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Bio: Sade is an Irken defective, thrown into a Defective Ward just because she was born as a primal form of an Irken, and not the good "perfect" Irkens you would find today. She once shared a cell with Zinkur and Millenia. However, Sade killed Millenia (by accident), and Zinkur escaped, leaving her "siblings" behind. Sade, since the day Millenia died, has lived in the cell by herself for about 8 earth years. Sure, she had neighbors, but in reality, she was alone.

Sade, despite her edgy look, is actually a very sweet and kind person. She loves to eat all sorts of food, even the ones that make her fatally sick. If it tastes good, she is going to eat it. And Sade thinks everything tastes good. 

Ever since arriving on earth, she got addicted to cigarettes and other various drugs. She often steals from stores at night to get packs of cigarettes. She gets upset when people point out her obvious addiction.

Sade also has extreme Melophobia, which is the fear of music. She isn't entirely sure why, but she becomes extremely uncomfortable when any music plays around her. Cannibalism is Sade's guilty pleasure. When she accidentally killed Millenia, she didn't have anywhere to actually hide her body. So Sade did the only thing she could think of: she ate her own sister. Ever since then, she has grown a taste for Irken blood. She just likes the taste, and won't actually attack you to eat you, though. She is too nice lol.

Sade has Death Eyes Syndrome, which means she has no pupils. Sade can see perfectly fine, she just doesn't have visible pupils. 

Her personality is doglike. She is happy most of the time, gets bored easily, and loves sleeping! Although, she has her flaws. Although she isn't easy to anger, when she does get mad, she won't calm down for hours. She also is weird and often dramatic. 

Full name: Sade

Species: Uriken (the primal form of an Irken)

Age: (Human years) 228 (Irken years) 28

Birthday: (Earth Dates, don't worry) August 31st

Height: 7'3"

Likes: Ice Cream (even though it makes her sick), Sleeping, annoying certain people, eating, cigarettes, irken blood, and laying in the warm earthen sun. 

Dislikes: Zinkur, Music, the cold, lightning, cigarrettes (it's complicated), and water.

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