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Mizu is a potion maker who would rather keep to himself. He enjoys learning new things 

Basic information 

Full name: Mizu

Nickname: None

Birthday: June 9th 1999

Species: Jaguar peacock hybrid

Gender: Male he/him

Height: 6 foot 4

Sexuality: Heterosexual 

Languages spoken: Japanese, English 


Likes: magic, potion making, reading, flying, staying at home

Dislikes: water, rain, crowds, taking risks, demons


Mizu is shy and pretty laid back. He likes to be by himself. It's not that he doesn't like people, he would just rather read a book or make a potion. He's pretty smart too, and likes to help people learn new things. Especially magic related things


Addictions: None

Mental illnesses: None

Physical illnesses: None

Disabilities: None

Allergies: None 

Fears/phobias: Water, drowning 


Mizu is a potion brewer. He can make a potion for just about anything. The only issue is acquiring the right magic.

He can also glide a short distance


Strengths: magic, knowledge

Weaknesses: can't swim 

Weapons/tools: potions 


Mizu was born and raised in Japan. His family has lived there for a few generations after a zoo transfer truck crashed and some animals escaped.

Being a solitary animal, Mizu left his parents once he was old enough and had been living alone ever since. The forest he lived in was pretty big, and away from the majority of humans. He never saw any humans while he lived there.

The forest was a good source of magic. It was untouched by humans, so nothing had been disturbed. Mizu used this magic to make potions. At first it was just to pass the time, but it became his job after he got good enough.

The locals knew Mizu was good at potion making, so they'd often go to him for help with magic related things.

Life was pretty good, until the flood. The flood was massive, and it covered a large portion of the forest. Mizu was at home when it happened, and he got trapped inside. He never learned to swim, so there wasn't much he could do. He was trapped inside his house for four days. It seemed like this was the end for him…

Miraculously, someone found him! It was a big animal, but not as big as him. He had never seen an animal like this before, but that didn't matter. What mattered was getting him out of the water and onto dry land.

This animal started talking to him, but he couldn't understand it. He didn't know what language it was speaking, but it definitely wasn't Japanese. Communication was extremely difficult. Mizu at least understood that the animal was here to help. She got him onto a boat and took him back to a campsite of sorts.

The camp was full of all sorts of animals Mizu had never seen. These animals obviously didn't live in the forest. He wandered around the campsite for a while until he found someone that he could actually communicate with.

Apparently these animals were from an organization called the A.P.A.A. They came over to Japan when they learned that humans weren't helping any of the wild animals after the flood. Mizu was intrigued. He had never heard of anything like this before. It was amazing!

He stayed at the campsite for about two weeks. While he was there he picked up very basic English. He learned that the animal that saved him was a dog, and her name was Sonie. She was an agent for the A.P.A.A. Mizu and Sonie would talk on occasion. They couldn't understand each other that well, but they talked anyway.

Eventually the flood was cleared enough that it was safe to go home. The A.P.A.A were helping some of the remaining animals get home safely, and then they were going to leave. Mizu wanted to go back home, but he also wanted to continue helping the A.P.A.A. the people there were nice, and he appreciated the fact that there were animals willing to help out other animals. He decided to try and join.

Eventually it was decided that Mizu could travel back to America with the A.P.A.A. They would help him learn English and give him a job at the agency. Because he was skilled at potion making, they made him a nurse's apprentice.

The only problem was finding a new home. The A.P.A.A HQ was near a city, and Mizu had never seen one before. He didn't know how to act around humans either, and he didn't want to get in trouble with them.

Sonie offered to let him stay with her and her team. She was lucky enough to live in an old human house, so there was more than enough room for one more roommate. He happily accepted, and has been living there ever since!

Artist notes



I made Mizu in 2014. His personality was somewhat the groundwork for Altair's. I guess I just really like shy wizards haha