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Name: Eggle Egglington

Age:   25

Height:  148cms

Pronouns:  She/Her

Sexuality:   Egg

Ethnicity: Egg

Family: Mamegg, Papegg.  Snowy and Red-wing (Little Egglings)

Relationships:  DM (dm), Jolanda Bos, Elsie Zerda, Lucy Dixon

Occupation: Egg


"The world is small and eggciting, like a quail’s egg. Speggtacular!"

Eggle sees all

Eggle knows all

Your friendly egg lover who offers spiritual advice regarding to eggs

Is probably older than you, but looks like she's 12

Everybody knows her as Eggle. Nobody except DM knows her real name. She is there as a friendly. sunny side up, yet highly concerning face and will be there for you in hard boiled times.

Are you sad? Have an egg. Eggle and her eggs will always be there

Will always be with her partner in crime, DM. They have a club called E.G.G. Nobody knows what it means. Nobody wants to know what it means.

Wears eggs all the time. Literally does not care about what you think about eggs. Will probably give you a precious egg as a gift.

One could say that Eggle is a little bit strange. She does not care as long as you do not insult the eggs! She's eggmazing the way she is.

She is dating DM. DM is her datemate, also known as a DM. Is DM their real name? No, but DM is a far more eggciting and mysterious name.

She speaks in Egg puns constantly and always tries to put at least one mention of an egg in each sentence she says. Speggtacular.

- She likes French musicals
- She also likes to dress up as a princess sometimes when DM is in their shining armour outfit
- Is in a permanent "I love my DM" mood

Delibereggly very cryptic. People don't really know much about her at all! She intends to keep it that way.