Anatoly Cherkesov



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Obtained: Original Design
Status: Active; Tertiary
Worth: $50
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Creator: Impcrossing
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Clever • Melancholy • Guarded
NameAnatoly CherkesovBirthdateFebruary 5th.
Nicknames/Alias"The Lunar Hare"ZodiacAquarius, Rabbit
Age3062, appears 38.EthnicityHan Chinese, Russian.
GenderMale (He/They)OrientationDemiromantic Pansexual
SpeciesTome DemonOccupationDependent on his summoner.
AlignmentChaotic GoodMBTIINFP

    As a creation of the Kingsbury Gihon, representative of knowledge and the arcane, that Anatoly's book would become his cage was fitting for someone such as him. Like all tome demons, Anatoly's existence in this dimension relies on the activation of his tome, something that can only be accomplished through contracts with mortals. While the book itself has existed on earth for thousands of years, the passage of time for its' demonic inhabitant was incalculable, Anatoly's existence blurring together between long periods of inactivity and almost manic episodes of consciousness. When he wasn't walking among man at the behest of his summoner, Anatoly spent his time diving deep into the wealth of human knowledge all Tome Demons carry within themselves. Their link to Gihon is similar to a hive mind, each independent acquisition of knowledge is relayed back to them almost telepathically, and each Tome Demon may access the knowledge which their kinsmen have acquired over the eons.  

    However, a wealth of knowledge changes a man. Especially when dealing with such subjects as catalogued by those preceding modern history. While Anatoly buried himself within ancient texts of magic and bestiaries filled with creatures long since extinct, he found himself losing his grip on who he was as a person. It soon became apparent that he was merely a vessel, existing as a medium between the needs of his summoner the secrets squirreled away by his kin. Unnerved by this realization, Anatoly began a desperate search for identity within the confines of his book, unable to experience the outside world and its' people. Summoner came and went, but in the end he would be sentenced back to his solitary existence, the circumstances of his release outside of his control. This drove him to double his efforts in the study of magical theory, something which after centuries of practice finally provided him with the outcome he sought: a chance to interact with the outside. Anatoly would concentrate this new found ability to bring his book across time and space, where he would end up the farthest thing from his mind..

    Anatoly's specialty lies in knowledge of the stars and other celestial bodies, thusly his magic abilities deal with space and the fabric of human reality. Due to centuries of magical study, using the same force that allows him travel from his tome Anatoly can similarly create tears in the fabric of reality. He may move through these tears, but they require great magical effort on his part and for this reason rarely used. More often they can be used as one would a window, communicating with whoever happens to be on the other side. He is also capable of manipulating small areas of space much like a miniature black hole, the location in which objects consumed end up being the interior of his tome.

    Ability wise, Ala Al-Din is skilledwomp womp

    As to be expected of a demon, Ala Al-Din's existence is marked by a specific type of loneliness only those as old as he is can experience. Despite what has been taken from him, he is a compassionate man with a heart still yet gentle enough for empathy. He values emotional bonds, and honors bonds of duty, traits that have made him into quite the popular figure in his homeworld of Seraphon. However the masses remain ignorant of the damage done to him, the fragility of his being, the memories that hound him within his sleep. In reality, Ala-Al-Din suffers from PTSD and a chronic depression due to his earlier life. Because of this and his political upbringing, Ala-Al-Din is quite a private man. Reserved and soft-spoken when not tasked with decisions of great importance, he yields quickly to the demands of those he loves, and seeks physical constant affection from his lovers. A grounding mechanism, no doubt.

    They struggle with the handling of negative emotions, and are easily overwhelmed by memories of their past. Grapples with the deep sense of survivor's guilt, and if given the chance he will run from his emotions rather then understanding them as they are. Flighty and fickle in matters of the heart, his patron animal represents him well. In regards to fellow Seraphonians and Kingsbury, he sees himself merely as a vessel through which others might find the solace he has not, this having resulted in Al seeing himself with no small degree of apathy. Despite this, Ala-Al-Din carries a convincingly cheerful disposition, wary of letting others in. He is passionate to the point of being intense, open in his expressions and somewhat blunt when asked of the problems of others. Incredibly romantic with an aesthetic interest in all things beautiful. He has no problem bending the limits of morality in order to secure his peoples' well-being, this a result of his years campaigning. Has a deep appreciation for culture and the arts.

    Ala Al-Din is a tall yet unimposing man. He seems to carry an air of dignity without appearing overbearing or arrogant. His posture is proud, with shoulders drawn back and spine straight, however the way he gesticulates brings to mind the perfect picture of a content cat. Ala Al-Din has dark skin and a trapezoidal figure, with six arms, slender limbs, and long fingers. His hair is black in color, worn in thick dreads that extend down just past the small of his back. Two sections of dreads frame his face and end just below his pectoral, the ends of each lock capped in elaborate gold. The right side of his face is partially covered by bangs, a dramatic wave before ending tucked behind his ear. His eyes are deep-set and hooded, with a defined brow and thick tapered black eyebrows. Eyes are a light cream in color, and he typically wears makeup, winged eyeliner, black in color with a gold accent. He has straight nose with a somewhat boxy tip, sharp.

    His cupid's bow is well-defined, and he has a thicker bottom lip then top. On occasions, he wears a dark lipstick, this he usually keeps close on his person. As for jewelry, he sports an eyebrow piercing through his left eyebrow, and wears elaborate earrings. Two standard lobe piercings, one in each ear. These are adorned with long, hanging earrings. Each a cylinder of ivory carved hollow with elaborate patterns, capped in gold. He also has two upper lobe piercings and two helix. Each upper lobe piercing is marked by a gold stud which connects to a thin golden chain connecting to their respective helix piercing. As for wardrobe, when in the mortal world he commonly wears a suit. A well-tailored thing, dark black in color with almost unnoticeable lighter black pinstripes. Not bright enough to look gaudy, and thin enough to look sophisticated while only visible in certain types of light.

    They do not extend onto the lapels, which are peak in shape and a lighter shade of black. On the tips of each lapel, small golden skull-shaped buttons, these same skull adornments can also be found on the cuff links of his undershirt. The shoulders of the suit are padded, giving him a sharper appearance, with a tapered waist and two vents. His left breast pocket is marked by a white flap pocket. From this pocket is affixed a small gold chain which peaks out slightly from the pocket, ending in a cylindrical tube of dark black lipstick tucked away in his breast pocket. Ala Al-Din's undershirt is white in color, with a point collar. He wears a thin black bowtie. The pants bear the same subtle pinstripes and are slim fit, flattering to his form. Shoes are made of polished black leather, cap toe balmorals, lace-up. (6'3", 172Ibs.)

Sweetheart cake, lotus seed paste, mooncakes, Choujiu, Winter, snowy weather, 
WIPCandy corn, 
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