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"The nicer an airplane looks,
the better it flies"




Aeronautical Engineer / Pilot













He may seem shy at first, but once you get to know him, he can be very friendly and charming.

He wasn't very fond of aviation as a kid, but his vision changed with the arrival of the modern era and grew fascinated for it.t

He is very smart and curious, as shown by his interest in aviation. He's also very knowledgeable about the latest technology. It seems that he is very interested in what's going on in the world around him.

He's more of an aeronautical engineer than a pilot, but once he is hooked on it he loves it all the same. He really enjoys flying.

Tries his best to keep a positive outlook, but he's easily discouraged if things doesn't go well.

His favorite color is pink because of the "Pink Clouds" Air Racers. He likes assisting to airshows with his friends.

Main Reference
Second Form











Aircraft Design


Hang out with friends



Failure and trouble


Bad weather

Being late


E.B Friend | Teammate

Avia's friend, and the one who claims to have saved his life...
Although he can be a bit annoying, he's a very enthusiastic guy, and enjoys to take things in a humorous way. He's a hard worker and very responsible when he's needed to be, which makes them a good team when working together.

Naomi Girlfriend

Avia's closest person and a very intelligent girl. She always by his side and tries to support him as much as she can.
She is a nice, confident girl, and someone who loves music. Her love for Avia is very mutual, and they enjoy spending time together.
They became closer as time went by and became a big part of his life.

Jett Close friend

An active and energetic person, who is a good friend to Avia, Their first time meeting was at the aviation club.
He is a jet charter and a very hard-working guy. He always comes up with new ideas to make things fun at Skyroad City.

Hinoru Close friend

Avia's friend from the club, he is a very serious fellow and a very talented pilot.
The first time they met was at the aeronautical exhibition of the city. He invited Avia to the aviation club and they formed a close friendship ever since.

Grey Close friend

A quiet and a very calm fellow, he is a fan of vintage airplanes and he shares similar interests with Avia.
They met at the aviation club, and Grey is always there to comfort him when Avia is down.
They have very much in common, and it is easy to tell that they have a good friendship.


- • • –

"Project AER"

Sci-Fi Dystopian Aviation

Avia's a young pilot and aeronautical engineer aspiring to become a great designer of wonderful aircraft.
The use of air vehicles has become common in large cities, and the most efficient means of transport. Skyroad City was the first one to use the Air Express Transport technology. For this reason, its views to the sky were very scenic.
Avia always hangs out with his three friends from the Aviation Club, 
JettHinoru, and Grey.

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- • • -


They all share the dream of becoming part of the popular "Pink Clouds" Air Racers one day. They all also work to bring maintenance in the local A&P (Airframe and Powerplant).

Things started to get complicated when sudden changes in the weather made life in the city difficult.
The air accidents increased notably and many air vehicles uses has been reduced which affected negatively in the aircraft industry.
Avia's still coursing in the TecSpace University, but the actual problems in the city has slowed down the classes more than expected.
The days goes on and the situation haven't improved yet, the city was covered in fog and darkness, shrouded in a deep gloom.
Under such conditions, The Aviation Club and TecSpace closed their doors until further notice.
It was discouraging news, but it should have been expected given the risks that could take.

One day Avia recieves a mail from the SAER Tech University announcing the start of a new career specifically at advanced aeronautical engineering in another city. It didn't seem like a bad idea and it was a good opportunity on these times of conflict, noticing that the city is not much different from the land of the mountains. It is indeed located at "Wind City" at the other side of the country parting from the central city. There the technology isn't as advanced and they live a calmer life.
He's decided and ready to embark on a new adventure.

He plans to hang out with his friends the next day, and not to talk about his future plans yet, and spend the day with them as if it was any other day.
It was an exhausting as it always is in this chaotic city. Along the way to the bus station, Avia invites them to his apartment and suggests to order something for dinner and watch some movies.
Once they arrived to the apartment, they were surprised by how clean it was. It was immediately apparent to them that Avia was hiding something, they knew him very well, and Avia finally decides to speak up about his plan.
Avia was afraid that they wouldn't support his decision, but to his own surprise, his friends quickly decide to cheer him on.
It was a little sad on one side that they were not going to see each other again in a long time, but they'll always be there to support.
Avia was ready to leave tomorrow in the morning on his way to Wind City.

- • • -

a new beginning

As soon as he woke up, he was ready to part towards the station where his friends were waiting for him to farewell.
He said goodbye, and then turned into the train that was ready to depart.
The train was packed in only a few minutes. Every seat was taken up by passengers, and there was little room for luggage. But luckily he didn't carry much with him.
He saw two empty seats and sat in there.
A young woman came in and asked if she could sit with him. He agreed and she sat with him for awhile.
The commute was long, but at least he enjoyed looking at the scenery, as he moved away from the red skyline and observing the city of lights.
The girl next to him took out a notebook and began to write. His gaze turned towards her every now and then, with curiosity to know what was she writing.
"It was so fascinating to visit Skyroad City," she replied as she smiled softly. He couldn't help but to smile at her remark. "Yeah, it really is" he replied.
She continued writing for another few minutes.
"Can I ask you a question?" She asked.
"Sure" he smiled.
"Why have you decided to visit Wind City?" She asked with a bit of interest.
"I decided to move to Wind City because it has the best employment opportunities and the education system are on par with the world's best!. He replied with enthusiasm.
"Good luck!" She told him with a smile.
They kept talking for a little while until the train arrived to the destination.

Avia stepped out the train and left the station to look over the city.
It was certainly a beautiful sight, and unlike any of the places he had been, it was largely peaceful.
Unlike Skyroad City, some buildings looked pretty old and broken down, it didn't have that kind of high technology he was used to, but that was fine.
He stood next to the outside wall of the train station, waiting for the bus that was a short distance away.
He arrived to the university, and he was evaluated with his current knowledge and abilities. The results from the examination were far superior than he had expected and he was accepted into the university.
The real classes started next week, so he had time to prepare for it and get used to the city.
But first, he would need to search a place for a rental in this remote location.

The first days of classes started
He felt very shy as it was the first time he was in a new place. Although it was very exciting to meet his classmates and the last and first week of class were definitely fun and exciting for him.
While in that school, he met the other students of his class, and together they decided to work for the company one of them founded, the Aerospace Engineering Society (AES).
Using the money he saved from studying, they founded the SKYE office, where Avia, and their friends would work as well as help out with company.
The AES was a global group of 8 students from the beginning, in which the eight members selected two leaders, who decided who was assigned to that role, etc. So, this group was set up to grow and become bigger with time, and they are now a huge firm with many teams working at all times on different projects.
But Avia decided to leave the AES early when one day someone special came into his life.

- • • -

someone special

Before the AES was founded, It was a normal day, just like any other.
Avia before heading to class, decided to stop at the cafe across the street as usual.
They were always the same few guys in the cafe...
But this time there was a young girl sitting next to him, she took out a notebook and began to write.
It was the same girl from the train! He remembered clearly.
It was not until she had finished her work that she turned and looked at him.
"I remembered you!" She exclaimed with a happy smile on her face.
He was somehow happy she remembered him.
"M-me too," Was all he could stammer out.
Then she asked if she could sit next to him on the other side of the table, and he agreed.
They talked for a little while and got to know each other.
Her name was 
Naomi, she was a nice, confident girl, and someone who loved music. She didn't go anywhere without her notebook, always writing new ideas for a new song.
They eventually finished their conversation and Avia headed to school, arriving a few minutes late.
His classmates looked at him in surprise, He'd never been late before, so it was quite suspicious.
But he just decided not to give explanations about what happened and just continued the class normally...

He started to get together with Naomi day after day at the cafe, what was making him to keep coming late to class so often.
But finally some students started to look at each other, thinking he was in trouble.
And they started to make him questions.
"So it was a girl after all" they yelled, barely.
Avia was a gentle person at heart, always looking out for others. He could easily fall for someone, especially if he was shy about it.
But his classmates supported him, they'd even give some advice!

But days later, the AES was founded, and Avia was selected as one of the main leaders.
Meaning that he was responsible for many work venues for the company, in fact, he was the head of the whole project and not just the development team.
There were many roles in the AES, including:
Bathymetry for aircraft control and flight model,
Churn time for other airplane elements (wingwash, lift-aversion, simulators, obstacle avoidance),
Plans for future aircraft (aerodynamic engineering).
There was a whole lot of work to do in the AES Project.
As a result, he did not have enough time anymore to seeing Naomi.
Avia was happy working at the AES, but he still cared about Naomi deeply.
The additional work was well underway, as Avia and the AES team went through a long period of working on such problems and designing the prototype of a new engine.
He noticed that his life was getting too much like other people.
For the first time since Avia's own days, he felt lonely.
Facing his troubles, he decided to ask Naomi how she felt about this.
She replied to him saying that, even though they couldn't see each other, she understood the importance of his work.
But Avia still felt worried about it, and two months after, he decided to leave the AES, because he was not happy with his decision to distance himself from her.
In the end he wasn't just with her, they moved in together and  from that moment forward Avia started moving away from the blueprints, away from the findings, and began to live with her. He felt his happiness and did everything to care for her, he was more willing to help her with technical details, he wasn't much of a musician, but he did enjoy listening to her songs.

- • • -

turn of events

It's been a while since then. They spent one year together near the countryside.
One day Avia had a dream, where they travelled throughout the skies showing her the most beautiful views of the world.
With this vision in mind, Avia has never built and created any aircraft for himself, the ones he's built are perfect examples of what one would expect from an advanced engineering workshop and not for leisure.
He excelled in everything he did. He was a beloved engineer on the staff of AES, a strong, kind person who always took care of those around him.
It was for sure that he would be able to achieve the dream.
Despite all the hopes that the aircraft would be a success in no time, things doesn't go as planned...
The tragedy started. The thing which could've been a quiet summer night suddenly took a drastic turn.
The sound of multiple explosions.
The sound of heavy gunfire.
The destruction in every street and alleyway.
They're standing in a city of ruins, burning after a sudden raid.
But they wasn't standing there. Right after they left, their home hit by an explosion, razed to the ground.
Everything, came down in a fire.
While they were fleeing, that's when they heard another rumble. They ran into the ruins
They are running. Running towards their fate. Avia was at the center of that decision. He never expected things would turn out like this, but... That's how it was.
They kept running, running so far, that they arrived to a field of darkness, it's entire streets turned into a wasteland of burned buildings and rubble.
With them, alone, completely cut off from the outside world. That was the other side of Wind City, the forgotten wastelands.
There were no buildings, no lights, no dreams.
It was like life was just… gone, just passed over by.
They knew they couldn't look back anymore. Instead, they moved, carefully moving their way into the center of the field. The cold darkness filled them, it was just the two of them, or so they thought.
One distant figure stood guard on the opposite side of the field.
It was an enemy soldier, and at this distance it was hard to make out his features, but their eyes were suspicious.
Avia did not show fear and did not take a stance of leaving, he would protect Naomi no matter the cost.
However, the bigger the odds of survival, the more he would be prepared.
"Please relax and don't attack." Avia calmly spoke.
But the soldier, neither honest nor an ally, attacked him.
However, Avia made a gigantic leap forward and crushed the soldier into the ground, not letting him escape.
While Naomi was off guarding on the left, a second individual appeared right behind.
An enemy he could not recognize stole a glance at Avia, and immediately his eyes turned cold.
Naomi wasn't able to defend against the approaching of the second enemy, which attacked directly.
Naomi was struck by the General's claw, killing her immediately.
Naomi's last breath was passed by Avia, who was stunned into a vacant stare for a moment.
Suddenly the fighting stopped.
Nobody moved.
Avia lowered his head with a long breath. His throat felt heavy and his eyeight blurred. Avia was incredibly unstable right now, there was no way he could fight with two enemies at once.
The one 
General Coal showed before him.
He may have come to a decision but his consciousness couldn't follow his instincts and his body refused to move. Avia felt as if he was going to die.
But something... somehow he still had a shred of will remaining. He wasn't going to let this situation become his loss.
He turned around and ran.
He didn't want to die in this cold blooded and twisted heartless world.
His life was always valuable, whether he lived or died, he would always be of value to someone.
And so he ran as fast as he could.
The general and the soldier let him go, not bothering to check where he went.
And they moved on.

- • • -

the city

Avia ran aimlessly for a long time.
After far too long, he finally collapsed on the ground and blacked out. Not so far away, there was an abandoned city.
He lied unconscious a few hours.
While it seems that a lot of things happened while he was unconscious.
He finally woke up and saw an empty sky surrounded by buildings.
He reached the abandoned city. He was surprised by this, he didn't seem to remember what happened.
As he explored the streets and the buildings, he tried his best to figure out what happened. He didn't remember any details, just a vague sense of foreboding.
Most if the building were destroyed or damaged, it was a very desolate place.
But he suddenly heard the clatter of many objects.
He looked around and spotted some sort of pile of rubble.
When he approached enough, he heard a voice.
"Oi, what are you doing here?"
The voice came from over the pile rubble, slightly distant, cold and ominous.
Avia didn't have any answers, only confusion. He then heard the voice again.
"Answer to my question or I won't hesitate to kill you. My job is to protect the wastelands."
Avia had to confess. He had no idea what was going on, but he did not have any bad intentions to do here.
"Sorry for intruding, my name is Avia."
And the voice replied
"Levia? Weird name. Anyways..." said the mysterious person behind, while started to climb the rubble.
E.B, the one that saved your life, you're welcome" he answered with an elegant voice.
Avia couldn't help but laugh at that. He felt like this guy was definitely a celebrity, that kind that would become a meme on the internet. someone he should have never met.
He was strong-looking, taller than him, and he wasn't wearing any armor for the conditions of the surrounding. He just didn't care.
"Why are you laughing?! Do you see me as a joke?!" E.B exclaimed.
"You should be grateful that I'm in fact this nice!" E.B continued.
"No, of course not!"
A quick apology followed from Avia. Then it was now or never. E.B would go forward with the plan and see how this guy would react.
"Are we the only ones here?" Avia asked.
"Of course not. Go on, let's move on. There's other ones there."
Avia was a bit taken aback by this. What was this person trying to do?
E.B kept silent all the way, until they arrived to what seemed to be a doorway. Or rather it was more of a wide stairway that led to a dark passage.
At the end of the passage was a large door with a complex lock that didn't match the design of the wall in the adjacent hallway. To his astonishment the lock was actually related to something, it seemed to be a key device.
E.B opened the door, and found on the other side a large room that quite looked like a ballroom. It had a polished hardwood floor, polished wood high tables with seating, and a long, narrow bar with empty tables in the middle of the room.
All the people around looked calm, everyone was just minding their own business.
They took a sit down at the tables, and E.B proceeded to explain the situation and his plan,  a quick manner.
He mentioned a group under the name of XIVIL, how they had appeared from out of nowhere, attacked this place, killed several people, and now sought to do more. Planning to take control over everything in the wastelands to their power.
E.B explained they had a strong army that was a mixture of dead, alive, and injured citizens that had been forced to fight in a city created war zone.
"I want to stop them" E.B emphasized.
His words unsettled Avia, he now remembered, that was what had happened. His mind was racing to figure out what to do.
"I have a plan, but I can't do it alone, all the people around here aren't of much help, but I saw something special on you. It is up to you to help me" E.B said.
"I will" Avia said firmly.
E.B's eyes opened widely, and said "wait, really...?" "REALLY REALLY?!"
"Y... Yeah" Avia answered back.
E.B let out a huge sigh, "Hah… It's time we leave then, you can come back this place whenever you want."

- • • -

project aer

They left the place and walked outside, the night was growing, a breeze came and blew the leaves off of the trees, and the stench of sewage left at the same time, but they didn't mind it at all.
Avia was still surprised there were a few people within this desolate wasteland.
"Here is my hideaway." E.B pointed to his house that he used to store things.
Which was full of... boxes. Boxes everywhere.
"See I have all the things I need in this abandoned and gloomy house, I mean, it's not a good place, but you'll be safe here."
It was a mess. Not just in his own house, but everywhere else.
Either way, it was very late by now.
E.B was obviously tired, so he decided to lie on the couch for the time being. And also let Avia sleep on one of the boxes, how kind.
And so they fell asleep.
The next day was going to be hard for Avia, a new challenge, ever since he knew there would be no rest from now on.
In the morning, E.B would show him everything around the city.
The place was still being controlled by XIVIL, you can't walk around the city like if it were your own. However, there are secret passages, sewers, stairways and other secret areas that are not very easy to find but, if you know how to explore them, you will be able to take shortcuts.
And after a long day's worth of walking, they returned to the hideaway once again.
It was finally time to get started with the real work, what was left of the plan.
"The Aerospace Project"
Or what E.B would call "E.B,s Awesome Plan(E)"
That's right, he's been trying to build a plane with the highest possible control of its maneuverability, one which would be powerful enough to enter normal airspace and withstand possible attacks against XIVIL.
It would also have to have the ability to be shaped by internal pressure as well as the wind currents.
And the propulsion, a jet engine with large thrust would be necessary.
But that's just the first part of the plan.
After defeating the enemy (if successful) the next step would be take all of the people out this city.
That's where the "Airport" part comes in.
Building a second airplane.
The flaws of this plane wouldn't just be the design, they would be the interior.
Since they had the goal of transporting a considerable amount of people, they would need a very large diameter hangar to accommodate the craft. When designing this, they would want to make a heavy aircraft. In the aircraft, in the fuselage, the structural framework and the wings would all be a significant amount of material.
With the great number of components involved, without the help of a forklift to move things around and have it work smoothly would be a real challenge.
But E.B is confident he can achieve this!
After all, he's not only an Aerospace engineer, but a Mechanic, Electrician, Air Traffic Controller, Guitar Player, and aspiring DJ.
This guy was scary.

"So! What do think of the plan?" E.B asked.
Avia was silent for a while, then answered: "I-It might be possible. We can build a plane which is capable of only carrying out long range reconnaissance." Avia confirmed.
"Awesome! I knew I could count on you!" E.B said happily.
"I'd like to give my best in everything I do! I have to see it in motion, it could be all a crazy thing, but what a fun ride" Avia boasted proudly.
The speech was complete with a firm promise of doing their best to carry out that plan.
E.B then asked the first thing that came to his mind: "We should rename ourselves to something like "AIR FORCE ELITE MAXIMUM!!!" That's a cool name and should attract people to our side." E.B yelled with enthusiasm.
But Avia laughed at that though.
"It's not a joke! Sigh. Alright, what about 'AER'?" E.B asked him with obvious resignation.
"That's quite alright, yeah sounds good." Avia replied.

And thus AER arose.
E.B and Avia now worked together to take the idea to its maximum.
Being young and impatient it was not long before they were embarking on a serious and ambitious project.
Their lives had turned in such a direction that they could not help but miss the comfort of their comfort zone and switched towards the future.
They wanted to change the world. And the past was what brought them there. To grow up and achieve something great.
No one would ever be able to restore their life. But it would give them purpose, an identity.
From that day onwards they went on with their efforts to fight the darkness that burden the world they live in to take the world into a new tomorrow.


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Unity - PMV

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