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NO ZOOS/FERAL NSFW, MAP/PEDOS, PROSHIP ARE NOT WELCOME HERE, or are allowed to own my design/characters  

Please tell me if I interact/subscribe/etc to anyone problematic/gross/dangerous!

Do NOT copy, heavily reference, trace my art, or steal my designs. Please PM me for any questions! 

I do not mind if you put my ocs in your “dreamie” folder! Just don‘t offer on them (if not for sale/offer trade), copy, heavily ref, or take a lot of inspo off them  

Please read the TH section of my carrd before buying/claiming my designs. 

CW: substance usage, (non sexual) nudity, bright colors/eyestrain, I do draw darker topics occasionally, 15+ is advised, but I do keep it SFW here!

This user's characters, art, stories, and other original creations may not be used to train any form of AI.
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