"It doesn't matter what I can do, I’m just the same as you. No matter what I do or say, I’m just like you in the end. I’m just like everyone else. I’m no more superior to you, I’m just like you and everybody else in this school."


Name: Eri Reyl

Age: 14

Height: 166cms

Ethnicity/Nationality: Irish

Gender/Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: She has absolutely no preference

Family Members: Rebecca Reyl, Gerard Reyl (parents)

Closest Friends: Sophie Tyrelle, Aoife Galavan, Deborah Tambala

Eri lives with her parents in Bridgeport and she is in 2nd-S in Bridgeport College. She is a very kind girl. She is attentive to other people's feelings and she is lovely and caring and tries to help people as best as she can. She has a big heart, but she will not let you take advantage of that. She is highly confident, and she is very proud of herself. Eri is meant to match the beauty standard of this era. She is beautiful. She's extremely pretty, kind and caring but not only that! She is also incredibly smart, she passes every test and finds work easy. It is said that she will probably succeed everything she'd ever do. I wish I was that. She's what every parent wants of their child: She's gifted and talented, kind and caring, has pretty looks and is loved by all of her friends.

But how can that be? How can a mere human be absolutely perfect in everything that she's ever attempted to do? Perfect, beautiful, what more could you want?

Did you see her eyes? There isn't anyone else in Bridgeport who has that colour eyes. And they're not even contacts!

It's the year 9034. Anything is possible. Anything is possible when your mother is a scientist. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. At least, that's what Rebecca told her. Her parents are so very proud of her and love her so much, as they should but sometimes people can't help but feel there's an underlying reason for that.

But why is Eri in a DEIS school when she can go to any school she wants? She can win any scholarship with her sheer intelligence alone. She can be in whatever school she wants, she can be whatever the hell she wants to be- lawyer, doctor, scientist, engineer....

Well, her friends are there. Why would she go somewhere else when her friends are right here?



Well, Eri does what she wants, and she faces little to no consequences for it. She holds a lot of power. Her mere existence is proof of that. But she doesn't know that.

She has taken a shine to Sophie Tyrelle for some reason. She's latched onto her and has essentially chosen her to be her best friend. That's okay, Sophie doesn't mind. She also chose Aoife and Deborah, but Sophie is her special friend. God knows why.

An interesting fact: Eri hates the use of robots and AI. She finds it very unnatural despite the fact it's 9034 and she should probably be more open minded about that. She hates accompanying her mother to her science fairs because the AI scares her. She hates the idea of AI and androids and robots. She's firmly against them.

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