/Him   Height 14'09"
Age Adult   Affiliation Alliance
Birthday Westerdan   Occupation Ex-Leader
Time of Birth The Start   Alignment Chaotic Evil
God Spectrum Gladar   Myers-Briggs -
Species Type 1 Gladar   Partner -
Representation -   Theme Song A Story Told
Universe Yes   FR Dragon Yes



Gladwin is the enigmatic former leader of the Space Gladar, having seized power before anyone knew what he was doing. He crafted himself an inner circle of fellow Gladar who were both aesthetically pleasing and had skills that he could abuse to keep himself on his throne. He invented soul items in order to further twist his control over his alliance, and proceeded to rule the Spacies with an iron fist. Gladwin is extremely manipulative and cunning, to an incredibly terrifying degree; the sheer lengths he can go in order to preserve both control and power are mind-boggling. His inner circle was hit the hardest, with most of the members being so bent and broken that they even wanted Gladwin's approval, at times.

As any true manipulator would, Gladwin keeps his secrets to his chest and his true self even closer. His motives are the whispered wonders of many of the Space Gladar, although only behind locked doors and closed blinds. Gladwin himself, of course, let no one in and let no words slip about the topic. The few times that trusted accolytes of his brought it up were laughed off without a proper answer. Perihelion maintains that he seized power simply because he wanted to control people and have influence, but sometimes others still wonder if there was something else, deeper. For a man who had everything, what brings him to reach for more?

He was overthrown by Perihelion in the Merge, a short-but-influental battle that completely reshaped the Space Gladar. Gladwin had been training her to serve as his backup while he headed out to overtake the other Gladic Groups (after being tipped off by a Wanderer friend). He hadn't accounted for Aphelion egging her on to rebel, and one day woke up to find a lance pointed at his chest. Gladwin was captured, although parts of his inner circle managed to flee the battlefield, and while Gladwin wasn't tortured, he was isolated and interrogated on the others' whereabouts. 

Later on, members of his inner circle returned and helped break him out of jail, making him a standing threat again. The Space Gladar are terrified of his return, but in reality, Gladwin's mostly sulking and fuming far away in Universe Core about having lost so easily and having his efforts to rule overturned. 



hair | D175E1 - Purple

coat | 280848 - Dark Purple

eyes | B41414 - Red

accessories | Glasses: 5D0B5D - Purple

Gladwin dresses nicely, considering himself quite fashionable and pretty. He is never seen without his trademark hat, and wears deeper, darker colors to compliment his natural colors. He can be drawn in other outfits as long as they maintain the same palette and appear higher-quality. Gladwin shows a wide range of emotions depending on his mood and the actions of everyone else around him - whether that mood be relatively pleased, smug, annoyed, or downright angry, he appears to be having a natural reaction to things, but for all anyone knows, this could be a mere farce as well.

Anatomy Ref || Wing Anatomy