Ashe Johnson



1 year, 8 months ago


Name:   Ashe Johnson

Nickname:  Ashey, Buttercup (by Christopher) 

Age:    14

Height:   170cms

Ethnicity/Nationality:   Irish 

Gender/Pronouns:    She/her, they/them, she doesn't really mind

Sexuality:    Anything's good

Family Members:   Christopher Johnson (grandfather), Sarah Johnson (mother), Rory Bann (father)

Closest Friends:    Jackson Stafford, Joshua and Ashlinn Mackan, Aiyesha Tambala


Ashe lives with her grandfather Christopher in Bridgeport and is in 2nd-F in Bridgeport College. Her parents no longer have custody of her and Ashe could not care less about them, so don't ask. She's into art and draws realism in her free time. She plays the oboe in the school orchestra. She's a planner and she is very organised meaning she is probably the best person to be with when you're doing group work. She has everything nice and organised all the time and many people are rather envious of that. Me too. Ashe helps her grandfather around the house and enjoys spending time with him. They care for each other: Ashe does the cleaning and helps him with the gardening and he does the cooking and the rest. It's just that they're having financial problems as even though it's the year 9034 and you'd think people'd be more modern. Christopher was recently let go from his job, as he was apparently "too old" to work. Ashe tries all she can to help him out. She is very caring and nurturing as she works in a childcare centre from time to time and she loves working with the little children. She'd like to be a teacher one day, maybe.

She vaguely remembers her parents, rather wishes she didn't. She's fully aware that Christopher is getting old. She doesn't want to acknowledge it, but she has to one day. Maybe. 

Ashe's best friend is Jackson and they get around wherever. They help each other out.