Mathieu Bonvents



2 years, 8 months ago


Mathieu Bonvents was born August 5th, 1908 PC to an adventurer and a sorceress. When a man clad in black took them from him, he fled into the night, straight into the clutches of the Britannic Empire. Press-ganged into its' service, Mathieu served as the Empire's champion, on the racetrack as its' star driver and in the skies as its' ace pilot. But a mission of mercy went horribly wrong, and from then on he was rejected by the government he once served. Once he found out the truth behind that mission, he violently rejected them in kind, and fled London to regroup.

He next surfaced four years later as the leader of a band of mercenaries he called the Winged Anchor Pirates, declaring war on the Britannic Empire and all states and nations that subject their people to tyranny and oppression. Stealing a prototype dreadnought and taking to the skies, he wages his shadow war on evil the world over, seeking the most compassionate and fearsome defenders of truth and justice to join him in his battle...