Cassandra Haven / Brightlight



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☀️ cassandra haven ☀️

the hero that won't be

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🎵 ~ How many times do I have to listen to those memories of yours!?
Shut up, shut up, shut the fuck up!
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🥊 basics 🥊

  • name: Cassandra Xandrite Haven
    • alias: Brightlight
  • species: Human
  • ethnicity: White / Hispanic
  • birthday: August 9
  • age: 17
  • gender: Cis female
  • pronouns: she / her
  • orientation: Lesbian
  • profession(s): High school senior

🏅 appearance 🏅

  • skin: Light tan skin with warm undertones
  • hair: Dirty blonde
  • eyes: Dark brown
  • height: 5' 5" / 165 cm
  • build: Athletic and stocky
  • other characteristics:
    • Various nicks and scars
    • Slight freckling on face and shoulders

her magical girl appearance is the same, except...

  • hair: Platinum blonde to strawberry blonde gradient
  • eyes: Bright orange

 personality ✨

  • alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • enneagram: 1w2 (social variant)
  • jung / mbti: ISTJ-T
  • sloan: RLOEN (primarily Limbic)
  • temperament: Melancholic / Choleric
  • zodiac: Leo
  • positive traits: dependable, independent, self-assured
  • neutral traits: pragmatic, private, stubborn
  • negative traits: confrontational, defiant, temperamental

With her resting bitch face and generally scary demeanor, Cassandra pulls off the "don't fuck with me" look pretty well. She's as serious as a student can get, and rarely lifts her nose from the grindstone. She's surprisingly sociable once you crack her exterior, though, and she'll talk your ear off if you'll let her. However, she noticeably clams up around authority figures and tends to be anywhere from carefully neutral to openly hostile to anyone with power. Honestly, if it wasn't for her study ethic and stellar grades Cassie would be more widely regarded as a problem child.

💖 trivia 💖


  • books: Biographies, slice-of-life fiction
  • drink(s): Orange-flavored sports drink
  • food(s): Mega meat pizza
  • fashion style: Lesbian lumberjack; clothes exclusively from the men's section; warm and earth tones, ratty flannels, simple jewelry, and artfully-torn jeans
  • movies / tv: Documentaries, sitcoms, rom-coms
  • music: Rock, alternative
  • hobbies: Weightlifting, track
  • interests: Natural history
  • other likes: Coffee shops
  • dislikes: Authority


  • animal: Ferret
  • colors: Bright orange, canary yellow
  • elements: Sun, Fire, Light
  • flower / plant: Sunflower
  • major arcana: The Emperor
  • mineral: Sunstone
  • playing card: Four of Diamonds
  • scents: Cinnamon, burning paper
  • sin | virtue: Wrath | Diligence

🥊 stats 🥊



  • Heliokinesis — Cassandra can absorb energy from the Sun and store it until she uses it for an attack. If low on energy she becomes lethargic and snappy.

attacks + abilities

  • HeliosphereShield. Brightlight creates a massive domed shield, able to cover several square feet. It can take several hits (or a direct hit from a finishing move) before dispelling.
  • Sun's Out, Guns OutMelee attack. Brightlight channels her magic into her fists for a summery smackdown!
  • Sunburst BombShort- to mid-range attack. Brightlight throws a grenade of light at a target that explodes on impact.
  • Solar Flare ShowoutArea of effect (straight line). Finishing move. Brightlight focus her magic in her hands, and unleashes it as a high-powered lazer.


  • Woven bracelet — A bracelet with the colors of the sunset lesbian flag. Slightly increases willpower.

🏅 history 🏅

Cassandra Haven: star athlete, straight-A student, potential valedictorian... and future superhero, if her parents have anything to say about it.

Yeah, turns out that being born to the two most well-known and decorated superheroes on your planet, seeing all your siblings take to the hero life like fish to water, and having every authority figure in your life constantly pester and harass you to follow suit for your entire childhood is, in fact, Not A Good Thing™ and does not bode well for your mental health. And, well... Cassie's had enough of it. 

Her parents believed transferring her to a hero academy right after middle school was that one last push needed to force coerce convince Cassandra to take up the mantle, but joke's on them — she's never hated the idea of becoming a hero more! Her grades in the more mundane subjects can get her into any college she wants, and she's been eyeing one that gets her far, far away from her family's legacy. Let's just hope something like, oh, you know, an extradimensional threat endangering the school, the realm it's in, and everyone who lives there doesn't mess with her senior year!

 relationships ✨

  • ???relationship. description.

💖 miscellaneous 💖

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