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A quick hub for all my OCs and general interaction info. Find them on Refsheet if you want more details. Some are also on my TH profile, but I'm still working on that...

Gallery is sorted by how much inspiration I have for them at the moment, but anybody is fair game if they seem interesting to you.

I'm usually down for RPing, headcanoning, etc. I prefer stuff in this order, but I'm down for anything on this list:

  • Art rps
  • Script rps
  • Random interaction artwork
  • Prose rps
  • Headcanons
  • Ships-only
For not-art rps, I might be prone to throwing in sketches or icons anyway. Don't feel like you have to do the same in return!

A few characters are underage in their main canon, but everyone has an AU that's at least 18 lying around somewhere, in case that's a thing you're worried about. (Only true for my core cast, some of the more obscure guys on Refsheet might not)

Nearly everyone in my core cast has at least one ship in some AU or another, so you'll have to allow multiship if ya wanna ship with em (see Ship Info tab for details). Most of my adopted or closed species OCs are single, however, but most of em aren't listed on this page.

DM me on Discord if interested in interacting~ (enchantedpencil#9768)