La Llune




Name La Llune

Pronouns (any)

Age Adult

Race Ant (ergate)

Spectrum Lesser God

Homeland Gemline

Location Gemline


La Llune is quiet and distant, often merely posing as an observer rather than an actual participant in politics or war. Intelligent and perceptive, he can usually get fairly-accurate reads on people and dissects them verbally and emotionally. Sometimes absently wonders why he has no friends. Enjoys looking out for the "underdog" and goes out of their way to protect them, often to extreme measures.


La Llune was originally incredibly active in mortal politics, being a revered god of ergates who dedicated their life to them. If a colony mistreated their ergates, Llune was said to appear and enact extreme punishment on the perpetrators and the colony leaders, prompting them to take better care of their charges. After Narke elected to remove lesser gods from mortal life, La Llune went along, returning to Gemline to live there instead. While she misses her old work, she's not one to protest outwardly.