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Basic Info




The Meme Queen


Incredibly old.


Female (she/her)


Some manner of deity.

Home Planet

memen glaring at hadris dot jpg


Being an unholy deity from realms unknown she's around 50'0" by default, but can change size and shape at will. She generally doesn't, though!



Significant Other(s)

Aeran Luscon kind of unofficially but let's be real it's totally a thing. also real gay for a certain meme duchess


Chaotic Good



Date Created

2013ish?? idk


Memes, the color pink, things that are generally considered "feminine", games, destroying her enemies, technology, just kind of talking with people about whatever, intimidating others, weird foods, when her heart hammers in her chest, psychology, getting people on her side, sweet food, flowers, emojis, bubble baths, being as close to people as physically possible, meeting new people.


Hadris, cheaters, liars, quitters, sore losers, being betrayed, when people she doesn't want to be afraid of her are afraid of her, closed-minded people, when technology freezes, having nothing to do, people who adamantly refuse to talk to her, people who are stuck in their ways, filth, internet trolls, strawman comics, losing (though she tries to be graceful about it), having things taken away from her.

Favorite Flavor

peach time

Favorite Website



|| - Personality - ||

Despite being touted as a being of destruction who leaves a trail of death and woe behind her wherever she goes, Memen is awfully amicable. She's extroverted, persuasive, gentle, surprisingly attached and loyal to anyone who receives her positively (and often even negatively), and very playful.

Memen is particularly fond of playing games with people. All kinds of games: board games, card games, video games, mind games, any sort of game no matter how abstractly defined. Life is just a big game to her, one that will end when she dies. She takes pleasure in victory but is also a fair loser... but she doesn't take cheating lightly, despises draws, and will not accept someone pulling out of a game as an acceptable ending.

When angered Memen will stop at absolutely nothing to get revenge. Her mentality is an eye for an eye - and she tends to hold very small things in very high esteem.

|| - Backstory - ||


Memen's origins are a mystery, and she's far too old to remember or care. She served as the goddess of a small planet in a quiet galaxy. She was benevolent and kind, though merciless to those who displeased her. She took a few sacrifices here and there, consumed some souls as the result of a few games, but overall she and her subjects lived peaceful, simple lives.

Then the day came when All-Conquering Overlord Hadris Torant arrived with the intent to all but destroy her planet and take it as his own. He started slaughtering her people and devastating the land without care, quickly catching Memen's attention. Memen offered to play a game with him - a one on one fight to the death - where the victor would leave the other's followers be but claim everything the loser owned as their own. Hadris accepted and quickly found himself in over his head; Memen was far more powerful than he had anticipated, and in the face of almost certain death he violated the rules and ordered his allies to help him kill her. Displeased with his cheating, Memen instead killed off his armies with ease, now angry enough to unleash the fullest extent of her power.

Eventually Hadris and his few remaining allies managed to seal Memen away into an isolated Reality, but by then she had taken much of Hadris' empire with her. Not satisfied, she spent years trying to break out, forcing Hadris and company to spend much of their time and resources reinforcing her prison. Then the day came that two of Hadris' closest allies, Nehuen Braulio and Trigger, betrayed him and opened up Memen's prison. She eagerly destroyed Hadris' empire all over again before being sealed away once more, this time with the two traitorous Representatives. What happened during this time is a mystery, as all involved either hesitate to talk about it or haven't been seen since.

Around this time a being named Orerun came to be. Orerun was an amalgamation of the souls of those who were from her planet who sought to free her. They traveled across Entirety, seeking out magical artifacts to destroy (those that would help Hadris in any way) or keep for their own (those that could help permanently free Memen). They even managed to get a hold of artifacts that allowed them to communicate with Memen, much to her delight.

A few hundred years after her last jailbreak, she had the opportunity to possess one of Hadris' Representatives, Septicemia, when Trigger managed to break out. The situation was quickly handled with Trigger's unexpected assistance, and Memen was sealed away yet again. In the process one of the Representatives, Aeran Luscon, wound up trapped inside of Memen's prison Reality, and within a few days it became apparent that Hadris wasn't going to take a risk and do anything to get Aeran out. Memen left him alone, busy moping over her latest defeat and, more importantly, Trigger's betrayal.

Soon enough Memen recovered and approached Aeran, who had transitioned from anxious, panicking wreck to cold, apathetic, and eager for Memen to kill him. For better or worse Memen had little interest in doing anything to harm him, instead sympathizing with him for falling victim to Hadris' lack of care for those around him. It took quite some time, but she managed to get Aeran to open up little by little. His uneasy trust in her slowly became unwavering, and after a hundred years or so he gave her his soul in exchange for the ability to help her. She gave him the ability to be untouchable - to create a barrier around himself that allowed him to pass through anything and be completely invulnerable at the cost of being unable to interact with other beings - and with that he escaped, found Orerun, and began doing whatever it took to free Memen.

Memen remains in her prison Reality, placated for now by sacrifices of traitors and war criminals. That and the knowledge that Aeran and Orerun are out there, plotting her permanent escape...

|| - Powers/Abilities - ||

Memen's list of abilities seems unending. She seems to have the ability to manipulate reality to some extent, especially within her prison Reality. She's unbelievably difficult to kill, to the extent that it's unknown if such a thing is even possible. Hadris and his associates have struggled for millennia to find out her weaknesses, and it seems that she may not have any at all.

|| - Writing Featured In (Newest to Oldest) - ||

you again