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The Chef
Mei-Lin Shao-Qing   
Age: Appears to be in her mid 20's   (389)                  
 Date of Birth:  May 25th

Gender: Female
Species: Huli-Jing / Gumiho
Hometown:  D
Sexuality: Pansexual
Status: Open relationship with Alderic Rioux
Occupation: Restaurateur and chef


  •  Height: 5' 6
  • Hair color: Dark Brown
  • Eye color:  A light reddish pink color

    If a smile could be worth something Mei's wouldn't be worth two coins to rub together. As a human her appearance although well- kept is rather unassuming. Caring little for interaction in that form Mei tends to stick to the basics. Neither tall nor short, fat nor thin.  Clothing wise she prefers to blend in, to not draw attention to herself though never lowering the standard to something like a t shirt. She would never appear frumpy or without being well put together in any of the forms she takes.

    In the past she portrayed herself as a butler, wearing polished shoes and pressed shirts. Her unifroms even now she maintains with the highest degree of order and care allowed to her. However in recent years she has become more relaxed in her upkeep and rarely takes on male form as the form she takes now has gained quite the following. Appearing on network television for cooking, having a book and three restruants while considering a fourth, it tends to happen.

    When on television she wears a traditional asian chef uniform as she is usually preparing traditional Korean foods she likes to highlight her roots. When in her own restrant her chef's coat is much more stringent,accented in both uniforms by a scarf tied tight. She doesn't wear jewlery other than the studs in her ears and her hair is kept short with a heavy curl while in human form.


    As a fox Mei is a rather soft red color, with grey on her underbelly fading into the black on her paws almost like a soot color. Her fur is more dense than her siblings with her ears slightly smaller than that of her sister Fu's. Her tails are slender, and one appears to be slightly longer than the other two giving her a total of  three tails in all. Her paws are black right above the joint to her feet with the rest of her fur fading into a mixture of red grey and orange like the rest of her body with dark orange fur filling in her cheeks. 
Mei is a very traditional person, keeping in line with more conservative values. And though she is viewed as a respectful she is far from an angel. She can sometimes be seen as bitter or egotistical. Though not quick to speak on matters unless addressed she can be sure to give a mouthful to those who ask for it. She doesn't appear to have any trouble with 'telling people how it is.' Her fox visage seems to appear more when she becomes stressed in the kitchen and has a bad habit of biting others when upset that carried over from childhood.
Yellow plums, liver, dumplings, doing her makeup, having Alderic brush her hair/fur
people who smoke near her, spicy foods, mint, tardiness, people who dine and dash on her dollar, rude customers.
  • Linguistics, she is very good with her mastery of language.
  • She's one of those people who could look in a fridge and make something out of the leftover mac and cheese and beer. Her culinary expertise extends through history, cooking for royalty and world leaders, the rich and the famous. That was how she earned her seat of power, for people would always be hungry.
  • She has a greater understanding than her siblings in the departments of magic and traditions. She takes the time to instil them into her daily life. Her favorite thing to do though is breathe fire for guests at her restaurants while cooking in front of patrons.
  • She has a curse in all her establishments if you try to 'dine and dash' or do something of the sort then you will be locked inside until you have cleaned enough dishes or done enough work or paid for your meal/service.
  • She has a known habit of cursing those who try to get the better of her with some rather nasty luck. Even in today's day and age it's just a thing she hasn't let go of.
  • She started dating her business partner Alderic three years ago though no public announcment has been made. She prefers to keep that part of her life private.
Known Establishments   
    Taeyang-ui jib -
    House of the Sun
    Korean BBQ Primarily featuring prices to match the tide and true traditional foods of Mei's past. The namesake, referencing to the time during witch
     the restaurant is open and the location being that of the eastern side of Crescut. She spends most of her time and effort in this restaurant. 
    It is also the least expensive of her two restaurants within the town. The Sun  features a decor heavy in natural woods and comfortable seating with food mostly cooked at the table. On saturdays however she moves from serving traditional sit down foods to more playful street foods. She'll sometimes even cook them outside the store on nice days.

    Luciole -'Firefly'        The second restaurant Mei opened, featuring a distinctly 'down to earth menu'.  Found on the Main street of Crescut this low lighting atmosphere punctuated by the strangely foreign decor. The dark theme of the restaurant night and day compared to house of the sun as well as the food selection, things meant for dark wines, heavy in french influence with a decadent desert selection. She is rarely seen here considering the new venue she is attempting to open.
    HotteokThe final and newest venture, a rather gutsy move in some respects and the only restaurant Mei has opened in Synestri. Currently the restaurant is still being planned but is to feature a rather 'wide and weird' selection of foods in a bizarre attempt to appease the cities newly changed residents. The restaurant itself is contained within a small warehouse like building with seating for both human, and the less fortunate residents with a menu featuring mostly high end burgers, pizza and chicken  as well as a heavy drink selection with seating both at the bar and not. The restaurant itself is connected to a butcher shop/deli meats selection described below.

    Psychodeli         All of the metal lining the walls, the counters and glass cases, recycled for some sort of environmental appeal. Here connected to the restaurant is a butcher shop, deli, seafood and cheese selection interchangeable   with any of the meats they prepare in the restaurant. Sides can also be ordered to go and packed in containers. The place appears pristine, the floors done in a checked laminate to match the black and white designs on the walls of the restaurant with the same style art extending into the deil. The deil itself is rather small with a metal shutter keeping the counter from the outside street.
    Grid-Iron Going back to what she knows for that more classic atmosphere, the Grid-Iron is a work in progress taking the success of Hotteok and mutiplying it with a slightly more refined feel. Handmade burgers, in house brews and hand cut specialty fries as well as other staple dishes focusing on fresh ingredients and 'home grown' staples. The industrial feel mixed with warm red paint colors and black interior furniature complete the theme of this 'not your mothers fast food' restruant.
 She was born on May 25th, the same day as her siblings Fu and Minah though that seems to be where the similarities end. Deeply affected by tradition she chose to hone skills over a long period of time and decided to not to participate in her siblings plans to gain power in ways that to her were illicit. Though perhaps this was where they separated. With Mei lingering behind them, the pair were quick to rise to the occasions of power that were brought to them.

However this didn't mean that Mei wasn't still working towards their father's plan, though the slow route had always been easier traveled for her.  She started work in kitchens, listening to servants for gossip was one of her favorite things and soon she began to see the real reason behind her trade work here. Pretending to be a kitchen boy she grew alongside the lives of royalty, in their shadows preparing the meals.

She had learned through her experiences in service that the hearts of people could be won by looks, or by power but something people would always need, would be food. And it was this basic value that allowed her to grow in strength without drawing much attention to herself. That would be the last place anyone would look for one of her kind. In a position of service, over the flames of a hot stove and grease.

When she earned a position directly serving the heads of estates remembered only because of their wealth she was once again recognized by her siblings and eventually reconnected with them over some time. She would pretend to be a butler, working directly for those that were of extensive wealth eventually learning the tricks to allow her to retain portions of their vast fortunes.

Eventually however she found herself secure enough in the recent future to break out of the bonds of service and became more direct about her endeavors opening several high end restaurants based on the 'exotic' foods she made while in service from her homeland.  Though her expertise did not end there, pastries, cakes and meat pies, vegetables, Italian and french cuisine.

Though her specially would always be a personal favorite, dumplings stuffed with liver.