Jackson Stafford



1 year, 8 months ago


Name:   Jackson Stafford

Age:    14

Height:   172cms

Ethnicity/Nationality:   Irish

Gender/Pronouns:    He/him

Sexuality:    Straight ?

Family Members:   Gemma Stafford (mother)

Closest Friends:    Ashe Johnson, Ashlinn and Joshua Mackan, Aiyesha Tambala


Jackson lives in Bridgeport with his mother and he is in 2nd-F in Bridgeport College. His mother really loved an ancient singer from the year 1980 and named him after him. Jackson is quiet and likes to keep to himself, though when he's around his best friend Ashe, he can be a totally different person. He is very into writing stories and novels and is currently working on one at the time of the story. He's quite fashionable. What a lad. He is the newest transfer student from a school where he won't tell. His relationship with his mother is very strong and they both support each other a lot. Bless. 

Jackson is the type of person who doesn't want to talk in class and therefore Ashe asks for him. Bless. He's at that stage of life where everything is a big mystery. Hopefully, things will be okay. Hopefully, right? Yeah. 

There's some speculation about what school he used to go to. He'll neither confirm nor deny. Some people have got it, though.