Basic Info


Aedi Levon

Chiro's Nickname





DFAB Female (she/her)


December 18th





Home Planet





Panromantic/Pansexual, kind of leans toward men.

Significant Other(s)

Orange and LeFleuris de Floraize.


Neutral Good


Personal Assistant to Hadris Torant



Date Created

Shortly before NaNoWriMo 2012. Potentially during?? Somewhere in the first week of the month at latest.


Butter, the color blue, parties, hanging out with friends, reality shows, painting (badly), decorating for holidays and other events, cute clothes, shopping, sports, having an excuse to scream, drawing faces on things, hot guys, cute girls, wrapping things, rap music, cute animals, talking, fruit snacks, marshmallows, gelatin.


When her team loses, pop music, awkward silences, spilling things on her clothes, people who think they're better just because they like or dislike a certain thing, arugula, Mondays, working, things that require a lot of effort, being alone, hard decisions, losing people, getting yelled at, pickles.


Dander, peanuts.


content warnings: harsh divorce, emotional abuse/manipulation


 extroverted  💙  spunky  💙  romantic  💙  upbeat  💙  self-sacrificing

     Aedi is so sweet and cheery it's liable to be a hazard to someone's health. She's rarely seen without a smile on her face and she talks a mile a minute. Though she likes to help people out, she's lazy and usually has to be convinced to do things if they aren't fun or a necessity. Her negative emotions seem to limited to comedic worry and embarrassment; anything else she keeps to herself or doesn't express for very long. She sees the best in people and has a bad habit of pretending other people don't have flaws or, at the very least, excusing their actions by emphasizing their positive aspects.

     Though she's kind and caring, she's also a little spoiled. Aside from her laziness, she doesn't like to do anything unpleasant or tedious and tends to get jealous of material goods easily, having grown up as a wealthy child. These traits aren't overwhelming by any means, but they're undeniably there.

     When it comes to romance, she's eager and flirtatious but also easily embarassed. She develops crushes easily and when she falls in love she falls pretty hard. She has all sorts of fairytale fantasies when it comes to the objects of her affection, and she won't hesitate to ramble on about them when given the opportunity. She's forthright with compliments, but when receiving them she gets too flustered for her ego boost to be noticeable.

     Of course, she isn't all sunshine and butterflies. As mentioned previously she keeps a lot hidden, and it kills her more than she cares to ever admit. It's hard for her to open up to others because she's been told to keep her negative emotions hidden for so long; opening up scares her because she's afraid she'll be yelled at for it or otherwise punished.


 "Hey! Don't get too down about it, okay? We'll get through it together!"

     Aedi's childhood was defined by conflict between her parents. Though they both loved her (and the son they had in a failed attempt to rekindle their relationship), her mother couldn't stand Aedi's father. She accused him of being abusive, manipulative, greedy, and only interested in his own benefit when it came to what he fought for. They eventually divorced, with her mother failing to gain custody due to her husband's influence and only able to gain custody over her son upon confessing that the child wasn't her husband's at all.

     After the divorce, Aedi became more withdrawn and her family life became quiet. She wasn't allowed to see her mother, and she heard all sorts of rumors about her. Her father tried to distract her however he could - being warmer, showering her with gifts, giving her only the best of everything - but the damage was done and Aedi pretended to be fine so as to not upset anyone.

     In high school, All-Conquering Overlord Hadris Torant announced his intent to take over the planet. Like most people she was worried, especially given the alarming information her father was spreading. Her father became increasingly protective of her, pulling her out of school after a presentation was held informing students about Hadris' motives and the changes he wished to make for the better. Doing research of her own before the Internet "stopped working", Aedi decided she wanted to support Hadris no matter how fiercely her father opposed him.

     It wasn't easy - and in fact she would have never made it if not for the interference of a certain pseudo-psychic member of Hadris' entourage - but she managed to get off of Terre and join Hadris' empire. Hadris took interest in her immediately (especially seeing the only other person from Terre was currently in physical therapy due to the vitriolic hate against Hadris on the planet) and took her in as an intern. It didn't take long for her to become more like his personal assistant, and she made plenty of friends. She even met Orange, an old classmate of hers! Finally, Aedi was somewhere she could feel safe and happy and surrounding by people who cared about her...

     ...Or so she assumed. Much to her distress, it turned out that even here her father had influence over her, threatening the life of her mother and brother if she didn't return to the rebellion she never wanted any part of...

RP History

     She's leading a group of people on a tour of Hadris' Realm alongside Orange! It should be fun!


 AVERAGE: 4.1/10


     Aedi is an ordinary human being, for all that entails. She doesn't have any special powers, weapon training, or noteworthy abilities. If you slapped a tome or something on her, though, she'd be good for casting support magic!

Writing Featured In

SYOL || November 2012 & November 2013
💙  Remember when Aedi was supposed to die at the beginning for no reason other than to provide angst for Orange??? Man, was that a time.