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The Toyhouse Traveler Has No Name! (It's Travis....Travis Lore. He just doesn't like saying it out loud.)




Anything! He's just a sweet, loving, adventurous guy.


Obviously, the ability to travel between dimensions.



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The ToyHouse Traveler's Journal

(Write the date, and write what our hero is up to here! Use my entry as an example! Feel free to write as much as you like, short or long. Doesn't matter. You are not allowed to erase anything you didn't write.)


I've set off on my journey. It'll be hard saying goodbye to all of my friends, but it will be worth it in the end. I don't know where the world will take me, but I'm sure I will have fun on the way. It may be tough, I may get hurt, I may find love, whatever the case...I will find myself.


I've arrived to SoraDeathEater's "realm" to be greeted by a few new faces. Some avoided me completely while others seem to cry at my presence. The sobbing one ended up being my friend after we had a mutual liking to animals! Her name was Luna. After playing with a turtle she showed me her special items and she had very neat armor! After that we talked for a while and soon I realized it was time for me to go! I do hope to see Luna and friends again! Who knows, maybe along the way I'll find some neat armor like Luna did! 9079460_TTqyAcUo2nCHZVt.png


I've traveled to Draen's Realm! It wasn't long until I was greeted by a strange... rock? Alien? Who gave me a tour around the place! Most seemed to avoid me, but a few waved. It felt like I was annoying my tour guide, but she made everything so interesting! She told me her name was Peridot (Explains the weird rock on her temple...), but everyone just referred to her as Peri. Once the tour was finished, however, I realized it was time to move on and continue my adventure! Maybe one day I'll come back and visit, but for now my journey continues!


I stayed for a few days in Mindspill City. It's a dark place, illuminated by neon lights. Some of the people there were scary, I have to admit, but they seemed friendly enough. I knew they wouldn't hurt me if I didn't provoke them.

I made friends with a slime girl named Rhys. (She's one of the less scary ones, from what I've seen of the City. And she's a traveler too! It was nice to talk to someone on their own adventure.) We had soda and parfaits at this old diner, then she showed me around. She brought me to an amusement park and we had our picture taken! After that, she showed me some abandoned buildings and other places she liked. It was exhausting, so I stayed with her to rest, but I had fun. When I was all good again, she sent me off with a kiss (she tastes like blueberry soda?) and some snacks for the road.

She's a good friend, and I hope to see her again. For now, the adventure continues!


I made it to ihasllamas' world! I came across a variety of inhabitants who were generally friendly towards me. However, there was one individual in particular I really clicked with. Her name is Fleuris and she's a traveler just like me! Not only that, she's a witch too! I've never met a witch before, so that was pretty exciting. She looked quite young in appearance, but she spoke quite maturely and her knowledge for flowers and plants knew no bounds. She was also pretty quiet, so I hope I didn't annoy her too much! She showed me the flowers she was caring for a gave me a few tips...or at least she tried too. She still had the physical stature of a child, so she couldn't exactly reach the top of the table. I ended up getting soaked. When it was almost time for me to go, I asked Fleuris why she hadn't used her magic on the plants. She seemed apprehensive at first, but then smiled. She told me if I stopped by again, she would show me. That got me eagered not only to visit again, but also for my next adventure! We said our goodbyes; I hope to see her again. But as always, the journey must continue, so onwards!


camping is its own pleasant solitude .... i only wish i had a bag bigger than a bindle. what's that people say? "be prepared" .... that being said, i'm a much better oarsman than i thought!


After my camping trip, I ended up getting lost in the woods for about a week. The experience was very daunting. I was supposed to meet up with someone in Lukitsune's world, but unfortunately my days wondering in the woods had left me very late for the meeting. I was supposed to stay there for a week but now with time to spare until my next meet up, I decided to return home. Mother...was...less than impressed. She expected me to be gone for a lot longer. Still, she made me a nice dinner. My good friends, Plauge & Pepper were there. While we ate, I told them stories from my travels. I explained to Plague about the turtled in SoraDeathEater's realm, and Pepper begged me to talk more about the strange rock people. I had a great time reminiscing. Though of course...I did leave out the part about kissing Rhys. If I had told them that, they would have never let me off the hook for that one. Anyway, the next morning I grabbed some leftover dessert and headed back out into the wild.


I woke up today, lying on cot in a warehouse surrounded by four people. One of them, a little girl who introduced herself as Wisteria, explained to me that her big sibling, Nox, had found me wandering around the outskirts of a city known as Redborne. She thought I was a hostile and, um, shot me with a tranquilizer. Nox huffed and said that they didn't see the ToyHouse symbol on my sweatshirt.

After I was caught up, Nox ended up being really nice! They explained that I'm in a weird realm run by a woman named Genome, and that her henchmen have their own weird powers - explaining why I was seen as a threat at first. But once the air was cleared, everything was really nice. Hyssler, this goofy middle-aged guy that could be my dad, taught me a few fighting moves just in case I need it. We sparred for a bit (I really underestimated him...) and then I made dinner with Clarence. It was really simple but really good! Then Clarence insisted I bunk with him for the night, and Hyssler invited me to stay. So, I guess I'll be staying here for a bit longer! Nox said they'll probably go into the city and scavenge for supplies, and that I could stay behind with Wisteria and help her clean up around the warehouse. She gave me a drawing too - I'll be keeping it here for safekeeping.

Oof, I wrote a lot. I still need to help with setting up security for the night and I'm gonna be busy for a couple of days. So, I think this journal won't see a new entry for a bit.


You know what they say about not worrying about time to go on an adventure. I remembered leaving before the sun rose up and went ahead on the road thinking where'll my next destination be?

My feet brought me to an aerial ship and before I knew it, I was suddenly above land! They seem to have passengers from various worlds that I do not know of, one of them even a talking elf with a big hood that conceals their face. Every now and then would the "captain" announce something in another language enthusiastically but I do admit that those days I had not gotten proper sleep seem to have taken a toll this time.

When I did woke up I saw forests (lots of it!), cities, and palaces. The "passenger" tapped my shoulder and introduced themselves as a guide and then led me to the exit. Turns out they were one of the tour guides and I wasn't the first visitor to have ever set afoot in their world. The guide I temporarily called "Rune" showed me the "capital" of their world's main country throughout the first few hours of the afternoon. Rune talked nonstop and I was getting lost in terms of terminologies haha! 

Some of the highlights of our day trip included: Rune taking me to a weapon shop and I was able to meet face-to face with a prince of the neighboring country. Being able to visit one of the two large Libraries in their world which they coin as the "Core" and almost getting lost at the fourth floor. But lastly before the sky grew dark- I caught glimpse on what seemed to be dragons taking flight in the sky. 

What felt like a long day was not comparable to indulging in these parts of the worlds I visit. Surely enough this adds again to another experience, another friend, and another beautiful memory. 

Rune had sent me off with souvenirs after we got into the weapon shop (right), the box shown in the left was a gift passed onto them by their captain. He'd joked that he would give more but my bag says so otherwise. They said it can change its size to even fit in my pockets if wished to-

The box was to act as a container from some sort of space pocket that would let me keep more than I intended. It was rather...light


Oh my god, that was a close call!

I found myself among a kingdom of shapeshifters with draconic forms. One—I didn’t quite grasp his name, something like Aearte—invited me to his palace. He looked almost like a kid, but he was ruling a kingdom! Can you believe that? 

He was very friendly, and we shared some pastries together, but not everyone was as welcoming as he was. It appeared that they didn’t trust humans, though I didn’t quite understand why. Most of them kept to themselves, but one insulted me every time I passed by, stating everything that was horrible about humans. But none of it was true!

Though I enjoyed the luxurious accommodations, Aearte hustled me out of the palace quickly, under the cover of night. While we walked, he told me that he heard of a plan to assassinate me. I don’t understand why I would be a target; after all, I’m not that special. But not being killed is better than being killed.


I've landed in a very mysterious new realm! The fog is very thick here, the houses all far apart, and it seems overall very difficult to navigate. However, I've found a place to stay! One of the places I stumbled across was a place called St. Skira's Home for Abandoned Children. When I knocked on the door, they happily gave me a place to live for a while! I wonder if they think I'm an orphan? Either way, it's very comfortable here, so I don't mind!

The children here are all very interesting! They seem very close, even a little suspicious of strangers, as they seem to avoid talking to me too much. But in spite of that, I've made a new friend! His name is Story! I accidentally ran into him while he was carrying some books to his room, and while I helped pick them up we sort of got talking! It appears that he doesn't have many friends, so I really hope we can get along. He took me to his room and showed me all his crystals and astronomy books. He confuses me sometimes with the things he says and how he talks, but some of those things are really insightful. What an interesting guy!


What an amazing day I've had! I've been getting to know Story some more, and after a while of talking I asked about the necklace he always wears. He seemed hesitant to talk about, but after a while told me the most amazing stuff! He's actually from Pluto, can you believe it?! And he's apart of the royal family, too! He told me all about how he found out who he was, what his twin and other siblings are like, how they found him, and all the adventures they had on Pluto!

All in all, I've had a great time here at St. Skira's! My new friend Story has been so kind to me, what with showing me around the place, talking to me and sharing his life's tale with me. He even introduced me to another kid who he says is like his little sister; her name is Madalaine! She seemed really excitable, but also really smart! She even showed me some of her favorite secret room and passages around the orphanage! They've been great friends to me, and I'm going to miss them a lot, even though it's time for the next big adventure.

Here's to another chapter of my adventure!


I met Friya today, and when I told her I hadn't seen How To Train Your Dragon she made me watch all of them with her. She was very intense about it, but a sweet person really! The films were so sad... I'm tearing up just thinking about it. She gave me all the books from the series, so that should keep me going for a while! Enjoying them so far! Watching everything took so long... I'm absolutely exhausted. Won't be able to write much more... I had lots of fun though! Hope I'll see Friya again, so I can return her books to her, and then we can talk about them!


Today I met a girl as festive as the season. She said her name is Noelle, and she has big paws and a striped coat! She also said she was a coatbean... I wonder what that is. Anyways, we celebrated the holidays, and had a great time! I wonder if I'll meet anybody before the year ends...? Regardless, onwards to the next adventure!


After the holidays, I have to admit I was exhausted. I did get to meet an... interesting person(?) in this realm. It was hard to look at them for too long, so I don't quite remember what they looked like perfectly, but they told me their name was Seraphim. We began talking, and it turns our they used to be a traveler, too! They seemed awfully shy, but simultaneously interested in me and what I had to say. We walked together for a long time, and eventually our legs couldn't carry us anymore. We were in a pretty empty area (a walking path that twisted around a pretty small lake) so we decided to take a short nap. When I woke up, feeling surprisingly refreshed for sleeping against the base of a tree, Seraphim was already up and getting ready to leave. I remember they turned back to me, knelt down, and told me, "Go, then, and you will see." Then, they left - I think. They might have also just vanished. Either way, I'm glad to have ended off the year with such a wholesome interaction. Here's to a whole new year of adventures!



New year, new places to explore!

Though I didn't have a set destination in mind, I still ended up lost and turned around but somehow found myself in a peculiar town called Rose Brook. I was met personally by the mayor of the town, but my guide of the town was quickly taken over by her more charming... brother? I guess. 

Along the way, we picked up a young girl, who Vio seemed to know personally. She was captivated by my tales and constantly budded in with questions. I didn't mind, it seemed like she didn't get around very often. The girl, Yellow Rose, or Goldie as she let me call her, also showed me around the lovely roses of the towns, of which there were many. I appreciated the more rustic charming houses, though the similarities seem out of place to me. Anouther thing which struck me as odd, Goldie asked if I planned on going anywhere, as it appeared newcomers could never leave and I was "Chosen to stay by the great Mother Rose," whatever that meant, but Vio was quick to assure me that I would find my way out, no problem. Hmmm...

After a nice dinner with Goldie and Vio, the young girl gave me a parting of a drawing, hug and teary eyes. Vio pointed me out of town. I set off, and when I reached the hill, I turned around for one last look, only to find the town gone! Was it all a dream?


I was lost for a week after what it seems to be a dream. Perhaps it was or maybe my head's not quite right. But everything is possible of course. And by the end of the week, a peculiar creature guided me to the my next adventure. For what it seems to be telepathy, it told me it's name was King Lily. It was so delicate with it's body made out of glass, yet it was so bouncy and full off life. What a wholesome creature! It didn't take much long for it to introduce their friends. One was a glass creature like it and one is a water.. person? It was bizarre to say atleast, They were very fun to venture with! Crossing the river, seeking ancient ruins and climbing the trees was satisfying. I hugged their friends and settle to the next destination. Lily tagged along as well

Now the next destination was more bizarre and surprising even with my knowledge that there are many diverse universe, There were many, many humanized (or anthro?) celestial objects. Like the stars, the moons, meteors, asteroids, even the planets! Though there aren't any blackholes or nebula to be found. But the people or Celestials here seems to be shocked at my present. Lily made the decision to hid me in a garden. Fortunately, a nice man who introduced himself as mr blue found and let him into his house. He was rather calm and delightful to be with. The blue man hears the words i say and answer the questions i ask. But his house... seems to be a bit quiet. Desolate if i have to be honest, even with all the funiture. I asked about it and he chuckled. He told me that his family works faraway from home and his wife hadn't come home yet for... 3 years! I wonder where she had gone. I would like to accompany him but i think i've stayed here a little too long. So i set farewell to him and wish for him to meet his wife again

But before i do leave this dimension, me and Lily decided to see the sunrise before leaving; as a last goodbye. It was a gorgeous scenary with all those stars twinkling and the tint of bright pinkish-red and denim blue. I shook Lily's spider-arm and hugged the little creature. I'll miss this little guy but it's time to go, as more adventure awaits!


This time I ended up in a strange and magnificent world, full of magic and mysteries. In fact, the biggest mystery that seems to be unsolved is how no one knows how the landmasses and continents float in the air! It’s surprisingly easy to travel between each continent, too. Everyone’s adapted really well to the skies; and there’s so many people that have wings or some magic ability so that they can float in the air too!

The first big place I ended up was somewhere called the Town of Uscea, which houses more different races and species of people in the smallest space! Kaipo, a local salvemaker, told me that it’s a popular port town in a neutral zone that’s easily reachable by all the kingdoms. Countless people come and go, and as such I ended up being scooped up by a friendly group of pirates.

The leader is Aleksey, who is really laid back and kinda lets his whole crew do what they want. He had us fly around most of the quieter continents, taking in the scenes. It was just like any other world, but we flew up and down in the skies instead of across the ocean. Because of all of the places we got to see and pass through, I ate more different foods in two weeks than I feel like I might’ve my entire life!

Our most amazing day, however, was passing through a remote area with many smaller floating islands. The sun was angled just right, and where water dribbled from the islands, there were rainbows just faintly appearing underneath! It was beautiful. I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life.

Sadly it was time for me to give my farewells, and Aleksey made me an honorary pirate! I got this striped cloth to show off on my arm in solidarity.



Today I've found myself in a city neighborhood. A young woman named Ardea introduced herself to me, and tried to show me around. I ended up getting a little too curious and wandered away into an alley.

 This weird girl nearly jumped me, but my newest friend Ardea blocked the way! Walking into alleyways might not have been the best strategy... Anyway, me, Ardea, and weird girl sat down and talked for a little bit. Weird girl-I mean, uh-Juno- isn't as mean as she seems. Maybe. I'm a little scared of her, to be honest. She carries a whip around and doesn't smile much.

Ardea's nice though. She cares a lot about people and is really kind! She told me all about her area, and even of a gang of burglars who lived nearby. Yeah, walking into that alley could've been a lot worse.

Later that afternoon, Ardea gave me some pie to take with me-and uh, then Juno stole it... Well, it's the thought that counts!


Ah! It was so fun coming here! I met this amazing person named Minty! She was super kind to me and we did a lot of things together! She took me where she worked, and it was honestly so cute and awesome that she helped out animals and rescued them! She was always so energetic about saving animals and it was really cool to see her light up when she was talking about them. When we got to Minty's place, she made us some food and showed me her pet bunny, Chubble! He was so cute and fluffy! His fur made him look fatter than what he really was. He was a pure white coat and he was absolutely soft! Appearently, Chubbles comes from the same batch of bunny babies as Minty's friend Rudi! I got to meet Rudi and he was so quiet and honestly adorable, even his bunny Mallow! I can't wait to come back here and talk with Minty and Rudi again and pet their bunnies. For now though, I think I've stayed for too long and I should really get going! Before I got going I drew a picture of Minty and Rudi and their bunnies.


I had a lot of fun being here, meeting new friends and playing with bunnies, but I think that it's time to go to a new place and make even more new friends! I can't wait to see where I go next! Bye Minty, Rudi, Chubble, and Mallow! Hope to see you again!


I found myself outside an oddly shaped building where I was greeted by someone who said their name was Alumina, apparently everyone who lives in this building is based on different chemical elements. After introducing me to some of her friends Magnolia and Stann, she started to tell me more about this world when this girl (who I later found out was called Sapphira) came out of nowhere and shoved a slice of lemon pie into my mouth. I was confused at first, but the pie was soooo good and she didn't seem that bad ...that is, until I told her I liked the pie because then she tried to kiss me! Thankfully Alumina was there to stop her before anything else happened, apparently this is something Sapphira does a lot. Anyway, I spent few days in Alumina's home before I had to leave, I even got a whole pie from Sapphira as an apology.


I arrived into a new realm, a grassy land. The land before me shook as I fell. I looked down to my hands and noticed that they weren't hands. They were paws? I looked around, my legs shaking as I tried to stnad. "Hello?" I called out. I don't think anyone noticed. "HELLO?" I tried again. A white cat.. human thing with blue gray stripes throughout her body. came to me. "Hi I'm Socks!" I said hello back and shook her paw. Man, I want to be human again.


I successfully arrived at the realm of the bennibows with my human hands intact (Man, I'm glad that I'm human again!), and stumbled across this purple, bennibow! She tells me that her name is Stella Bowe, and we hit it off instantly. After chatting for some time, she invited me to stay in her home. As we were walking there, a couple of people stopped by for autographs. I quickly realized that Stella, a.k.a Stellar, is a very famous pop singer! When we got to her house, she showed me to her "singing room", which contained a small stage and a singing booth! And the cool part is that I got to sing right on stage! Although, when I looked at Stellar, she seemed to be wincing a little. Hope my singing wasn't bad! Anyway, I had a great time with Stellar, but I think it's time to hit the road. I said goodbye to her, and set off to a new realm!


I spent the past couple off days hanging out with Lula and Hewa. We got to go into town and play with their friends. Lula ended up getting in trouble for coming out at day, I don't understand why though. They just wanted to play with the town and get some candy. The tall woman told Hewa to take me back, while she dealt with Lula. I was a little sad that our time was cut short, but Hewa did let me ride on its back on our way. I guess I feel a little better... I hope Lula's not in to much trouble.


Today was interesting, I've wandered into this very strange place, or rather nemisis's realm. It was just a very dark place, random voids pop up here and there at times. The ground was just smooth onyx, but not before long it transformed into clear blue skies and green grassy lands. Giant trees looms over me as I walk, I am instantly greeted by loud drumming. Very loud drumming. I think my ears were bleeding, it turns out that was Masuka. Please don't tell them I said that. They weren't too friendly, but they eventually warmed up to me. They showed me around, it turns out those voids lead to different mini worlds. I went through one of the smaller portals and immediately found myself in a world made of candy! There wasn't any one in sight I really saw until something moved towards me, was that a hot dog? It turned out to be a hot dog! Their name is hot dog and they look like a hot dog. They were actually a lot much nicer than Masuka. They offered me some sweets before hot dog started to show me around in the world. It was very well done, I may have left some holes in the trees.

Then I saw more people coming towards us. They waved frantically and welcomed me. There was a lizard boy, Jarvis who was really good with rubiks cubes, he could solve one in less than twenty seconds! He tried to teach me some basic algorithms, but I kept messing some of them up. But he said I'll get the hang of it. Then a boy appeared right in my face! His name is Nedare, It turns out he can turn invisible! Though he wasn't very nice, Jarvis convinced him to turn me invisible as well! It was cool until I realized I couldn't see myself either, but still cool! He then left, I am starting to wonder what does red stains on his clothes are... Then finally a satyress appeared, their name is Bo. She is very very energetic, but was shy at first. She taught me how to make cotton candy sculptures, which we then ate. All of us then ran throw candy rain! It tasted rather good too!

I spent a couple days exploring more of the mini worlds that it had in store. It was wonderful! Then everyone I met ( yep there was a lot more people than I expected) came to wave me off before I left. They gave me some food as a good bye and Nedare scared me right after. Well as nice as this stay was, I certainly would mind to explore more realms.


I arrived in a town built into the cliffs of a cove. The people there, who resembled large, six-limbed bats, didn't seem to want to speak to me, but some stared. I guess they don't see many humans around here?

After wandering through town for a while I was starting to get a little uncomfortable but I luckily met someone more curious. They asked what I was and told me that they call themselves apota. When I said that I'm a traveller aiming to see the world, their friend who hadn't spoken yet asked if I'd seen the funicular railway in a nearby town, Blantajr, and that I really should. They told me their name was Direke and offered to show me.

The view from the top of the railway was impressive but it was a little scary looking down to the bottom of the track!


After a nice nap I woke up in my new destination, and I was greeted by a sweet bird called  ᴍᴀʀɪᴏɴ (ʙɪʀᴅʏ) ! She showed me all around this interesting place, and introduced me to lots of new people. I met a blind girl named Wisteria that can only see ghosts, a girl that says she's training to be a witch (but needs a bit more practice... she accidentally turned her friend into a cat!) and I even met Rufino & Lyle , the mascots of a place called The Freebie Bin 2.0 ! It's a place where characters can find new homes <3 Before I left, Marion took me to a little cafe and we had scones and coffees. It was a very nice day <3


After some travels I found a portal, which nobody else seemed to notice. I entered and I arrived in a rather urban area: a town called Bakers Valley. I met a girl with a big scar on her chest. She was called Toxxie . Due to her I also met her brother, a renowned scientist within the town it seemed. He works at the so called "DMSE" (an Establishment for Experiments and Investigations). However, Toxxie and I avoided him as much as possible during my visit. Instead she showed me her pet guinea pig and some stray cats, which appeared to be oddly... conscious about everything. Almost as sentient as a human. Nonetheless. they had hats glued on their heads. Something is very strange about this place. Still; we had a lot of fun together and I listened to many different conspiracy theories. I am not convinced but it was fun either way.

On the day where I wanted to leave I accompanied the cats with hats a last time. They left me with one last gift before I left: a package of coffee. I don't know what it means but I will enjoy the coffee on my next journey; for sure. I left through a portal - within the DMSE building - which Toxxie led me to. She promised me to visit me sooner or later. Farewell Bakers Valley....



It took me a while, but I eventually ended up in this small town - if you could call it that - known as Salem Harbour. Most of the residents there seemed rather friendly. Seems like travellers are rather common in the area, mostly just passing through. I was ready to just pass on through myself, until I passed by a small hut outside the town, and a young girl outside tending to some kind of... garden? She noticed me though and called me over. Turns out her name was Wendy and well, she hadn't had the friendliest of welcomes like I had.

She started by asking me some questions, mainly about whether or not I had met a person known as Martie. Apparently the relationship between the two wasn't that great and he was the reason why she was living out here and not in the town. I tried to reason with her, as I hadn't met this man and wasn't going to judge him based upon her word, but she insisted that he wasn't worth the trouble. Oh well.

After that interrogation, she offered me something to eat and a place to rest. At first, I declined, but she insisted me to accept her hospitality. The food she had was nice though I found it to be sickeningly sweet. As for the place to rest... there was hardly any! With all the clutter around the house, I could barely sleep. Still, it was nice to just have a break.

Upon my departure, she gave me a small doll of... myself? I was a little confused, but she ensured that so long as the doll was with me I would be safe. Though I had many questions, I decided to just accept the doll anyway, thank her and continued on. Hopefully the next person won't be as... strange.


After I left Salem Harbour I almost got lost in the woods between realms again, but luckily I met two fellow travelers at a crossroads there! They, like me, could travel between worlds but seemingly for different purposes. How curious it is that people are so different yet similar at times! I was excited to talk to them and maybe hear about their journeys so I proposed we camp together. To my delight, the other two happily accepted. Elterin was mostly an explorer like me, though he seemed more interested in places than people, he asked me if I had found any nice hot springs during my travels and I told him sadly no, but I hadn't even thought to keep an eye out for them before! Roon was a merchant, and a very chatty one at that. He even offered to sell us some things! Elterin didn't need much convincing to buy several scarves, and I thought I might get some tea (since it seemed like it would be a waste not to get anything with the discount Roon offered). Maybe I can share it with friends I'll make in the future! Roon actually tried to sell me a backpack at first since they were concerned my bundle was too small bit I showed him the box Rune had given me previously and they were impressed! I thought it funny too how both their names sounded so similar. 

Roon and Elterin both seemed interested in hearing more of my travels so we stayed together a few more days and shared stories. It turned into a nice little camping trip, but we all had our separate ways to go so we parted yesterday, taking our different paths out of the woods. I walked for another day alone but I think I'm reaching the end of the trees, I can only wonder where I'll end up next! 


I've returned to civilization in one ofCrimson-Catalyst's many realms - and this one doesn't seem too different from home. The city streets are full of cars and buses while folks hurry about their business. Admittedly, it's a bit of a relief to recognize the scenery.

Puzzlingly, nobody has approached me like they usually do... not to be rude, but everyone here seems to be extras. Background characters, going about their lives. Seems kinda peaceful, admittedly.


I think I found him. I passed a young man today - about my age - perched on the edge of an archway feature, and the sound of my voice seemed to startle him from a deep reverie. His face nearly made me jump out of my boots (and I've seen some weird stuff thus far): deep, dark cracks feathered across his skin, almost as if he was made of damaged porcelain. His baleful gaze felt heavy, and I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I knew him, or should.

We held eye contact for a moment before he hesitantly asked if we had met. When I told him no, he seemed to let out a sigh of relief, only to tense up again when I offered my name in greeting. Through a great effort he told me his name was Mordecai, "probably," and I sat with him a while. He seemed to need it. I noticed, too, that as a few other people passed us by, their eyes skipped over his perch straight to me as if he wasn't there - he must be so lonely.

Mordecai asked me about my travels, and I obliged, recounting the different worlds I've traveled through over these past few months, and telling him about all the different kinds of people I've met. He was quiet, but his posture relaxed just a little, and the slightest smile flickered across his face once or twice.

He said something strange just before I departed. As I neared the end of retelling my most recent adventure with Elterin and Roon, Mordecai interrupted and told me, "you believe in the power of fables, don't you." He nodded resolutely in response to my confusion, fixing me with an ancient, tired stare so strong I was compelled to glance away. 

I asked what he meant, but when I looked back up, he was gone. I have a feeling our paths won't cross again. I hope someone else out there can see him, whoever he is.



It's been a long road, but I did reach my newest destination in the end.  What a journey it was though!  I arrived in the middle of a very overgrown forest full of species I'd never seen before, and was lost there for...well, I guess it couldn't have been any longer than a day.  The locals I met at first weren't particularly friendly, and I couldn't really find any cities amid all the bush.  It was honestly a little scary!

I did eventually meet someone nice though, and he helped show me around after I explained.  Turns out, the people in this world are wary of humans!  I don't quite understand it myself, but he explained how him and all the other people who had mutations were hunted down by people who don't have mutations.  I guess they thought I was one of the people hunting them?  Either way, the friendly boy took me to have some food and chat.  He went by Shade, I think, and he really liked hearing about my adventures!  I think he wished he could come with me, to be honest...he seemed pretty sad when I left.

I didn't stay's pretty cold in the forest wilderness at night (Shade is homeless so we both slept in a tree) and I didn't fancy that and more unfriendly run-ins.  I did promise Shade I would come back at some point though, and that I'd go meet his friends next time.  I hope he does okay...

Oh well.  Until next time!


I finally made my stop to a port city and decided to rest here for a little while. In a coffee shop, I met a wonderful waitress, and she was so kind to have sat down with me and talk to me about my travels. She seemed so impressed with how far I've been and the places I had been. Though, she seemed to be very attentive towards the television behind us at some point... There was something on the news channel about a break in? Or an attack?

I wasn't really sure what to make of it, but when I went to thank the wonderful woman for her service and her company, she was gone. She wasn't even behind the counter like she initially when I first came in. It was odd. But I decided to stay a little longer. I wanted to thank her personally, even if it meant waiting until she came back. After all, she was just so nice to me. So, I had turned to watch the news she had seemed very drawn to. The apparent attack, or break in, or whatever it is, was over and there was a heroine at the scene, taking care of the situation alongside her partner. Something about her voice was so familiar... I can't place my finger on it. It felt like I had just been talking to someone with such a similar voice.... could it be that woman?

No, that's silly! They must've just sounded familiar!

Anyways, when I finished up my snack and coffee, the waitress I had spoken to eariler had returned. I called her over and she apologized about having to "handle some buisness," to which I replied that she needn't apologize. She thanked me for my patience so I returned the favor by thanking her for her hospitality. After that, I left. It was getting late and I have more places to visit and more places to see! I hope the best for that kind woman! And I hope the best for this city!

Here's to hoping to find much more kind souls!


While in Grassy's world I at first thought I was in a world without intelligent life. The forest I found myself in was indeed gorgeous, but I was travelling to meet people and see their homes, not spend a week camping alone in the wilderness. A few days of spotting only distant wildlife and temporary lone campsites I was ready to leave. But I was surprised to see in the distance, a tiger cub. Warily I kept my distance, but once he began towards me I stilled. The tiger cub simply began to rub up against my legs, bright brown eyes sparkling ass he affectionately chuffed. Amused I indulged the tiger cub, cooing and scratching at his cheeks.

This was when a great force hit me in the side. Initially I had thought the mother to have attacked me, but I was surprised to see a woman. A fanged, snarling woman with tiger ears and a tail. The cub seemed to call her off, and eventually I explained myself. She took me back to her treehouse where she fed me jerky and other preserved foods. She explained that her and the tiger cub, Dusty were soul links, and explained the intricacies of being attached to someone in all ways but physical. Her name was Tania Mildew and I'm not sure how to describe her. A true wild woman I would say, capable of class and also prone to crass. She was, everything. Very entertaining.

She warmed up to me over the next week, toning down her insane behaviour to offer genuine smiles and cuddles. I felt bad knowing I would leave, she was all alone with Dusty in the woods. She seemed to crave human connection. Our time together was jovial, always fun and adventurous, she showed me the wonders of the forest I would have otherwise left untouched if not for her. We got close, to the point that she was tugging me around gently by my hand and curling up against my chest to sleep. It wasn't quite romantic, but we were close in whatever this was. 

She knew from the start I would leave one day, and when it was finally time-I had already spent longer than I usually do-I announced it would be our final day. Her face conflicted in many emotions and I thought for sure it would end in rage. But it didn't. It held some kind of forlorn sadness and acceptance, and she hugged me tightly, Dusty nuzzling into my ankles. We had a picnic behind the waterfall, watching the sunset through a wall of water crashing down. She clutched my hand and hugged me before I left. I left before I could see her heartbreaking tears again. I hope to meet someone wonderful next.


I spent some time in Papertsubaki's world but she was pretty unprepared for me. I got to see a lot about her weird characters and all of the games she made. I didn't get a chance to chat with her characters a whole lot but it's really cool to see all of these different realms. It's cool she makes games with the characters but it sucks that she's too busy to spend any more time with me. Oh well, I can't wait to see who else I'll meet! I'm sure they'll be great!


The next realm I materialized on started at a beach parking lot. As soon as my last atom reconfigured, the day's damp heat seeped under my clothes, slicked my hair, and slapped my poor, pretty face.

 You could say I was a bit overdressed for the season; yet Fashion™ must be upheld, so I deigned to walk toward the ocean in the hopes the coastal breeze would keep me from merging irreversibly to my sweater. Before the sandy dunes were even in sight, I found myself frozen to the spot as if ensnared by the sun itself. But no, it was a reflection, or a light so pale, so bitter cold it made absurd the June air. I spotted the source, aloft on a luxury hummer, framed so divinely by the clouds. Several pigeons in a sweater. Er at least, that's what I think it was. Its many beady eyes pierced through me as I made a hasty retreat. 

Its mocking coos nettled my back all the way to the water's edge where many natives of the realm had already laid claim to a patch of sandy bliss. One pair caught my attention immediately. I mean, how could they not when they were the center of a bodily void. The beach was packed toe to toe yet they retained a bubble of personal space that should have been impossible. No person dared cross this strange five foot threshold, even if they were merely on the move to another part of the beach. Instead the crowd circled around and away oh so carefully. 

Naturally, I went up to the ostracized pair and introduced myself. The muscled one with the gut who called himself Zaahir recruited me to help him build a sandy mermaid tail. The other... well, while not unfriendly, they did not respond to my greeting, and instead opted to eat any item they found around them from seaweed to bottle caps. While we constructed the fishy limb, Zaahir explained Florence was merely Like That

So we whiled away the afternoon until I became lightheaded and a thirst swelled inside of me like a violent tide. With a wistful smile Zaahir broke free of the mermaid blanket we had so carefully built together. He bid me farewell, pausing only once to remind me to put sunscreen on and drink plenty of water. What a dad thing to say.


Bright fluorescent lights on a white ceiling greeted me as I returned into consciousness. I looked at what was in front of me - all I could see are my body wrapped in a duvet up to my feet. I became aware to the presence of an intravenous drip secured to my hand by tape. To my horror, my suspicions were correct -- I was in a hospital. I looked around for someone who could tell me what happened, to no avail. There wasn't even a button to call for a nurse!

A petite lady wearing an oversized white coat entered my room and wordlessly smiled at me. Her skin was a deathly sallow and she had multiple surgical scars in her face. There was something in those bright blue eyes. She looked at the clipboard she held in one hand, and started to jot down some notes. 

The PA crackled into life, the canned sound of its dings prefacing a shrill and hurried voice. "To all Plastic Surgery registrars, please proceed to the basement."

"Kuso...", the green-haired doctor muttered as she begrudgingly marched to the door. 

I heard a sigh of relief as soon as she banged the door. That scared me. I'm sure that sigh didn't come from me.

"Is she gone?", I heard someone shyly ask. I couldn't tell where the voice was coming from.

"They probably heard that, right?" It was that shrill voice from the PA again. "Let's go to Dr. Paksamutt's office and check her stash of wigs! I'm pretty sure my hair should be there, somewhere."

Did they forget to end the broadcast? I don't remember hearing the second set of bells after the announcement from earlier.

"What happened to your hair, anyway?"

"I don't know, this place is called the World's Craziest Hospital for a reason! All I did was ask her when she'd actually teach us about plastic surgery, then she shaved me clean."

I immediately looked at the door of my room as soon as I heard the creak of a hinge. It didn't move in the slightest.

"You punks! Get these two and scalp the other kid,” the PA bellowed in a deep, robotic timbre.
"Doctor, I think we're still on — WAK! — broadcast."
A guttural, hoarse voice I could describe as someone with a tracheostomy from smoking too much yelled, "ZAMBAH ZMAZH!!" 

I thought something around me fell, since I heard a loud thud from overhead. Three dings with a few fizzes and pops, and then my room became silent, once again. sighed in relief. My door then opened to another petite figure, if slightly plump at the bottom, who appeared to be some kind of Asian. Her brown eyes widened upon seeing me, her face flushed.

“I’m soSORRY! ITHOUGHTYOU’REONEOFMYPATIENTS!” She unceremoniously slammed the door, and I could have SWORN that I heard a loud sob from outside. Curiosity got the better of me, and I got out of my comfortable bed, yanking out the IV drip that was once connected to my hand as I was making my way to the door. I did not even want to look at the blood I was pretty sure was gushing forth from the insertion site, and turned the door knob. The young doctor walked away as soon as I opened the door. 

Nurses dressed like runway models aggressively pushed trolleys down the hallway as rabid cats howling profanities alternating with bloodcurdling screams chased after them. One of the patients — as I surmised from the gown matching mine — swung a baseball bat at one of the doctors who walked past, and yelled, “HOME RUN!” while cheering loudly. A redheaded succubus was repeatedly hitting on a maid who was clearly not having any of it.

“Um, your hand is bleeding.” 

I looked to my side to find a deathly pale girl holding a teddy bear in her arms as though it were a baby. She held on to one of the bear’s arms with one hand and freed the other to wipe my hand clean and apply pressure against my wound with a cotton swab.

“Please be careful around here. This place is... crazy.” She bowed her head.

I smiled at her and thanked her for taking the time to show me some concern. 

A faint smile on her face, she hugged her teddy bear gently. “You might want to leave this place as soon as you can. You look good to go, so go straight ahead and look for a sign for the Transporter. I haven’t tried using that thing yet, so I can’t tell you for sure where it’ll take you.” Just as she bid me goodbye, a look of surprise spread on her face.

“Oh, one more thing. If you see a gigantic yellow duck in the premises, don’t pay him any mind and just RUN!”

I made a mad dash down the hallway, dodging pies thrown towards me from the other side, a stretcher with a medical intern attempting to perform CPR on a patient, and a few other sights I did not bother to stop and see as soon as I saw a massive yellow blob in the peripheries of my vision. 

As soon as I reached the very end of the corridor, I saw the sign for the Transporter. I paused for a few moments to catch my breath, and made my way to the right. It was a lonely room that seemed not to get much use, judging from how many cobwebs dangled from its ceiling. How could that be? I’d imagine anyone in their right mind would leave this place as soon as they enter it. On a dimly lit corner of the room was a pod that seemed to be just the right size for me. I entered its hatch and closed my eyes as I felt my body disintegrate into a million pieces...


I seem to have been slightly forgotten about... My current caregiver looks like they just kinda left for weeks on end. In the meantime, though, I felt it was ample time to travel around my new home!... But there wasn’t much to see. It all was sort of empty and run down.... I wonder what happened here? Maybe it’s best if I don’t ask. 

I tried to communicate with others who I saw, but they didn’t say anything back. As if they are just frozen forever in limbo, unable to think on their own anymore. I kinda feel bad for them... will this eventually happen to me too? I think I’m ready to leave this place....


I’ve traveled to a new world; with magic and monsters? All the sights were interesting enough, and the world was beautiful, but it was also so dangerous! I met Kasai Kaminari, a fire-magic user with an eyepatch. She was super hyper and couldn’t wait to show me around! I met her friends and teammates Aria Swan, Mujitsu Maiki, and Ender Snapdragon. Aria seemed a bit standoffish, but when she’s with Kasai, she’s a completely different person. Mujitsu is nice, if a bit quiet and shy. Ender struck me as the brooding type, but when we talked for a bit, he wasn’t as scary as I thought. Kasai showed me all over Zauberei, her world! I went to her mom’s invention shop, and they were all so cool! I really wanted to bring one home. Then we went to a monster-infested area and watched Kasai and her team beat up a bunch of monsters. I was in awe! Finally, we went to the Arena, where we saw tons of magic-users duke it out in a tournament! I sat next to Kasai and Mujitsu. Mujitsu wasn’t too interested, but his dad was in the tournament. Kasai was super into it and was talking the whole time. Overall, I had a blast! I hope I can visit this place again!


The first impression I got of this dimmension was, not the best, shall we say. It all started as I headed towards the city, which seemed to be celebrating something. The tall, I think glass, towers were stained blood-red by the sunset and fireworks hissed into the darkening sky. And then someone jumped me. A tall strangely green and yellow creature. Its large paws clamped over my mouth and I tried to scream. A thorn stabbed my leg and I blacked out. The next time I woke up another creature was looming over me, strangely grey hair tickling my face. A thankfully humanoid hand spooned some kind of soup between my lips, but I spat it out and glared around, struggling up. They apologized and explained they'd thought I was someone from the city. Turned out they aren't very nice. Ryder offered me the rest of the soup, and Polly (the girl who'd knocked me out), showed me around their underground village. We went and fished in a stream, I accidentally fell in. We had the fish for dinner and now it's time to sleep. Seems strange to be sleeping underground. They wove me a bracelet out of Polly and Ryder's hair, and tomorrow I'll move on.


As far as all the places I've traveled to go, I almost thought this one was pretty "normal" at the start. I found myself walking along the side of a road in the countryside when I saw a car, the first one I'd seen in a while! The car slowed down when the driver saw me, and out of the roof of the convertible I saw... a man with a skull for a face?! Sitting next to him was a quiet little girl with... a TV for a head. Okay! So maybe not such a normal place after all.

The man said they were traveling to the nearest town for supplies and offered me a ride. It turns out the nearest town was a city, a big one called South Rock! I was curious to learn more about my friendly helpers, but they weren't staying for long, and I was most interested in the city itself, so I went for a walk. All kinds of people lived here: humans, elves, ogres, snake people, basically anything you could name! Sometimes when I'm traveling I feel out of place, but I definitely blended right in with the crowd here.

As I walked down one of the bigger roads, looking at all the shops and restaurants I realized it had been a while since I had last eaten, but I wasn't sure where to go. While I stood on the sidewalk, pondering my choices, I heard music, and followed the sound to find a small crowd gathered around a tall and cool looking lady playing the guitar. Standing nearby her was a pale man with bat wings on his back, holding up an umbrella like a sun shade. When he saw me standing here, and looked me in the eye, I felt a weird shiver down my spine, but he just smiled, and handed me a little card. "Show tonight at the Rusted Flask, 9 o' clock. Come check us out," he said, flashing me a fangy grin.

I have to admit, I was a little bit intimidated by the guy, but I was interested in this show. The card had a few names on it, probably of different bands, and directions to the venue, and so that night, I asked for a little help navigating, and found my way there. I realized when I got there that I didn't have any money, but the winged guy from before saw me at the door and recognized me from earlier, and told the doorman to let me in.

The concert was in a little underground room, and it was dark and crowded and super loud! But, I think it was pretty good. Everyone in the band had a lot of fun on stage, and the crowd seemed to love them. I'm glad I got to go!


My next jump to a new place came a little sooner than I imagined. Very different from the noisy, bustling city I had just been in, I found myself in the hills on a field of flowers. Something about this place felt a little bit like the last, even if it was very different. I was surprised, but actually glad to have a little bit of a break after the last few places being kind of exhausting. I decided to lie down in the fields to rest.

I was napping, half-asleep, when I heard some singing and footsteps, and then a voice from right over me. "Careful there, someone might trip on you down there!"

I looked up to see a girl, maybe a bit younger than me, wearing a purple coat and two long pigtails. She introduced herself as Rhine, and asked what I was doing here. I didn't quite know how to explain that, or who I was. How many people understand what it's like to live between so many worlds? But, somehow, she seemed to understand perfectly. She invited me to sit with her a while, and told me about her own travels.

We spent the day and the evening just talking to one another, regaling each other of all the things we'd seen and the places we'd been. It hurt me when I realized that at some point I would have to leave, and I think she felt the same way too. But, she still spoke to me with a smile, and was genuine when she said she was glad she had met me, even if we might not see each other again.

She said that she wanted to give me something to remember her by, but she had very little to give. So instead, we wove flower crowns for each other, and placed them on each other's heads.

They may not last for long, but I'll cherish the memory long after these flowers have faded. I can't wait to see where the winds will take me next.



The place I wound up, someplace hard to describe! It was like a dimension with several mini dimensions branching off of it, but they can also coincide and even interact with each other when they feel like it! There were people of all ages here, both in terms of their knowledge of the world and of their actual ages! It was certainly an interesting place to be. Those who had been around for a while explained to me that the master of this main dimensional pocket wasn't here all that often, since they were quite busy with their own life. Well, that was alright! I was welcomed with open arms and hopped from world to world, exploring their stories and its intricacies.

Like this one--I was in a grassy world that was full of people and those "kemonomimis" (but in this one they were called chimaera). It was populated by kingdoms and factions, which were mainly split between the species. Reese was the one who was mainly showing me around, but I had to be careful not to get kidnapped by some random wagon, for they could've carted me into someplace for servitude, yikes! His story was still being fixed here and there, not quite sure on where it would steer, but the world is vibrant and full of life; I think it would soon have a good story to tell!

I also got to travel to a few modern cities. Some of them had people with special powers, while others did not. Both types were equally interesting to me! And in other worlds, they were more lush, and they had talking animals! It was strange but also cool. The last person(?) I talked to was a guy with a fish head, who said he didn't really have a world per se, but liked watching what was going on in the mini pockets. In a way, he was kind of like a dimensional traveller too!

I was here for a while longer than I thought, but just like many other times I'll be on my way again. I waved goodbye to these new friends I got to meet, and I hope to see them someday! Still, I would love to see my other old friends too! I wonder how they're doing right now...


Once again I appeared outside that oddly shaped building where the elements live, and Alumina was there again though thankfully not Sapphira. After finally finishing the explanation of this world she was giving me last time, we met with some more of her friends, their names were Titania and Lídia and they were both super nice, Titania took me an a sightseeing flight in Alumina's plane and Lídia and I listened to her music collection for ages, eventually though I had to leave but before I did I got another gift, this time from Alumina, it was a d20 that she said was lucky because it rolls a lot of 13's which are her favourite number.


1/20/20 - I must admit, I got a bit lost in RyuWarrior's domain. It's quite the mess! But a fun kind of mess. I got to meet a lot of different people and creatures, and they were able to help me find my way around. 

The first friend I ran into was Laeta. When I met him, I was wondering through a forest, getting a little worried at the seemingly endless amount of trees before and behind me. He didn't seem to be able to speak, so he wasn't able to give me directions, but all the apprehension I had about getting lost seemed to melt away when he was nearby. He followed me around for a bit demanding attention, and I was happy to oblige. 

Next, I ran into a very busy looking bird woman. I wasn't able to talk much with her, as she said she had to hurry off to deliver a letter to someone, but she was able to point me towards my next friend, Noam

Noam was really nice! He said that he was going to be a knight one day, and that he would do his honorable duty and guide me through this realm. We chatted a lot while we walked. He was fascinated by my adventures, so I shared a lot of my wonderful stories with him. In return, he told me his own stories of the adventures he'd gone on. From what I heard, I think he'll make a good knight. We eventually had to part when we reached the edge of a great sea. He gave me a fancy-looking ring that had a cool shield on it and said I could show it to people to find him if I ever returned. I felt a little bad not having anything that special to give him, but he seemed to really appreciate a little carving of a bird that I made in the forest and gave to him, so that's good. 

Once Noam left, I began putting together a boat. It took a while, but I got out onto the ocean. There wasn't much wind, so I had to try and paddle out. I managed for a while, but trying to propel myself got really tiring. Thankfully, Meyrl came to help! She was really strong, and she was able to pull my little boat with no trouble. She seemed really unfazed when I told her I was from another dimension; apparently, she's done some dimension-hopping herself. She told me all about her home planet, Sosleon, and how she's been dimension-traveling with a friend and ended up here for a while. Sosleon fascinated me; I might try to visit it sometime. Unfortunately, Meryl's friend said that they had to dimension-hop again, so she had to leave. She was worried about leaving me in the middle of the ocean, but I had already spotted another friend, so I assured her I was fine.

That other friend turned out to be Kora. She looked a little scary from afar, but up close she was quite pretty. She said she would grant me any wish I wanted. I wasn't really sure what to ask for; I've already seen and experienced so much! So I just wished for help getting to the end of the ocean. She seemed amused by my wish, but whisked me away to the shore. I barely had time to thank her before she had plunged under the water again.

From the shore, I wandered for a couple days before I found myself in a coastal town named Whitetooth. It had a lot of pirates and wizards in it! It was a trading town, so I was able to exchange little trinkets I'd made throughout my journey for more supplies. During one of these trading sessions, I met a friend named Dhaunae, although she told me to call her Dawn. I think she might have actually been trying to steal something from me when I met her, but she was really nice after that! (And I double checked; she didn't actually take anything of mine). She told me she was about to set sail for this place called Pearlvast as some sort of double agent. I wasn't sure exactly what that meant, but it seemed really cool! Since she was about to leave, we couldn't talk much, but she did give me a very useful map! Apparently, she made it herself. 

After getting Dawn's map, the trip was a lot easier. I followed a trail for a long time, and it seemed I was nearing the end of my journey here. Before I left, though, I ran into a very interesting creature. They didn't seem to have any pack or handler, but were very friendly. They even let me take a ride on them! I'm not sure how, but they're able to run through the sky! It was breathtaking, to be up so high and be able to look behind me at all I'd been through. I'm not sure, but I like to think I saw all my new friends way down there waving at me. I know I gave each one of them a wave!


After a while, i finally made it to the next place, it didnt take to long  to learn the name of this bustling city was named new fera. I looked around, the city was intimidatingly huge and i didn't know where to look first! I roamed around for a while, till i bumped into a rather tall man, with a horn on his head! He was a bit scary at first, but he is actually rather nice! We managed to get into conversation about the city, He said his name was peter, with him he had a little slime friend called shanna, who was definitely not intimidating like his friend. They then showed me around the city, apparently the city runs on something called "crystal energy" which i never thought would be a thing, but either way its awesome!

Today a robot attacked the city! It was awesome and horrifying at the same time. There was a huge fight and well we had to get out of there because well huge robot! We could see the fight from the safe place we were at. it lasted a while, never expected to see a huge robot fight in any of my travels. After all the chao's, we went to a the beach, we bumped into another one of peter's friend, a hyper snake gal named julieta. Who was playing volley ball with some other people,She invited us to play. We played for hours and my arms and head hurt from being hit so much by the ball, but it was still fun. We had a bon fire and everyone danced around it. We then left to rest up for the next day, which i definitely needed.

Me and my new friends a couple days later walked around town, checking out some of the shops, peter got in a bit in a conflict with someone because they got irritated he bumped into them, thankfully it didnt really go to far. Thankfully it didnt destroy the mood, there was a  also some people having some sort of party at the park, everyone seemed really happy, i dont like to assume, but i think they were high. but i didnt say that to anyone, didnt want to be rude! We spent most of the day messing around really, which was nice.

As much fun as ive had here, its my time to go, ive met so many kinds of people and ill miss them. Shanna gave me a little momento of our time together, a little crystal necklace, it gives off a weird, but nice feeling, it even glow's a little bit. we then said our goodbyes and then i was off to the next place


I have come acrossed another world! There doesn't seem to be too much. I have met a few strange creatures! They seem relatively nice and welcoming! The furry friends have been fun to spend time with! We played some games of tag and hide and seek! I was the best hider. I climbed a tree, no one could find me for hours! This visit was quite short. It was more of a play date. The light was running out and I could tell it was time to go. Off I went into the night, the animals waved a goodbye.


I found myself in quite a predicament. I was lost for a while when I suddenly woke up in a throne room in front of 9 people, who all turned out to be demons, and I was Hell. The Queen was quick to tell me that I wasn't dead or condemned or anything, thank goodness, and had allowed me to stay in their castle as a guest. She was quite a young queen, but a terrifying demon none the less. She assigned two of her demons to look after me during my stay, Florence and Akemi. They were nice enough despite being a little scary at first, and fighting often between them, but they gave me a tour of the castle! My favourite has to be the ballroom, I don't think I've ever seen a room that big before. They said the size is far bigger than a normal ballroom in a human world because of a demon's large size. The garden was very pretty too, Florence worked really hard on it, it even had plants I've never seen before. Apparently they are Hell exclusives. It became time for me to leave though. I was nervous having to tell the Queen that, but she seemed to understand (much to the surprise of her followers it looked like) and wished me luck on my next journey. Hopefully it isn't as nerve wracking as this one...


While wandering in a lovely, lush forest, I encountered a strange but very excitable shapeshifter named Scott. At first he disguised himself as a cyan fox, and using my curiosity to lead me a little ways off the path, revealed his true form, which is, more or less, human. Despite the blank eyes and permanent grin he was a real joy to be around, full of energy and enthusiasm, I almost felt like it was radiating onto me! But the strangest thing I found, he weighs about as much as a 5’8” balloon.. I didn’t believe him at first, but he leaped into my arms, and, oh! So he does! He proudly announced he was actually made of gas. It was definitely the best surprise out of the bunch. We sat down together, and talked for a little while, occasionally bothered by an insect or two. He told me about his friends, namely Toby, and I told him about all of the friends I’ve met on my adventures. With all of the fun that ensued, I forgot I had first encountered him as a poorly disguised cyan fox. 

As the sun set I realised I should probably be on my way. He was sad to see me go, but I ensured him I’d be alright and that I’d remember our afternoon. He lead me back to the path, we hugged and waved goodbye, and I set off on my next adventure.


My journey took a bit of a detour when I suddenly found myself scooped up in the tractor beam of a passing starship! It wasn't until the ship docked at an interstellar trading station that the door to the cargo hold I was in opened, and I was finally able to confront my abductors. Luckily for me, they were actually quite sweet and apologized profusely for accidentally taking me along on a joyride. Their ship was malfunctioning and in dire need of repair, but they promised to take me right back to earth as soon as the mechanic had patched things up.

Since I had time to kill, I decided to explore the rest of the station. As you might expect, there were all sorts of exotic looking aliens walking about, so you can imagine my curiosity when I ran into what seemed like a rather normal looking earth mouse at the food court. The mouse didn't say much, and I wasn't even sure they could understand me at first. But as soon as they caught a whiff of the cheese sandwich I had unwrapped for lunch, they were quick to offer me a guided tour of the local hot spots in exchange for a few bites.

We had a lot of fun hopping around the solar system and checking out all the sights, but eventually it was time to go back. I left them a couple of my sandwiches as thanks which they seem thrilled to accept. As I returned to the ship and prepared for the trip back to earth, I was practically buzzing in anticpation over what my next big adventure would be.


My most recent stop was on a planet called Silverdawn. I wasn't quite sure to expect of its inhabitants at first, but you can imagine my surprise when the first conversation I had was with a bird! It turns out the planet is populated entirely by animals (some being similar to those on Earth, others being unique), many of which are about as intelligent as myself. They were quite surprised to see me as they'd never seen a humanoid before. You'd think I'd be desensitized to the bizarreness of seeing worlds I don't consider normal by my standards due to how many I've encountered, but I can't help but marvel at each and every one of them.

The first inhabitant of the planet I met was a (very fluffy, very upbeat) phoenix called Tambora. He was quick to befriend me, after which he gave me a tour of the town he lived in and introduced me to some of his friends. One of his friends, another phoenix named Atlas, was less friendly. Once he had finally warmed up to me, though, he was excited to share the recent history of his planet! Apparently, there's currently some conflict between the Myna Kingdom and Tambora's group, the Pho Rebellion. It has something to do with the unethical use of magic on the Myna Kingdom's part, but I was having trouble following.

Another friend of Tambora's I had a chance to meet was the drake called Chiffon. I wasn't sure whether or not to trust him at first, as he seemed to be quite the sketchy character, but if Tambora—bundle of joy, one of the kindest souls I'd yet met—considered him a friend, I figured he was trustworthy, at least to an extent. As I learned, Chiffon is the ghost of a magic-user who lived long ago in this world. He still has access to his magic and was able to show us all some fascinating things he was able to do with it!

After that, I had brief interactions with some other members of the rebellion before I decided to prepare to move on to my next destination. However, before I had made my way, Tambora gave me a gift!


A scarf—made just for me by him! So thoughtful! It's quite similar to the one he wears, which I hadn't previously considered had been made by himself—I guess it came as a surprise to learn he was capable of knitting with those talons, which I now know is something he loves to do in his free time. The animals of Silverdawn are quite interesting creatures. Tambora was quite sad to see me leave, and we were both equally as upset that we hadn't gotten more time to get to know each other. Alas, I have more places to go, people to meet, and things to see! I can't wait to find out what's waiting for me on my next journey.


I've found myself in a lovely forest full of beautiful plants. While exploring the vast forest I happened upon a small spring in the denser parts. As i approached i noticed to figures in the water, they seemed to be playing. I was spotted by them and i caught their interest. They invited me over and to join them in the water. Although the water look very inviting i was initially hesitant to enter the water. I asked them what they were, as nicely as i could. To my surprise they understood me; which was good, I was worried there would be a language barrier. They told my they were Water Imps. Ceto was very Mischievous, but Waterfall was very calm and polite.

I stayed for a while, Playing and talking with the two water Imps. Although it got very late and it was time that i headed off to continue my journey.