Basic Info


All-Conquering Overlord Hadris Torant


Drew, Space Satan, the Ol' Space Drewcifer.


Likely beyond numbers.


Doesn't quite identify with gender, though he's fond of masculine titles and would probably call himself male if asked. (he/him)


All-Conquering Overlord...?

Home Planet



6'6" (in his humanoid form, anyway)



Significant Other(s)

Monaz. Sort of.


Chaotic Good


All-Conquering Overlord



Date Created

Shortly before NaNoWriMo 2012.


Ties, watercoolers, popping up right behind people, coffee, small talk, mortals, donuts, traffic, psychology, video games, statistics, math, huge windows, the power of friendship, cheesy movies, handshakes, party games, glass ornaments, holidays, all things tomato.


Legitimate threats, the color pink, memes, traitors, losing pens, pesky heroes (not really, he loves them and wants to hug them all), rainy days, when other evil overlords just want to destroy him and not even go out for coffee afterward, upsetting his subjects, peking duck, paninis.

Favorite Object

His tie, which has a bunch of smiley faces on it. Valence got it for him for Father's Day once, and Orange complimented while he was dying! It's pretty impressive, but he still gave it to Orange.

Favorite Holiday



|| - Personality - ||


For someone who spends his entire life conquering galaxies, Hadris is a pretty cool guy. He's very much enamored with mortality and the lives of lower beings, eager to befriend them and understand what makes them tick. His friendliness is overwhelming and has probably led to more than a few deaths. Scratch the probably, actually. Hadris’ adoration of his subjects is along the lines of agape: the sort of love a God would feel for their creations. Their happiness is of utmost importance to him and as such he prioritizes social development and public relations over warfare. Though he has absolute control over his empire, most of the decisions he makes are based on the desires of the majority.

Though he sounds impressive and dramatic, when it comes down to it the All-Conquering Overlord is really just a big, dorky, hammy dad who plays Evil Overlord on the weekends and brings you back souvenirs.

|| - Backstory - ||

Hadris' origins are a mystery to all. He's existed for millennia and has conquered countless universes, but he's lived for so long that even he doesn't remember where he came from, nor does he recall what drove him to begin conquering Entirety. Back in his earlier years he couldn’t have cared less; he was ruthless, cruel, bloodthirsty, and concerned only about getting more. Even with countless universes conquered he wasn’t satisfied. He would only rest when all of Entirety belonged to him.

On an ordinary outing he attempted to conquer a planet ruled by a goddess named Memen, killing off her followers and brutalizing the planet itself. He wasn’t expecting much of a fight, but much to his alarm Memen proved to be a frightening adversary. She offered to play a game with him: a fight to the death, one on one, with the winner getting all the other owned. Hadris accepted and discovered she was far more powerful than he anticipated. Realizing he could very well be facing death, he allowed his allies to intervene so they could kill her. Instead she slaughtered his armies, showing even less mercy than before now that the terms of their agreement had been violated.

Eventually Hadris and his allies managed to seal Memen away in an isolated Reality, but Hadris’ empire had been all but destroyed by then. The ordeal shocked him into actually thinking about what he was doing. He decided he needed to focus on strategy and gathering a strong following; it pained him to admit it, but there were beings more powerful than him out there and he needed to be prepared. He formed the “Representatives”: a group of his closest allies who corresponded to the different elements. His cockiness began to fade, and he began to focus more on reforming the places he conquered to gain favor with them instead of practically destroying them just so he could get his hands on them easier. During this time he became close to a Representative named Monaz, who was intrigued by other beings, especially mortals. Together they sought to learn more about Entirety and all who lived in it, discovering emotions and what it meant to genuinely care for others.

Hadris’ change in behavior was met with mixed reactions from the rest of his allies. While some were fine with the idea of making a more peaceful Entirety and benefiting those they ruled over, others had joined Hadris because of his initial ruthlessness and desire to destroy and conquer. Not content with living such a dull lifestyle and having their violent desires punished, a rebellion was led by two of his Representatives – Nehuen Braulio and Trigger – in which Memen was released once more. Though the traitors were defeated and sealed up again alongside Memen, Hadris’ empire was once again devastated.

A few hundred years later Trigger broke out of the prison Reality, giving Memen just enough time to possess one of Hadris’ newer Representatives – a Vessel named Septicemia – and wreak havoc using her body. With Trigger’s unexpected assistance the situation was quickly handled; Septicemia was exorcised, Memen was re-sealed, and Trigger vanished with a warning not to bother her lest she make Hadris’ life a living Hell. Still, Hadris’ home dimension was wrecked and some of his closest allies were dead. To make matters worse, several of the Representatives who survived resigned. Monaz was among them, feeling guilty because xe hadn’t been able to save anyone with xyr abilities, which xe was beginning to see as useless. Xe left to wander Entirety, ensuring Hadris none of this was his fault before leaving.

Now left to deal with guilt, sadness, and longing – emotions he could barely understand – Hadris focused on improving the worlds he had already conquered. He also focused on forming bonds between he and his Representatives and encouraged them to befriend each other, as well. Though he feared losing more people he was close to, he knew bonds and understanding were concepts Monaz valued highly, and deep down Hadris just wanted to bring xem back and give xem a place xe could feel useful in.

Over the next hundred years he adopted a young girl he found in a post-apocalyptic world, hired several more Representatives, and allowed his empire to flourish. He and his allies improved the security mechanisms around Memen’s prison and began offering her sacrifices to temporarily placate her. Things started going smoothly again, minus the usual scuffles with Orerun – a servant of Memen’s intent on stealing magical artifacts that could either aid Hadris or prolong Memen’s imprisonment – and Hadris slowly began his conquering once more. He took in two young humans, Orange and Aedi, in as his assistants and the camaraderie within his empire grew stronger than ever.

And then a familiar face appeared. The face of someone he assumed long gone. The face of a former ally who wanted revenge, and sought to free Memen for the last time…

|| - Powers/Abilities - ||

Hadris' powers are seldom publicized, but he seems to have an unlimited arsenal of them. In essence, if you'd expect a final boss to have a certain power, he has it. He has the uncanny ability to match himself up to certain legends so he can play at being the great evil that's unleashed every 1,000 years on any given planet, and as such he has a variety of different impressive final boss forms.

He's also really good at making dad jokes, which counts as a power imho

|| - Writing Featured In (Newest to Oldest) - ||

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