Cheeto (worm)'s Ownership

Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!


Character Permissions

Cannot be transferred for any reason.

Design Terms of Use

data Global Rules

do NOT resell this character for more than you purchased them for unless they have additional art! it's very disrespectful to me as the designer to get the short end of the stick. if they were gifted to you (unless they have additional art), do NOT sell them, only gift or trade. you are free to redesign and do as you please with this character now that they belong to you WITHIN REASON.

if you have plans to drastically change the character and are unsure of my approval, please dm me before purchase! there is no way i can predict your plans with my design before purchasing, please understand if i turn up uncomfortable.

do not, under any circumstances, associate this design with pedophilia/cp/racism/antisemitism/(trans)misogyny/TERFs/transphobia/homophobia/etc. do not be a freak. this includes designs somehow linked to underaged characters, or designs linked to characters who fall under any of these categories. 

please do NOT take inspiration/copy/color pick this design.


this account is lal 's storage and system account. please contact lal for any design related inquiries.