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name cosmo
alias n/a
age young adult; immortal
pronouns he/they
demeanor naïve, childish
height pretty dang short
likesUFOs, glow in the dark items
species dutch angel dragon

Born from the merging of two dragons, the only mark of their combined energies are Cosmo's two mismatched eyes. For many eons Cosmo honed their talents of slipping between realms, hopping from place to place though always returning to the Aether.

On a foggy night in the woods Cosmo happened upon an old, weary traveler. The human had been searching forever for a path out of the brush but fatigue was gripping them like a vice. Intrigued and sympathetic, Cosmo discovered a new ability: releasing softly glowing fireflies from their body. Naturally the Aether residents are invisible to a Terra resident's eye, though somehow these fireflies slipped between the dimensions and manifested before the human. This enticed the human to keep on and follow, unknowingly following after Cosmo out of the woods.

Cosmo returned again to that forest some time later. The human never came back, but left in their place two gold rings at the edge of the trees where Cosmo had led them out.

Cosmo is a kind, gentle soul wishing no ill intent on anyone. They will attempt to make friends first, though this may make them appear naïve. They choose to float most of the time while lazily flapping their wings.

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