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Sprinklez is a very happy cat with the mind of a child. Wether shes a cat or not is debatable. She loves sweets

Basic information 

Full name: Sprinklez

Nickname: None

Birthday: June 19th 2013

Species: Abyssinian cat(?)

Gender: Female she/her

Height: 3 foot 10

Sexuality: N/A

Languages spoken: English


Likes: Sweets, baking, cartoons, cupcakes, shiny things

Dislikes: Dirt, taking baths, potent smells, being alone, loud noises


Sprinklez is a child at heart…. And in general. Because of her origin, her physical and mental abilities are stuck at around 7-9 years old. She loves to play with toys, string, laser lights. Typical cat stuff. She’s happiest around her best friend, Star, and will follow her anywhere if given the chance. Sometimes she can be a bit too clingy.


Addictions: None

Mental illnesses: None

Physical illnesses: Physically stuck as a child

Disabilities: None

Allergies: Severe food allergies (see abilities)



Sprinklez has to eat food with very high sugar content. If the food falls below a certain level it can cause sickness, or even death. The high concentration of sugar in her body lead to large amounts of stored energy, which can be released in a powerful attack.


Strengths: Imagination

Weaknesses: Intelligence

Weapons/tools: None


Sprinklez was created by the A.C.I in a cruel attempt to create life. Originally she was a cupcake. A simple, ordinary, everyday cupcake. Her first moment alive was very confusing. People in weird white coats cheering for some reason. The room was cold and dark. Sprinklez was immediately put into quarantine, and promptly forgot about.

Luckily for her the A.P.A.A had caught wind of this plan to “create life” and was already on the case far before she was even “born”. Someone was sent in to stop the experiment from ever happening, but they didn’t make it in time. Not wanting to abandon what was basically a newborn, they took Sprinklez back to HQ.

About halfway back she started to actually understand what was happening. This weird animal was taking her away from her home! Where was she going?! She started to cry, and refused to walk any further. The weird animal picked her up and carried her the rest of the way.

Once she was safe at HQ someone finally explained what was going on. This A.C.I place was bad, and the A.P.A.A place was good. The weird animal also told her her name was Sonie. Apparently she was some sort of bad thing or whatever. Who cared what she is? As long as she’s away from that bad place she was ok.

The agency nurse looked her over to check for any signs of A.C.I experimentation (besides, obviously, her being created in the first place). After she was cleared she was sent to the lab for testing. Everyone wanted to know how she was even alive!

Sprinklez was starting to get pretty restless. All these weird animals kept saying stuff she didn’t understand. She just wanted to go home, but she didn't have a home to go to. This made her start crying, again. No one wanted to deal with a crying child in a science lab. At the same time, no one really knew what to do with her. They could just put her in the nursery, but they didn’t want to risk getting any of the other children sick. It didn’t seem like there was anywhere for her to go! That’s when Sonie stepped in. She was no stranger to letting people stay at her house. Plus she was the first animal that Sprinklez met, so she would at least know someone.

Sonie’s house was very strange. The walls had holes in them and the carpet was all torn up. At least it was clean. There were also some other weird animals there! There was a dog with lots of scars, a blue rabbit, and… Another cat! The cat was yellow. Sprinklez liked her the best out of all the other weird animals. But this cat didn’t seem to like her.

The cat’s name was Star. She was apparently a “bad guy”, according to Sonie, but Sprinklez didn’t know why. Star would tolerate her, but she would also passive aggressively try to get her to go away. She didn’t want to be a babysitter. Star was a bit mean sometimes, but Sprinklez liked her anyway. They were the same animal, so she couldn’t be THAT bad, right? If Sprinklez was good, then all cat’s had to be good too!

She started to follow Star around everywhere. The others were nice, but they weren't Star. Star acted differently than the others did. She would sneak out at night. Sprinklez was very curious about where she would go.

One night Sprinklez decided to follow Star. She had to be doing something really cool if she did it every night! Star walked a very long time. Eventually they ended up in the heart of the city. The city was very big and scary, but Sprinklez didn’t know how to get back home, so she kept following. They ended up in an alley behind the biggest building Sprinklez had ever seen.

Suddenly Star lunged at her! She pinned her to the ground and was about to swipe at her, but she stopped once she saw who it was. Apparently she thought it was someone else. She got off and Sprinklez stood back up. Star seemed VERY angry, but this anger was different than before. Star seemed scared.

Then another animal appeared at the other side of the alley. It looked like a cat, but it was bigger and it’s tail was short. One of its eyes was missing with an eyepatch covering it. Whoever it was, it wasn’t happy to see Sprinklez here. Star explained what was going on, but this animal kept glaring at her. She had a feeling whoever this was was a bad guy. Star gave the big cat a bag full of shiny flat things and some green papery stuff, and then took Sprinklez back home.

Life continued as normal for a few weeks. That was the last time Star let her follow her, and nothing bad seemed to happen. Other than Sprinklez getting sick a few times, but that was quickly sorted out. Apparently she had to eat foods with lots of sugar in them. Sprinklez wasn’t really sure why, but she didn’t complain.

After the big cat incident her and Star started to get closer. Star would talk to her more, and actually respond with something other than “that's nice, kid” or “go bother someone else”. Star even explained who that big cat was!

Apparently the “big cat” was a lynx, and it was in something called a gang. Star got on her bad side and had to pay her lots of money so she’d leave her alone. But Star couldn’t just get money. Money is a human thing, so Star had to steal it. Sprinklez didn’t really understand much of what Star said, but she understood that she wasn’t allowed to tell anyone.

One night after Star went out to meet the lynx, she didn’t come back. The trip took two hours max, so after 5 hours Sprinklez started to get worried. She knew she couldn’t tell the others about what was going on, so she decided to investigate on her own.

Sprinklez got a little lost, but she eventually found the alley. Star was there! But so was the Lynx, and it was mad. The two seemed to have been fighting for a long time, and Star was losing. The lynx was too big and strong. It yelled something about being a traitor, and then clawed Star right across the face! It took off a big chunk of skin too! Star was bleeding a lot, and then she fell down.

No one had seen Sprinklez yet. She knew she had to do something! But what could she do? She was smaller than Star, and Star got defeated. Suddenly she felt something. It was like a burning sensation in her stomach. The lynx was getting closer to Star. It seemed like it was going to keep attacking! That’s not fair! Sprinklez ran over and stood in front of Star. The burning feeling was getting stronger, and she felt like she was going to throw up, but she stood her ground. The lynx started to charge. It was going to attack! Then it happened.

A white hot beam of light shot out of Sprinklez mouth! It hit the lynx right in the chest, and it fell over. It looked like it was in pain. After a few minutes it stopped moving completely. Star told Sprinklez to go and get the others. She did, and Sonie and the team was there almost immediately. They all went back to HQ and a nurse took care of Star.

Life eventually went back to normal. Star got better, even though she was blind in one eye now. The two became very close friends. Star started treating Sprinklez like her own sister. They never saw the lynx again either. At least, not for a very long time, but that’s a story for another day. For now, Sprinklez and Star are the newest members of Sonie’s A.P.A.A team, and life is good.

Artist notes

Reference: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28138320/ 


Sprinklez (and Star) were made to replace my old cat duo, because I really didn’t like them. She replaced a kitten character named Harmony, who I’m pretty sure I only stopped drawing because I couldn’t draw a treble clef (one of the main design elements)

I redesigned Sprinklez because her old design had green in it, and I hate green.