Anatoly Cherkesov



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Obtained: Original Design
Status: Active; Tertiary
Worth: $50
Notes: N/A
Creator: Impcrossing
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Clever • Melancholy • Guarded
NameAnatoly CherkesovBirthdateFebruary 5th.
Nicknames/Alias"The Lunar Hare"ZodiacAquarius, Rabbit
Age3062, appears 38.EthnicityHan Chinese, Russian.
GenderMale (He/They)OrientationDemiromantic Pansexual
SpeciesTome DemonOccupationDependent on his summoner.
AlignmentChaotic GoodMBTIINFP

    As a creation of the Kingsbury Gihon, representative of knowledge and the arcane, that Anatoly's book would become his cage was fitting for someone such as him. Like all tome demons, Anatoly's existence in this dimension relies on the activation of his tome, something that can only be accomplished through contracts with mortals. While the book itself has existed on earth for thousands of years, the passage of time for its' demonic inhabitant was incalculable, Anatoly's existence blurring together between long periods of inactivity and almost manic episodes of consciousness. When he wasn't walking among man at the behest of his summoner, Anatoly spent his time diving deep into the wealth of human knowledge all Tome Demons carry within themselves. Their link to Gihon is similar to a hive mind, each independent acquisition of knowledge is relayed back to them almost telepathically, and each Tome Demon may access the knowledge which their kinsmen have acquired over the eons.  

    However, a wealth of knowledge changes a man. Especially when dealing with such subjects as catalogued by those preceding modern history. While Anatoly buried himself within ancient texts of magic and bestiaries filled with creatures long since extinct, he found himself losing his grip on who he was as a person. It soon became apparent that he was merely a vessel, existing as a medium between the needs of his summoner the secrets squirreled away by his kin. Unnerved by this realization, Anatoly began a desperate search for identity within the confines of his book, unable to experience the outside world and its' people. Summoner came and went, but in the end he would be sentenced back to his solitary existence, the circumstances of his release outside of his control. This drove him to double his efforts in the study of magical theory, something which after centuries of practice finally provided him with the outcome he sought: a chance to interact with the outside. Anatoly would concentrate this new found ability to bring his book across time and space, where he would end up the farthest thing from his mind..

    Anatoly's specialty lies in knowledge of the stars and other celestial bodies, thusly his magic abilities deal with space and the fabric of human reality. Due to centuries of magical study, using the same force that allows him travel from his tome Anatoly can similarly create tears in the fabric of reality. He may move through these tears, but they require great magical effort on his part and for this reason rarely used. More often they can be used as one would a window, communicating with whoever happens to be on the other side. He is also capable of manipulating small areas of space much like a miniature black hole, the location in which objects consumed end up being the interior of his tome.







Sweetheart cake, lotus seed paste, mooncakes, Choujiu, Winter, snowy weather, 
WIPCandy corn, 
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