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Hailing from another universe, Victoria was brought into the main universe after crossing paths with the universe walker, Ophelia. Her universe was a harsh, hopeless land ruled over by an unknown being who had taken over by power. Victoria fought her best against the mysterious force, but it kept getting more and more pointless. She reminded Ophelia of a friend she had met previously, Vincent Vangoat, and this lead to Ophelia deciding to give her a ride to a better world. Little did Ophelia know that Victoria was her universe's equivalent of Vincent Vangoat. It should be interesting if the two meet. Thankfully unlike time travel, that is not going to do any harm.

Victoria found her place in this new world rather quick, surprisingly a world that isn't in constant hell was something she could make the best of! However, years of living in a hellhole as she did, she didn't get out entirely scot free. She's got anger issues, and in her short stay, has already beaten down a few people. They were all trying to harm others, and when she sees that it has her recall memories of a world where people would constantly screw each other over in the name of survival. Here though? There was no need for robbing, assaulting and beating others for no reason. She steps in and won't let this fly in her new home. Though, one thing she didn't lose in her transit to a new universe is her fighting style. She'll look about for any sort of item that can be a weapon, and use that. Failing anything, she'll use her fists, as well as a goat's secret weapon, a headbutt. She can't quite control herself when she's vexed and fighting against these wrongdoers, and tends to overdo it if she isn't brought back to reality by anyone standing by.

It luckily doesn't take much to get her out of it, so those she have fought were not killed, nor too savagely beaten, but just enough to learn that maybe crime doesn't pay, and are soon met by police to arrest them, while Victoria has already made her way along. She means well, but that isn't enough to avoid arrest.