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Ravenfluff (nickname: Fluffy) is basically myself. Her personalities are how I was usually like in my everyday life.

Ravenfluff is a winged white cat, her wings resemble raven’s wings. She’s a pure, friendly, kind-hearted feline who carves freedom and justice. Ravenfluff (myself) has bad hearing and memory. [cuz white cats with blue eyes are mostly deaf]. The wings resembles her will to live freely and happy.


Ravenfluff was raised in a good, peace-loving family. During her teenage age, she faced LOTS of unique individuals who happen to dislike her because she got wings. She’s ashamed of her wings and wants to cut it off, but her family and close friends were by her side, telling that the others don’t really hate her wings, they’re just jealous.

Ravenfluff goes mute during her teenage life, she doesn’t talk as much as she was during her childhood.

One day during her pre-adulthood, Ravenfluff flies far from her family to discover new worlds, new places, new communities. Luckily for her, she found a good place with good individuals who care about each others. But despite of good friends around her, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any problems. Adapting in her new environment wasn’t easy, but at last, she managed to blend with the community.

Ravenfluff was surrounded by her friends now, but she’ll never know when they’ll part to continue their future life. Her friends supported her and makes her grow as a strong and brave individual. She’s now ready to face her future life.

(This is basically my life story XD)

Personality/Traits (in general):

(+) Positive Traits: Friendly, Trusting, Cheerful, Creative, Loves trying new things

(-) Negative Traits: Lazy, Pessimistic, Grouchy, Easily Influenced, Can be a bit Stingy, Gets worried over small things.

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: creating new things, doing art, music, companionships, her friends, the sky, being supported, traveling, sleeping, her pet raven.

Dislikes: being alone for long, dark places (except for sleeping), being annoyed, heavy sports, dirty things, pineapples and durians.


Fear of Failure (atychiphobia). She’s afraid of messing things up, disappointing the people around her. She will feel very guilty and blame herself for everything.


More artworks HERE , there are a lot, most artists were either gone or change their name so I lost them ;w;