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【 Name 】 Lemi Arden ["lee" - "me"]【 Called 】 Lemi or "Limmy"
【 Age 】 38【 D.o.B. / Zodiac 】 10th of Kaesa / Vaaka, the Passionate
【 Gender / Orientation 】 Female / Straight【 Gas 】 Gray and White - Uncommon
【 Skin / Markings 】 Lt Blue Gray - Rare / Diamonds/Lines in Orange【 Eyes / Hair / Clusters 】 Uncommon / Rare / Legend (2)
【 Crystals / Limbs / Other 】 Common / Uncommon / NA【 Height / Weight 】 5' 1" / 180 pounds
【 Origin / Clan 】 Isles / Juuou【 Species/Race 】 Pakaasu

About Lemi

Lemi is a hard nut to crack. She is outwardly completely good yet her actions speak volumes. Though in her society, her actions are those of a good person, from the outside looking in, Lemi is a monster. She is deeply devoted to her faith in the Goddess Soleila and what the Juuou Clan represents and does. She has faith that battle is the singular way to cleanse ones soul of misdeeds and so also engages in warfare on the battlefield besides nurturing the souls of those of the Juuou Clan around her... She is relatively unemotional aside from her shortcoming of having a temper (helpful on the battlefield but not in the temple).

Home Life and Family
Lemi lives alone. She has some living kin on the isles but most, like her parents, have died. She has no romantic interests to speak of since she is so focused on her duty to the Goddess and the Juuou Clan. Ideally she would like to help repopulate their warriors by having children, but that just isn't speaking to her right now. So at home (the Temple) when she isn't giving service, battling, or scavenging/enslaving, Lemi looks to enhance her own battle skills with her lance as well as exercise as much as possible to keep in top form.

Home Isle: Raphim
House: Lives in her Temple
Transport: On foot

Work and Fun
Lemi is a holy warrior who believes firmly in her higher purpose to help raise up the Juuou Clan through glorious battle! Not only is she an excellent warrior, she is known as the "Saint of the Battlefield" who will pray over the fallen - except the slaves - so that their souls will find a glorious ending in the afterlife with their Goddess. She holds services in the temple to bolster the spirits of the warriors on Raphim as well as training classes for trade skills like weapon and armor smithing. She also leads the charge to find and kidnap Pakaasu to be proper slaves and sells them to the warriors and families on Raphim and other Juuou isles. She is actually quite rich from her scavenging of dead bodies, classes she hosts, slaves she sells, and then the daily offering she requests in the Temple after the sunset prayer to the Goddess to bring the Juuou Clan further glory.

【 Likes 】
  • Battle!
  • The Goddess!
  • Being rich!
【 Dislikes 】
  • Nonbelievers and fakers
  • Weak Pakaasu and other creatures
  • Tardiness
【 Hobbies 】
  • Swordplay and using her lance
  • Praying and bathing
  • Practicing her Auctioneering



[ silent but devoted sister ]

We don't see eye-to-eye on everything, but she does help me and I her. We won't let anyone come between us!

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