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Name:Sativa Oryza
Age:Young Adult
Spectrum:Lesser God
Affiliation:Monocot Empire
Occupation:High King, Minuette
Birthday:Ultredan 21
Best Friend?:Urartu
Theme:We Need a War

War-Hungry Monarch

8703738_OQM_2478327.png?1532286081Emotionally underdeveloped, Sativa has suffered under the weight of his crown. His own instability is well-hidden by his aides and advisors, although Sativa himself often accidentally lets loose a cruel quip on behalf of the other Monocot monarchs. Desperate to prove his worth to people, Sativa is more than eager to do something huge, do something powerful, and the whispers of Aestivum's name are more than enough to entice him to battle.

Minuette's previous king, Stolonifera Agrostis, had quickly fallen into disgrace. Caught red-handed selling old mortal stock from the Monocot Empire to the Cerato Confederacy in return for chunks of the sacred, magically-charged ice in the Frostfields, Minuette was thrust into scrutiny. Treason of such a degree was practically unheard of, and the nation quickly found itself want of a new king that would clear their name quickly. 

The other leaders in Minuette balked, unsure of the idea of having such weight on their shoulders. However, with Aestivum leaning over their shoulders threateningly, they needed a ruler, and so the onus fell on a young teenager who didn't have the sense of mind to turn down the crown. 

That teenager was Sativa, who was forced to grow up quickly with sudden responsibility. He was mostly trained in combat and warfare, letting his aides take care of the political sides of things. His attention couldn't be held for meetings and speeches - he found solace in the sword and bow, practicing over and over his technique. And so, the teen honed his ability to fight, but left his social skills absolutely lacking.

It didn't help that while Sativa grew up, he was constantly bombarded with tales of Aestivum - a competent, powerful king who had united the entire continent during a swift conquest. He had elevated the name of all Triticums everywhere, and had made Fortress into the political and economical epicenter of the Empire. Thanks to one man, a city had prospered in ways untold of before.

The idea quickly went to Sativa's head as he turned to adulthood and was coronated. He could be the Aestivum of Minuette - save the city from itself with warlike might that would shatter the world all over again. But what to conquest? Re-taking the Monocot Empire was ridiculous - he'd just be seen as a copycat. 

Memories were dredged up, of horror stories told to him of the Eudicots, the sworn enemies of the Monocot Empire. Before Aestivum's unification, the nation had been repeatedly pummelled by the United Eudicot Provinces, led by the cultish leader Simsii, a haunting dictator with an always-blank expression. 

And, slowly but surely, Sativa knew that he had to do. He had to march on the Eudicot homeland, take Simsii's life, and go down in history as the most powerful and beloved king of all time. He would probably get to sit in Aestivum's lap, too, and wear a really awesome crown. And he could pet Lovecarver. 

Unfortunately, Aestivum left for the Golden Isles before Sativa could even bring up the idea of attacking the Eudicots, which removed the entire idea of sitting in the king's lap. But the king's right hand, Urartu Triticum, moved up to take the throne next. 

Urartu wasn't like Aestivum. He was quieter, seemed a bit nervous, but still had an air of regality among him. But, most of all, he was young. Not as young as Sativa, but young enough that it made little difference to the world at large. In a sentence, he was Sativa's kindred spirit - trying to make a name for himself with a new crown in an ancient world.

Sativa heads to Fortress every month or so, for a weekend, to be with Urartu and support him. He's not exactly good at this (or good at politics) but Urartu appreciates his presence, especially with Aestivum's absence. Urartu is the only person Sativa has told about his plans for the Eudicots, and although Urartu has made it clear he's not sure it's a great idea, he still listens to Sativa dreamily fantasize about slitting Simsii's throat.

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  • Lovecarver
  • Tiaras
  • Fruity alcoholic drinks
  • Rock concerts


  • Simsii.
  • Eudicots
  • The Eudicots' stupid location naming scheme
  •  Also ice


  • ♥ Chaotic Evil 
  • ♥ Created: ~July 2018.

Design Notes

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Sativa, a Dullahan, has some powers related to his race. He doesn't use them exactly often, but they're options. He'll sometimes swap his head out for combat or summon a shape (his are diamonds) to control a sword or something of the other.

He has prosthetic wings mounted on his back, and although they don't allow for full flight, they enable Sativa to glide slightly. He bought them when he turned 18 mentally and he's incredibly proud of them, even when he accidentally knocks cups off tables with them.

Normally Sativa wears armor - a breastplate, two arm guards, and two leg guards, but if forced to attend political functions, he'll ditch them. He never forgoes his crown, however, which he molded purposefully to mimic Urartu's.

He's normally grinning or beaming, especially violently. He can be drawn goring mortals/other lesser gods, and/or flirting after Urartu helplessly. 




• Favorite color is orange
• Favorite season is Autumn - the sunsets are so nice!
• Favorite memory is meeting Aestivum during his coronation
• Favorite foods are fruity popsicles
• Strongest sense is hearing
• Strongest taste is sweet
• Left-handed
• Is ticklish in the back of neck
• Favorite thing about Urartu is his meekness
• Enjoys violent video games in private, but becomes flustered if people find his profiles
• Winks at people randomly to spook them
• Favorite type of mortal dish is heavy soups with potatoes and large chunks of meat
• Has asked Urartu out on one five twelve dates
• Has a little plush of Aestivum he sleeps with at night