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Minor God






Lawful Neutral

Element (ppu/chem)



Shut-in engineer who's a real piece of work, but we love him anyways


Isaac of the Offsprings

Maintainer of Complexity and Embodiment of Synthetic | he/him

Isaac is a mixed up kind of person. As the god of complexity, everything in Isaac's life is needlessly complex and arcane, full of rituals, schedules and protocols only he seems to understand. He encourages ritualism, jargon, special interests and contradictions. Erratic and neurotic, Isaac isn't one for friends and spends most of his time in the Hermitage - his science lab - making all kinds of new inventions and synthetic organisms. Isaac is very particular and likes to control his environment the best he can, but his living spaces are usually a mess and he seems to be somewhat off the ball. Not to mention the robots he codes to act like ancient Athenians overthrow him every six months or so, and instead of programming them differently he just resets them.

In Isaac's presence, one feels overwhelemed by the things they need to do and compelled to complete them in a somewhat roundabout manner. They will question the things they know and obsess over identifying what they don't. However Isaac can also promote working through complex problems to find unique solutions, and is known to be excellent at exploiting loopholes. The patron god of programmers and computer scientists, Isaac helps people untangle complex codes and scripts, and allows people to focus in on complex intellectual problems. 

Isaac is the god of the Synthetic element, the element of machines, technology and artificial products. His left arm has been converted to a robotic arm and Isaac can shoot energy pulses from his palm, Iron Man style. His tail is also a robotic tail, but nobody knows exactly why he changed it, and he's never given a consistent answer. Isaac is incredibly smart and has deep knowledge on a variety of topics; out of the Offsprings, he has the most diverse ken. He can invent machines and robots to do amazing things, create new drugs and medicines, and ostensibly can hack any computer system out there. He is often seen wearing a lab coat and has a signature green tie that he wears. 

Isaac's hobbies are studying, inventing, browsing the internet, and thinking deeply. If he's not on the Artificial Cliff, he might be spending time with his (very blackrom) girlfriend, Helene. If Isaac were a human, you would consider him to be autistic.