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Basic Info


Grem2 (Closed species by MrGremble)




Ridge + Royal


Prehensile + Tuft + Brush



"Some call me 'the bad guy', but I like to think of myself as more of a 'negotiator'."

Name: Thresh
Nicknames: "The Negotiator", "The Reaper", Thresher, meanie
Gender: None (Identifies as male)
Age: Young adult/adult
Height: Tall
Weight: Fitting for his height
Body Build: Muscular, athletic
Residence: Unknown
Intended Occupation when Ordered: Bodyguard for an important CEO
Current Occupation: Partakes in criminal underground business via Snaz's company as an enforcer/debt collector

Personality Traits:
-Strong (and proud of it)
-Professionally trained in combat and tactical approach
-Natural leader
-Somewhat insensitive
-Slight disregard of rules

Likes: Hanging out at bars, loud music, opportunities to brawl, strength-based exercise/sports, adrenaline-rushed activities, being admired/intimidating, unserious flirting

Dislikes: Boredom, waiting, being outsmarted, losing fights/competitions, party poopers, sickleningly cute things

With his massive build and tall, dark stature, not many people dare to get on Thresh's bad side. He was originally hired as a bodyguard for a powerful CEO, and although he received highly professional training for this(the combat-related aspects of which he greatly enjoyed), his intimidation alone usually did an excellent job at keeping shady individuals at bay. He spent a considerate amount of time within this profession, and despite his "off-duty" negligent and somewhat troublemaking attitude, his focus at work would always be on top. This position came to a very abrupt stop, however, when the CEO and three other members of the company were found dead in the CEO's home, his trusted bodyguard suddenly nowhere to be found.

Investigation followed, but while Thresh appeared to many as the main suspect, solid evidence was never achieved, and Thresh never returned to the public eye. With no explanation, after staying under the radar for a significant period of time, he reappeared in a different city and simply proceeded to settle into his new, ownerless life. His current profession is "officially" unknown, but it is widely assumed in the local scene that he and a frequent group of followers partake in various forms of criminal activity throughout the city. Through the acquaintanceship of "Snaz", whose owners run a large, highly esteemed(but also criminally active) organization, Thresh once more became recognized for his daunting appearance and skills and was eventually offered a position within said organization. Among other things, his main task is now that of an enforcer/debt collector(pursuing and intimidating smaller parties into fulfilling their obligations to the company), a role that he finds himself greatly thriving in.

In his spare time, Thresh can often be seen hanging out at bars, nightclubs and the likes, often with the company of Snaz and his other colleagues, seemingly without any worries and always out to have a good time.