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  • Name Arthur Willingham
  • SexMale
  • SpeciesHuman
  • Nationality British
  • Age26 years old
  • Birthday 26th of July
  • OccupationDaddy's son Affiliate company head

Arthur is optimistic, self-confident, sociable and playful. Open and extraverted, he likes to have fun and meet new people, always disposed for new experiences. He is open to people, friendly, welcoming, warm and enthusiastic, a bit exuberant. He likes parties, celebrations, alcohol and sex, and often acts charming and seductive. He may have a somewhat childish and immature behaviour but is still a straight and honest person, and able to take on job responsibilities. He would not let anyone walk over him. He just wants to enjoy things as much as he can and tries to avoid worries when they are not necessary. 

Sea, sex and sun !


Arthur is before everything a life lover. Gifted with a rock solid optimism, he ignores the storm to be delighted in advance about the rainbow it will form. He likes to savour every small pleasure the world offers him, sometimes to excess. Although he is conscious of the harshness and bitterness of reality, from what he has been preserved thanks to his privileged situation, he keeps an overall positive view on things, saying it would be a waste to concede to negativism. However, he is not struck dumb nor blissfully happy neither, he knows to judge facts and situations with hindsight and objectivity, but will always try to improve a situation as much as he can rather than yielding to despair. He is conscious of the fragility of life and knows yet he will regret his youth later, and will then make the most of every moment. Despite this, he would not satisfy himself with a mediocre situation and will always do his best to make everything better if he can, even if it is good already. Being happy and satisfied does not prevent him from wanting more when it is possible to reach.

Even though he does not take life too seriously, being willing to consider it as a hobby rather than an ordeal, he knows to be mature when needed. He is not one of those impetuous and unconcerned childish adults; he just is a grown-up that refuses to pull the face in use in most professional areas. Still, he knows how to mix pleasure and duties and is still a stickler for responsibilities, knowing to renounce to a pleasure when required by reason.

Arthur shows a great self-confidence. Very self-assured, he may sometimes be a somewhat narcissist. He feels comfortable in society and easily talks to strangers, having no hesitation for social contact. He can be somewhat familiar with strangers, easily being on first-name terms with anyone, which can sometimes be seen as impertinence or impoliteness. Despite this, he also knows to respect society’s customs and conventions and can be highly reverential in front of an old lady or a reputable person. Despite being used to talk to strangers as if they were friends, he still sticks to seemliness, politeness, and good manners, while still considering himself the equal of anyone. He gives great importance to civility, respect, and honesty. He considers everyone in society have to follow strict and sane rules to keep the society sane itself, and does not tolerate incivility.

He is an extrovert boy and likes be noticed, often trying to be the centre of all attention. He sometimes acts too egocentric by trying to draw everybody’s eye, hogging the conversation or acting silly to catch attention. This behaviour would probably find an explanation in the fact that he grew in the shadow of an invading older brother who was always trying to make everyone forget about the blond kid, belittling him and making sure no one noticed him. Arthur shows a high self-esteem, without having a low esteem of others neither. His narcissism never leads to contempt; he is open to anyone. He is open-minded, understanding, tolerant and adaptable, and shows a great tolerance, forgiving many flaws and mistakes. He knows humans are of an imperfect nature and considers it is a part of the charm of humanity. Despite this, he still has limits one cannot cross and can act harshly toward someone who shows a behaviour that may harm others. He accepts lots of flaws, but never disrespect or cruelty.

Of course, his optimism makes him a friendly and warm person. Enthusiastic by nature, he is open to any experience, mostly human experiences, and he is open to anyone, always disposed to new meetings or diverse discoveries and journeys. Being easy to get along with, he easily befriends any kind of person and always act welcoming and generous. He is curious of the unending discoveries life can bring and wants to taste them all. He would love to discover everything that can be discovered, but he knows he has to curb his curiosity in order to take care of his business’ management rather than crossing the world. He does his best to combine wishes and duties.

Good-natured, Arthur can act puckish and teasing. He loves humour and gives it no limits, and can be seen to be gently mocking. He is a good audience, liking every kind of humour and jokes, and is able of self-derision. Flexible and relaxed, he avoids letting anything do his head in and rarely takes offence. He tries to keep a positive state of mind and rarely give in to stress or anger. However, his wraths can be as violent than rare. He is one of those calm people that can suddenly enter in a violent fit of anger. If he is pushed to the limit or considers anger is the only efficient remedy, he can show aggressiveness, shouting at or insulting someone with no hesitation and may even resort to violence. Despite his calm and optimistic nature, he can seem strict and unyielding, accepting no concession. He does not tolerate lack of respect and, in a professional setting, demands a total obedience from his subordinates. He knows to put his friendliness aside to take on the role of a strict and severe head of a company to ensure the good working of his company.

Arthur has a strong competitive spirit. It is not much about confronting others or proving his value or superiority, but more about enjoying games and friendly competitions. He is open to every kind of amusement and entertainment, and likes every kind of games, mostly when they involve several players. Being videogames, board games or outdoor games, Arthur is always up for it. He loves everything about pastimes and amusement, and especially likes parties and celebrations, drinking until inebriation, dancing, and singing. Mostly, he has a soft spot for alcohol and the sensation of drunkenness. He may seem somewhat alcoholic, looking for any pretext to end fried. Thus, during parties, he may become quite taxing and clumsy, nay annoying and irritating, being this typical friend that will end up wasted even before the end of the evening, unable to control himself, singing loud or fondling anyone.

Even without the help of alcohol, he is extroverted and exuberant, being at ease with all of his acts and words without any shame. He likes to play the fool or play like a young kid and would take up any challenge. Ask him to enter a supermarket dressed as a giant pink bunny and hug the security guard; he will do it.

Although the importance he gives to life, he is still audacious and daring and will not step backward in front of danger. He will face a peril with no hesitation to save others, being a friend or a stranger. He does not mind much danger, feeling exhilaration rather than fear in difficult situations, considering them as a challenge to take up in cold blood and pragmatism. He may also put himself in unnecessary dangerous situations for the only sake of adrenalin, to prove his courage or to take up challenges, even though he tend to do it less now that he is an adult. He may also acts imprudent because of his usual optimism that minimizes the real dangerousness of a situation.

In his everyday life, Arthur is well-groomed, always neat and tidy, without being fussy or exaggeratedly meticulous. His house is neat, regularly cleaned, but still keeps these little bits of a mess that makes a living-room a true “living” room and not just a sample from an Ikea catalogue. Arthur himself is always well turned out, showering daily and wearing thoroughly chosen, clean and neatly ironed outfits, always of a good quality. He gives attention to details, being about his flat’s decoration or his own clothing, caring for his appearance and regularly checking his hairstyle.

Born of a wealthy family, Arthur likes to give himself an aristocratic air. Being the leader of the French subsidiary of the family business (of which he will inherit the half when his father decides to take retirement), he already receives a comfortable salary. Despite the jealous disregard he sometimes gets from it, he does not try to hide his wealth, showing a certain taste for luxurious and high-quality products. Usually dressed with chic and high-quality outfits bought from rather prestigious brands, he sometimes unintendedly looks like a daddy’s boy who never knew any kind of need. Yet he is less demanding than he may seem, accommodating himself to anything, easily accepting a can of bottom-end raviolis reheat in the microwave, or a blanket placed on the ground to sleep. He is not exigent or difficult, but considers useless to deprive oneself of luxury when one can afford it, and will then favour high-quality products. However, he is not showy as regards to material and financial things and does not feel the need to display his money or show off gold watches or big cars. His purchases are motivated by the product’s quality and the real satisfaction he can have with it rather than a brand’s notoriety. He is neither scornful nor conceited, his narcissism having nothing to do with his social level, and he has no preconceived idea of people from different social classes.

According to his daddy’s boy look, he is not especially resourceful nor crafty, and would call for a repairman rather than trying to fix things by himself. He mostly lacks ressources when in front of a pan : he is unable to cook anything a bit complex and usually burns his courses.

Seducer and charmer, Arthur likes to seduce, to flirt just for pleasure, without any goal other than just satisfying his need to please and appeal. Being about friendship or seduction, he constantly feels the need to be liked, nay to be admired. His external narcissism hides a certain internal lack of confidence, and he looks for a confirmation of his value and quality in the eyes of others. He has the need to be reassured of his capacity to appeal and please and will try to look interesting, constantly trying to stand out. However, it is true that his seducing behaviours sometimes deserve another goal: Arthur often gives in to his hormones and quite naturally looks to multiply sexual conquests. Having a strong sexual appetite, he has no hesitation or timidity in front of a tempting person and will try his best to seduce them, being a woman or a man. He likes various and diverse pleasures and has little limits when it comes to partners or accessories. Here are the limits of his fidelity and faithfulness: as devoted as he can be as a boyfriend, he is unable to restrain his yearnings and keep is pants on, and then can be easily unfaithful, without ever lying about his lapses.

Despite everything, this charmer remains a great romantic boy, endeavouring to appear gallant and considerate towards the fair sex. He often considers girls like princesses, loving to cosset and spoil them, considering it is a man’s duty to work for the ladies’ pleasure. Thus, he finds normal to salute a girl by a hand-kissing, to pay the restaurant’s bill, or to shower his girlfriend with gifts. Somewhat attached to prejudices, he does not act the same way around a boy or a girl, considering girls requires more tenderness and devotion, or that it is inconceivable to demand them physical labour, while men are supposed to be strong and guarantee his family’s lifestyle. He does not consider women to be weak or unable to support themselves; he just considers it is a gentleman’s duty to serve ladies. He has a high esteem for females: he loves them and quite admires them, then would gladly act protective and obliging to them. Or maybe is it just to fit to his "charming prince" role, as he likes to make himself look like the perfect boyfriend.

Apart from his hormonal surges, Arthur is still quite reliable as a friend or a boyfriend. He is loyal and devoted to his friends, ready to help at any time, giving a lot of himself to assist one way or another, and always available to give an attentive ear. He would sacrifice himself to help his closer friends. He is the sincere friend you can always count on, whether you need a beer or some money. His honesty is absolute towards those who grant him a full confidence, and he would never betray. If he ever lies, it is never because of pettiness or meanness, but only to avoid a hurtful truth or a useless small quarrel. Within a couple relationship, apart from his purely sexual lapses (which are never hidden or denied), he is fully devoted to the happiness and comfort of his significant other. Warm and affectionate, he likes tactile contact and does not restrain his affectionate gestures, loving to have some moments of pure tenderness.

Throughout his education based on the old guideline of “boys are strong and do not cry”, he usually does not show his negative feelings, keeping on himself a strong sensibility. He tries to seem imperturbable and implacable in every situation, refusing to show fear, hesitation or ever more grief or sorrow. Thus, he hides his tears and feelings and does not talk much about his sentiments and inner emotions. He only shows more conventional emotions, like joy and pleasure, but does not express really personal things, mostly human weaknesses. Only his closest friends may see him cry or complain.

He tries his best to hide all of his flaws and to act like the perfect man, always friendly, smiley and optimistic. It is all roleplay, though, as his inner thoughts may sometimes be far from his acts. He wants to be loved, admired and praised, and this is why he has to act perfect in every situation. His acts often are not the products of pure generosity, but essentially a way to appear as the nice guy that everyone likes.9

Overall, Arthur is an energetic person, both by head and body. He rarely gives up to laziness, even though he sometimes likes to lounge on the sofa, wearing only his underpants and a beer in hand. Without being especially sportive, he ensures to keep a healthy lifestyle, practising sport regularly to maintain his body and health. He is not onto procrastination and rather likes to do things early in order to get rid of the task as soon as possible.


  • Alcohol & getting drunk
  • Parties & games
  • Travelling
  • Sex, sex and sex


  • Drinking water
  • Incivility
  • Losing games
  • His brother


Arthur is of a medium size, being 178cm tall. His body is thin without being skinny, finely muscled. He takes care of his body to keep it healthy and pretty, without fat, and with a reasonable musculature. Being Caucasian typed, he has a pale skin, without being excessively light, displaying at summer the slightly bronzed cast of those who does not run away from the sun, without overly exposing them neither. His face has thin and elegant traits, giving away his affiliation to an aristocratic family. This lovely face is lightened by two emerald-coloured eyes, warm and eye-catching. The whole is topped by bright blond hairs of a medium length, descending as tidy strands on the forehead and upon the nape of the neck behind.

He takes care of his appearance and is always well-groomed, neatly coiffed and dressed tastefully. He takes care of his body, his skin, and his hairs to avoid any ungraceful imperfection.

About clothes, Arthur is rather open-minded and likes to vary styles. He can wear any outfit, from the three-piece suit to the punk clothing with varying spikes, including the old British style or the casual jeans and t-shirt. He does not restrict himself to a single clothing style, liking to try varied things.

However, he often stays within the elegant and classy style, mostly to please his boyfriend who has a strong preference for this kind of clothing. Shirts, jackets, suits, old-styled trousers, ties and leather shoes are an integral part of his wardrobe. His trousers, usually black or grey, sometimes are made of these old-school fabrics with soft and subtle patterns. As for his shirts and t-shirts, he is open to any colour, with a slight preference for greens. He rarely wears black outfits, preferring to keep some colours or some white somewhere. Thus, his outfits of a classical style usually are made of a dark grey or black trousers with an assorted suit jacket, lightened by a coloured shirt (usually apple green or pastel blue), while his jean’s usually are accompanied by bright t-shirts, often with patterns or illustrations.


Our story starts amongst a rich family, heirs of a successful, international firm for generations. They owned a large domain outside of London : a luxurious house encompassed by a no less luxurious garden. This happy picture was completed by a loyal Irish Setter, two purry British Shorthairs, and two shining Ferrari cars. However, one thing was missing for the picture to be perfect : children.

The husband was working a lot, often travelling abroad, while the wife would stay at home, shopping and inviting her friends for tea. She actually was bored, and the idea of getting kids might have been a way to bring her some occupation and company. She soon gave birth to an healthy little boy (despite him displaying flamboyant red hairs, to his grand-parents' despair), named Elliot. The baby quickly became a spoiled little prince, overindulged and pampered. He was drowning in toys and candies, monopolising all of his mother's time, as she would spend her days responding to all of his desires. But three years after Elliot's birth, the young mother became pregnant again, and later gave birth to another son, a sweet blonde little boy named Arthur. And the young prince could not accept this. He hated on his brother since he learned about his upcoming birth, as he now would have to share his toys, cakes and candies but, especially, he would have to share his parents' care and attention. Elliot could not tolerate the baby's cries, still he would often trigger said cries himself by tearing the baby's comforter apart. Their whole childhood was constant war. Elliot would do everything to haul himself above Arthur, to gain more attention and care than him. Elliot had to be the prettiest, the strongest, the smartest, in every occasion. He would constantly belittle his brother, invisibilising all of his success, always finding a way to take all the credits for whatever good his brother would do, and blame it all on him for whatever bad he would not even do. No one should ever notice Arthur for anything good. Whenever Arthur would speak, Elliot would interrupt him, and whenever Arthur would try to do something, Elliot would make sure he fails. Three times, it would even become murder attempts. Luckily, the 10 years old was not good at killing.

Thus, for his whole childhood, Arthur stayed within his brother's shadow, being wrongly seen as withdrawn, timid, uncreative, stupid and lazy. As a teenager, he would try to distance himself from his stifling family and his abusive brother by living in a boarding school. This allowed him to relax, to build his own personality, to get some friends and, especially, to try to get himself noticed. It became an obsession, and soon the young boy would only care for popularity. He was obsessed about drawing attention on him, being the cool kid and being loved. He would try to get as much friends and girlfriends he could, being constantly looking for approbation and validation in people's eyes. Being unsure of his qualities and capacities despite his overly confident behaviour, he needed to reassure himself by convincing other people that he might be lovable.

He later went to study in a university in America, to get even farer from his family and to avoid having to come back home for holidays. Here, he would discover himself a taste for Rock music and learn to play guitar and synth in a school band. Even though he obviously lacked talent for it, he would still get lots of girls from his concert. However, it is of a man that he ended falling in love with. Ironically, this man was just like his brother : narcissistic and abusive, he would slowly destroy Arthur's self confidence, to the point of convincing him to commit suicide. However, Arthur failed his attempt, and thanks to the psychologist that he was forced to see afterwards, he managed to get rid of this toxic relationship.

After getting his diploma, he flighted to France, where is father made him in charge of the local affiliate company.

Note : He speaks French well, as he started to learn it from a young age. He loved the sound of this complex language, and the aristocratic feeling of being able to speak what used to be the court's language. Also, he was told that girls like it....




Eden and Arthur met each other 7 years ago via a common friend. Eden would act distant at first, but Arthur eventually managed to tame him and befriend him. They ended up being really close friends, supporting each other through life difficulties, such as when they both left their respective boyfriend. A few years after their first meeting, they ended up finding out they are meant to be together, despite their opposite personalities and interests. They now live together, living an happy and lovey relationship (beside some sex and alcohol disagreements).



Amadeus is the ex-boyfriend of Arthur's brother. When he learned about their relationship, Arthur tried to separate them, as he was afraid his vicious and manipulative brother could abuse this naive and innocent boy. However, as Amadeus would not listen to his bewares, Arthur would try his best to protect the boy, without interfering too much in their relationship, looking at it from a distance and comforting Amadeus when necessary. After Elliot left, Amadeus and Arthur stayed somewhat friends.