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Aelin, the Lost Daughter

name Aelin Dayilhin
alias Fair, Fate, Silver Woman, the.
age 33
gender Female
height 15.3hh
orientation Heterosexual
species Equine / Fae (Appaloosa X)
location Wandering Alanaris

Once, there was a silver mare who dwelled upon the fringes of society. A young woman of the wilderness, hardened by the road and walking upon calloused soles. She thrived among the trees and slept beneath the stars, but her heart was so open, so kind, that she never met a stranger. Aelin lived a carefree life beneath the subdued weight of insecurity, trapped in the gaping hole ripped in her by the loss of her family. But oh, how she thought it was contentment—to be alone within the woods and the thicket, to want for nothing, to be ensnared in the web of forced smiles.

That was before fate reached out, grasped the pegasus by her cerulean wings, and dusted the gold thread of destiny in blue stardust.

That was before she was made a queen, a lover, a friend. And above all, the mother of a child that she would inevitably lose—that was before she knew what happiness truly was, and what it was to lose it all over again.

educated ignorant
empathetic logical
organised messy
honest insincere

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