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Minor God






Chaotic Good

Element (ppu/chem)



A pathalogical liar who wishes he has friends, instead hangs out in a sauna on a tropical island


Joseph of the Offsprings

Maintainer of Bonds and Embodiment of Heat | he/him

Joseph is the kind of guy you appreciate for tying hard, despite never achieving what he sets out to do. He encourages connection, friendship, extroversion and working together. As the Maintainer of Bonds, Joseph has the ability to fix any broken object and even magically reknit clothing and repair machines. What he lacks is an ability to enforce the more metaphorical bonds that exist between people. Joseph is a meek and needy pathological liar who is desperate for friends. He can't help trying to be someone he's not, but his lies are always revealed in the end, and Joseph's life is pretty lonely as a result. If he'd just be his honest self, I'm sure someone would be his friend... maybe. Joseph is far from a jerk, but there's something about his self-presentation that tips people off to his dishonest nature.

Being in Joseph's presense will cause people to perform better in social activities. He helps people become more charming, wittier, and seem more knowlegable than they are. People are more likely to want to spend time in the company of others and are better team players. As the patron god of actors, Joseph helps thespians step into different roles with conviction. However, Joseph also encourages people to lie or overexagerate themselves, and despite his desire to promote friendship, the lies he helps build end up driving people further apart.

Joseph is the embodiment of the Heat element, the element of fire, geothermals, and warm bodies of water. He primarily wields elemental fire while fighting, either by brawling with his hands encased in flame or shooting fire at his opponents. Because his body always expells heat, Joseph is constantly cold, and wears heavy winter clothing despite living in a tropical achipelago. His hobbies include exploring the islands, searching for treasure, swimming, and relaxing in his sauna or fire pit.

The reason Joseph struggles so much with his godly goals is because Heat and Bonds are opposed at a fundamental level. Heat, or fire more specifically, is the release of chemical bonds and energy to create combustion. This contradiction keeps Joseph from being as successful as the other Offsprings. Luckily, his sister and counterpart Louisa faces the same problem, and the two end up doing a large part of each other's jobs inadvertently, so that the universe remains balanced.