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∙ The Guild ∙

The Guild is a relatively young organisation located in the northwestern lands of Kestane, bordering the Demonic Mainlands. Originally thieves, they swiftly grew into a strong organisation that not only left a mark on their lands, but that also seized political control over a small region and over their seventy active years forcefully gained possession of a large chunk of land.

Joining is easy and free, but many people can't pay for their training over the years and fall into debts they have to work for years later to get to pay them off correctly. Many of its new trainees are younger people who are recruited by people all over the continent, even overseas. The Guild's entry level is low, but keeps increasing the longer trainees are in and they become incapable of leaving. Its principles include a zero tolerance for almost all types of magic, a strong persecution of any type of slavery, and an appeal to create unity amongst Northerners.

Their hatred for magic as well as the fact that they kidnapped a prominent member of the Royal Bloodland College has made them mortal enemies of the learning institution, and as a result of the Bloodlands. Their pivotal strategic location as a barrier between the dragons and many demon lands is the only reason no full on war has been possible between the Guild and the College, but individual and small scale attacks on each other aren't unheard of. A lot of blood has been spilled in this petty conflict.

The Main Guys

What started out as a good fifteen friends in the navy evolved into those same friends being transferred to the mainlands due to overpopulation and eventually split off A and Wes when they met Garry there and the three became a much closer clique for the rest of their Guild training. Ever since, they have been inseparable as friends, but physically they currently couldn't be apart any further. With Wes regularly travelling for war, A working as the guard of a high ranking political figure, and Garry working as an archery instructor for new Guild trainees, they don't get a lot of time amongst each other anymore.

Frustration over not just their separation, but also its individual members' willingness to be so separated have slowly been rising, and it's noticeable amongst its members that they crave more closeness from each other than they are currently getting, even if they have a hard time letting each other know. It's about time they talked among each other to resolve their social issues.

Garry Shilling

Male | Young adult | Archery instructor, Guild mercenary | Gay

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Garry is an archer who works for the Kestane Guild as a low ranking soldier, mostly taking on jobs that deal with guarding duty and teaching younger members the basics and more advanced techniques of archery. He only finished his trainig a few years ago, and is now building up experience.

Though he was once excited about his position, the death of a close friend and the way the Guild handled his involvement got him to pose questions about what its true intentions are. He keeps his mistrust to himself as his friends wouldn't be excited to hear it and he wouldn't leave behind these tight friendships he built up.

He stands before a large choice: leave the Guild and all his friends behind with the threat of persecution, or stay there and risk seeing his friends leave him.


Male | Young adult | Guild mercenary | Straight

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Male | Adult | Guild mercenary | Ace

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After the untimely death of his single mother, Wes and his older sister had to look after their many siblings alone. Wes conscripted into the Guild after being offered enough money for his family to survive, and to fulfil his wish to be a hero both to his family and his country. He wanted to fight for what was good.

He never backed away from the war, even had to be kept back a few years by his friends before he finally went. He's gone to a war three times in his life now, but was lucky enough to never encounter traumatising situations. His luck may just run out one day.

Archery Buds

Archery may be a less popular weapon specialisation for young Guild trainees to pick, but thanks to its niche you'll also meet interesting people similar to yourself during your training sessions. Training under Garry Shilling are several archery students, and among them Levi and Sane built up a solid friendship based on their mutual interest. Originally Sane's crushing led him to approach Levi, and although no confessions were made the two started a nice friendship.


Male | Adolescent | Guild trainee, archery student | Bi

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Sane Marcera

Male | Adolescent | Guild trainee, archery student | Gay

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Tanu Altari

Male | Adult | High ranking Guild member | Straight

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The only son of the Maston-Altari family, Tanu is the youngest of the four children and one of the most promising ones. Perhaps because of the favouritism from his mother, he's a capable fighter and a physical force not to be reckoned with even when unarmed. He's a mountain and can break through anything by sheer power.

His physique isn't everything, though, as he has been plagued by excruciating migraines around the clock for years now. Despite his power, he became sheltered and now even requires supervision from guards to keep him safe in his down periods. After so much time, he doesn't think there's a cure anymore.

Helena Maston

Female | Adult | Guild political official | Straight

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Helena serves as the matriarch of the Maston-Altari family, holding the most political power and strength in the household. She's a proud mother, always having opted to train her children to become capable fighters and members of the Guild, but she is also remorseless enough to banish one of her daughters for conflicting with the Guild's morals.

She has a favour for Tanu and Myrthe, hoping to make them her star warriors. Regardless, she isn't neglectful of her other children, but she is colder and more apathetic towards them.

Rovares Altari

Male | Adult | Guild political official | Straight

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Myrthene Maston

Female | Adult | High ranking Guild member | Straight

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Emara Maston

Female | Adult | High ranking Guild member | Straight

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La Resistance

Where every organisation needs its defenders, these three stand at the top of the ranking of most effective defenders. Originally started out by Sameri as a personal vendetta against all copycat organisations that only harmed the Guild's image and weakened its position, experience and friendship built this resistance out into a large group of people who systematically tracked down every Guild imitator and took them down one by one through bloody violence and cunning.

The resistance was so effective it strengthened the Guild's position and quelled nearly all imitator organisations. A lack of new targets led to Sameri and his friends splitting away from the main resistance and looking for more delicate work in the east, effectively changing their target from Guild imitators to the College.

Sameri Ennar

Male | Adult | Rebellion leader | Gay

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Sameri is a Guild rebel whose goal is to take down enemies of the Guild and recruit as many potential allies in the process. In his time he stood at the base of a large organisation that searched and destroyed Guild imitators, and he's been successful in this quest.

These days, he operates with closer friends instead of large organisations to find potentially dangerous individuals and take them out before they can cause any harm.

Desi Lamarck

Male | Adult | Rebellion accomplice, leatherworker | Bi

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Desi has always been involved in averse slavery culture; first as a leatherworker, then as a spy among slavers, and lastly as a force actively opposing it. After he suffered treason by a young slaver he was working together with to destroy slavery in his area and the organisation falling, he was found by Sameri, who recruited him to work for the Guild instead.

Like Magali, Desi isn't a Guild member either, but his involvement in dismantling oppressive structures made him an honorary member. He knows higher-up culture through and through, offering a valuable insight to anyone opposing them and easily infiltrating any structures if necessary. His knowledge is pivotal to the group's mission.

Magali Arana

Female | Young adult | Blademaster, rebellion accomplice | Bi

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Not strictly a Guild member, Magali has assisted the Guild so often that she might as well be one. As a younger girl she ended up assisting Sameri and Desi, and as she grew into adulthood she just kept up her assistance. She branched off to become a blademaster and hone her combat skills, and now she's back together with the gang!

She's been a strong leading force along with Sameri and Desi, attesting of her potential as a future leader herself. Only amplified after becoming a blademaster, she aims for greatness and often gets the opportunity from Sameri to act upon this goal under the safety of his supervision.

Thieving Duo

Some join the Guild for a combat training, others join it to fight in the war, and yet others try to find a stable income there. Then you have the type of person that joins because the Guild condones its members stealing lots and lots of stuff from the enemy and trespassing wherever humanly possible. Kia and Olivier are thrill seekers, having started out young but eventually growing the crime into their only way to find their proper thrill anymore. They joined the Guild to indulge on that habit, and they are constantly challenging each other to be the best at what they're doing.

They may be an asset to the Guild in terms of sneaking and infiltration capacity, but like with anything in the Guild, pay is bad and debts are worse. When you hire two slippery and discreet lowlifes who will resort to sneaking around the place without being caught to get their thrill, don't be surprised when they're unhappy with their pay and start escorting the people who want out to the border for a good price behind your back.

Kia Lybeck

Female | Adult | Guild mercenary | Straight

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Kia's the one who started this whole ordeal, always challenging Olivier from a young age and fulling him into her shenanigans. She's an impulsive and highly active woman whose strengths in infiltration and thieving come from her iron nerves and her ability to laugh in the face of danger. On the downside, she has a tendency to rush into things.

She was also the one who got fed up with the Guild and who started selling tickets out of there. She won over Olivier and still takes a great amount of pride in her work. She's shooting straight for her goal, not looking behind or around her trail on her way there.

Olivier Dunner

Male | Adult | Guild mercenary | Straight

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Olivier is the milder of the two, but he should not be underestimated. Somewhere between a stubbornness that led to lifelong rivalry and a burning passion to surpass Kia and gain admiration from peers, Olivier is the driven thinking force behind the duo.

It's not unseen for him to keep Kia back, prompting her to think twice about her lack of plans and him making the effort to come up with something on the spot right then and there. He's a persistent man who'll fight just as hard to get to the top, even if he follows behind right before he strikes.


One of the downsides of an organisation that bans a majority of magic use is that it becomes much harder to track down infiltrating mages, as that tracking process requires magic in and off itself. The solution? A mutually beneficial cooperation between the Guild and investigative mages who track down and persecute any mages they can find in Kestane and the surrounding lands the Guild operates in.

The fact that these are mages already causes suspicion, so these are some of the most heavily regulated employees of the Guild yet. No mages can work without the supervision of another Guild member, and so far this cooperation has proven to be quite fruitful in sniffing out and ending the lives of mages who simply do not belong in a sophisticated country. The only question is what will happen to these investigators should the Guild succeed in extending its policies to the rest of the world.

Svea Koper

Female | Adult | Magic investigator

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Svea is the main mage behind this group, doing a large part of the thinking and interrogating when needed.

Meriacre Valencia

Male | Adult | Magic investigator

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