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NameVanessa "Vandal" Crow
Pronouncedva-ness-a "van-dell" Crow
Age / DoB27 years / Oct. 31st
Height5' 3"
PronounsShe / Her
LocationSavannah, GA USA
OccupationHaunted Tour Guide


On October 31st, Vanessa Crow was born into the world on a dark moon lit night. She was a loud but healthy kit released from the hospital the following day.

Vanessa's mother was overwhelmed with raising a child. Her mother an active drug addict with a constantly violent temper and the love of her life, Vanessa's father was dead before the child was born. It was clear that Vanessa's mother was slipping further and further every day. It wasn't long after that Vanessa was removed from the home when her mother attacked her for "ruining her life."

Vanessa was given no choice in the matter when she was sent off to live with her heavily religious grandmother. The old woman was as aggressive as Vanessa's mother and very bigoted. The pair didn't get along at all since Vanessa was very rebellious and outspoken against her grandmother bigotry. Since kind and soft words never seemed to work on her grandmother or her mother it seemed she had to fight fire with fire. She became fairy aggressive and pushy. Her grandmother started calling Vanessa a "good-fer-nothin' vandal" but it only stuck and Vanessa began going by the moniker Vandal. Just to dig the wound deeper making sure her grandmother was aware she wore the title with pride.

In Vandal's 20s, she would finally acquire work as a tour guide on the haunted Savannah tour. Her knowledge and love of the folklore and legends really helping her thrive into the work. It wasn't long before she was saving enough funds to move out of her grandmother's home, much to both of their delight.

Vandal has found an apartment near her work, far from her family. She considers that bridge burned and is no longer in contact with either her mother or grandmother. Her attention heavily being in a job she loves. She continues to lead tours to this day.

Personality & Outlook

Vandal is a reserved ferret. It takes a lot for her to reveal to others how she feels and often only to those she is rather close too. However, Her quiet demeanor comes off as intimidating, she is a bit scary to approach, and cold on the outside. Inside though she is quite friendly and warms up to others very quickly. Vandal loves to surround her self with positivity and encouragement. She believes in tough love. Pushing others to be their best when she can.

Powers & Assets

Simple bite or scratch. Her nails and teeth are needle sharpe and she will threaten to use this as a means of defense when she deems it needed, usually should one not take a hint and touch or move into her personal space.



Jean Jackets, Hoodies, and t-shirts often covered in fake blood she's been playing with.

Snap back hats and bandanna's are a accessory of choice.

Loves the colors black, green and orange.

Her fur is often coarse but otherwise clean. She likes to spike up the little head fur she has. Her fur is short and easy to take care of.


Vandal is often seen carrying the book; "Haunted Savannah; The official Guide to Savannah haunted history tour 2010"

Vandal heavily believes in Ghosts

Q & A

Q: Can Vandal see Ghost?
A: No, Vandal though a believer has not yet seen a real ghost.

Artist Notes

  • Golden upper body with black/gray lower body
  • Fingerless glove like markings around hand paws
  • Bat like face mask with three point "wings"
  • Orange eyes with no pupil and white scalera/eye whites
  • Orange inner ear skin
  • Orange skin/flesh/nose/paw pads
  • Long Orange whiskers
  • Long Tail
  • Short legs
  • Snaggle Teeth