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Name: Revel Alexander Arola
Called: Rev, "The Destroyer"
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (15 in AU)
Species: Human
Origin: Marquette, Michigan
Height: 5'5''
Build: Endomorph
Demeanor: Awkward
Ethnicity(s): Finnish
Headcanon VA: Pig (Tino Insana)
Theme: N/A

Revel is the first character seen during the Prologue and the revealed main antagonist of Tale of the Dankiglic.

During the events of Tale of the Dankiglic, he is one of the few notable characters who gets possessed by Hate. In Revel's case, it caused him to change into an Eronigo who's only purpose is to kill and destroy. He is first seen in the prologue, stuck in the bushes after he woke up from a supposed nightmare. Soon enough, he finds Carmen and she eventually defeats him. When Carmen leaves him be, he ends up being kidnapped by Sylas for reasons unknown. Revel is not seen for most of the story, but mentioned various times among the protagonists, however, they all know that Retro IS Revel. He turns back into his true form in the Void once Carmen corners him, ultimately fighting him for the fate of the entire timeline. In the first phase, he only has red eyes and then spits out fire, assuming he's still part Eronigo. In the second phase, he grows into this god like figure, sending out very powerful attacks at Carmen. In the third phase, he turns back into his normal form, only for the Hate Soul to escape his body in a very grotesque way and uses Revel's body as its heart and to possess him again when it loses health. In the fourth phase, it possessed Revel again, only to transform into this goopy, large, black soul figure with face that resembles Revel's. It sends out one of the strongest attacks in the story and will fill the timeline with Hate if Carmen dies. Hate is invincible in this state. In the final phase, it appears Hate is having an issue, and quickly starts dying. Carmen has her chance to kill it once and for all. In Revel's Story, it's revealed Revel was trying to fight back Kevin, making Hate vulnerable. Once Kevin/Hate dies, Revel turns back to normal, only to be severely weak. He feels really bad for hurting not only Carmen, his friends, and everyone, but himself. He even admits he acted really stupid while possessed and Revel was too weak to save himself from Hate while as Retro. He tells Carmen to reset to the Prologue and he later dies in the what is known as the First Timeline Void. In the new timeline, Carmen notices Revel remembers what happened and tries to stay by her when they leave.











  • Davin (as a friend)
  • Sleeping
  • Drawing
  • Cats
  • Eating
  • Hunting
  • Gore
  • Carmen (formerly)
  • His anxiety
  • Depression
  • School
  • No WiFi
  • Human Extinction

Revel is the middle child of 7. His older siblings are Roman, Tom, and Izzy. His younger siblings are Noah, Emily, and Paige. Revel is known to be the outcast of his siblings and most diverse. His normal life is pretty boring overall. He's not heavily into religion as his other 6 siblings. Revel has been diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 5, making him, Izzy, and Noah the only 3 to have a mental disorder of their family. Revel often went fishing with Davin and Eric back before Freshmen year started. The 3 drank out of a waterfall once that "purified" them. At the age of 7, his scar cam from being tagged by Tom and accidentally running into a tree, almost decapitating him. A year later, he needed to get braces, which he wears until he's 17. Everything is normal for Revel until 5th grade started. Carmen admits her crush on Revel, which causes Davin and Arty to tease both of them for a few days. He only became more afraid of her when she started to stalk him. Revel, worried, went to Davin's school for a week in 6th grade to feel a bit safer. He only grows closer to him. While not being gay himself, he felt an interest in men during that time. At around 7th grade, he is found outside having a panic attack as he claims he "saw" a large deer-thing (which in the TotD prologue he sees Cain). A few years later to TotD's prologue. Sylas ended up kidnapping him to see what Hate does to a human (since it varies depending on the species). He, however escapes Pannikuata with the help of Bavaria. He is, however, kidnapped again, only this time, he ended up injecting Hate into Revel, which transformed him into Retro. After escaping his chamber, Bavaria asks if he was alright. In response, Retro attacks him, which transferred Hate into Bavaria himself. After escaping Pannikuata once again, he is afraid of people seeing his new form, so he hides in an abandoned cabin in the woods (which is very neat inside) for about a year, escaping from society as whole and grew to like the wilderness more. This only led to starvation. Retro lost a ton of weight and strength at this point. He is found by Carmen, Davin, and Logan and tries to help him out until he attacks Davin. In modern day, Revel is still heavily depressed after his attempt at world domination with no self control and is finishing Junior year with Davin hating him.


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