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1 year, 5 months ago


Eli's Character Directory

After years of using a bulletin for my character directory, it's time for a new approach: a large directory that has all of my characters, a few of their stats, their immediate and larger groupings, and a brief summary and who they are. Hopefully, this will give people a better image of who my 115+ characters are and what their story is!

Every character is presented with their name, basic statistics, about two paragraphs of info, their icon, a link to their profile, their profile word count, and their profile completion status. Above that, they are divided by either general friend group or the same theme, which also places the OCs within that group into a context. Lastly, there's the large category per page, which is usually a faction, a story, or a species.

Because I have decided to already upload some of these without completing them all, a lot of what you'll see will be a WIP. Bear with me as I type up the character and group descriptions!

Complete Character Lists
  • Full character list - Unfinished
  • Profile stats and progress list - Unfinished