Bayani Reyes



2 years, 7 months ago


Bayani's been human all his life, despite the existence of supernaturals and cryptids being accepted into this modern society, he knows little to nothing about their kind. With most of his life being spent in either boarding school or the military. After serving his time and realizing he needed to be able to support his little sister somehow with the little education he had attained and the fighting skills he possessed, Bayani was approached by Alma and drafted into the S.C.P.P organization, there he would use his abilities to earn money and give his sister the life she deserved away from their parents. When he joined the agency, he truly got a taste of the outside world and the people that lived in it. He met plenty of vampires, werewolves, demons, angels and humans alike. It completely astounded him that this world had existed just outside his door. Work was amazing, he was helping people on the daily, had been able to enroll his sister into an integrated school and put food on the table. His confidence was booming, that is until the accident....