Tsukina Yamabushi



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Is this what truly matters to you?

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name fujiwara no akimitsu
occupation adventurer
class samurai
birthday content

Born and raised in Kugane, Tsukina has lived there all her life until something in her snapped. Perhaps it was her near-death experience when she was younger... Or perhaps it could've been the final straw when her mother told her 'no' for the 100th time for trying to leave the safety of their home. Tsukina has always been a sickly girl, ever since she was born her poor condition left her wanting to experience life outside of her comfortable prison. However, despite being so sickly, this didn't stop her mother and father from trying to prepare her for being their heir. She was going to be the one to carry their clan to safety, to comfort, to live on. Being such a free spirit, she didn't want this boring life. Who would? So, she packed and with a night kissed by the stars, she ran. It wasn't until she hit the land of Eorzea that her life became so much more beautiful.


  • eating konpieto
  • her tiger cub, Boba
  • quiet moments
  • the sounds of the ocean
  • getting dirty
  • beeing looked down upon
  • bitter food
  • wasting time

Tsukina is an extremely shy and stubborn person. But just because she's shy, it doesn't mean that will hold back when someone is being rude to her or the scions. Tsukina loves with all her heart and will always be there working hard to get better at herself and her friends.


past I

Tsukina's real name is Fujiwara no Akimitsu... Her parents simply gave her a 'masculine' name due to their expectations she was born a male instead. However, once she was born it was nothing but disappointment. She was sickly and weak and so... she tried her best to prove them wrong. Even if it meant pushing herself to the brink.

present II

As of this moment, Tsukina found out that her parents somehow were able to create another heir to the family. Leaving her to feel completely bitter towards them as in her eyes, she was abandonded by them once again. However, this didn't mean mmuch for her, after-all, she had another little brother other than the twins.


Galdan Malaguld

◦◌○ [ Lover ] 《 Gal... d.. H-Him? W-Well you see we ran into each other on the piers of Kugane and w-we got to know each other and he helped me and- Apparently one of my clansmen that ran away told stories of me to him and children around his age.. I cannot help but feel bad, after all I'm not that amazing person he saw me as. T-Though I suppose.. He and Boba captivated my heart in the same way. 》


◦◌○ [ Lover ] 《 Oh... Kazu... He's so sweet and kind.. W-Well it was just a normal day. I was wondering around the enclave to help restore it and... I suppose it was nice. He's amazing... Like Galdan. 》

The Scions

◦◌○ [ Family ] 《 The Scions of the Seventh Dawn? Why they're my family of course! Do you think I'd consider people I travel with to the ends of the world to be just co-workers? I love them dearly. Shall anything that comes to harm them, know that I am their protector. As they are mine. Hence, I will hunt whatever comes in harm's way. I'll do anything for them... Anything. 》

Perhaps we simply were never meant to be.