The surfer dude?

strange // childish // maverick

Story: Rick's World
Setting: anywhere, 1998
Created: 1998


Full Name ??? Dikley Age 26 Species Human
Nicknames Slick (by everyone) Birthday ??? Gender Male
Prefers Slick Zodiac ??? Pronouns He/Him
Character Group Rick's World Religion nonreligious Sexuality ???
Group Role Luke Background American Relationship Status Single, not looking
Day Job None Birthplace ??? Living Situation With his brothers

Slick was a major character in a long-running comic strip I made-- and even sold subscriptions* to-- throughout elementary and middle school called Rick's World. It was juvenile for sure, but it was my first serious comic project, and these guys still have a special place in my heart.

Sometimes the characters from the comic turn up in my other projects, and Rick was in the 2007 version of Catband, but I'm not sure if any of them will be in the comic this time. This profile is here mostly for fun and for posterity, and while I'll upload some art and describe the characters as they were, I don't necessarily stand by some of the content anymore, since I made it when I was a child.

It was a gag-a-day strip about the misadventures the Dikley brothers would get into in a world much saner than them, their relationships with their remarkably patient friends, and sometime appearances by the long-lost cousins who gave glimpses into what this family was really like. Like Catband, it was a story about a bunch of 20-something idiots trying to make their way through the world, screwing up everything all the time, but still doing it together and with love.

*A quarter would buy you a lifetime subscription, which is to say I'd re-draw every new strip for you to have a copy of in perpetuity. I didn't quite get rich off my rates, but I was probably able to get a few quality Pokémon stickers from the vending machine outside the sporting goods store.

Slick is probably the best character I've ever created. Don't @ me.

He dresses like a cool surfer dude, but he's afraid of water and pretty much the outside world in general. He's friendly and full of character, but capricious, unpredictable and often silent. He often acts like a dog or cat more than a person, and fittingly, his younger brother Rick has to mind him to make sure he doesn't run off and get himself into some kind of trouble.

Slick is 26 years old, but mentally most people would think he's like a child. Is he more than he seems, though? His behavior certainly isn't an act, but he seems to know what he's doing and how it affects other people, and he often pulls unexpectedly clever tricks on his brothers. He's the most fun of the three brothers, free-spirited and deeply independently-minded, to say the very, very least.

Among Slick's peccadillos, he eats soap, loves biscuits, and sleeps in a drawer.

Height: 6'0"/183cm Build: Sturdy
Eyes: Green, presumably (almost never seen) Hair: Blond, long shaggy mop

Slick dresses like a typical surfer, in Hawaiian shirts, khaki shorts, and either shoeless or in sandals-- regardless of the weather. He can't be made to put on warmer clothing even in winter.

He has shaggy blond hair in a thick mop that covers his eyes. He's refused to have his hair touched by a scissor in years.


Rick Younger Brother

Rick is Slick's younger brother by one year, and he's this brother's keeper. Slick's often trying to dodge or outsmart him, but they're very close.


Nick Youngest Brother

Nick is Slick's younger brother by two years, and he's obstinate and contrary just when he wants to be right-- which, smart as he thinks he is, often makes him even more foolish than Slick.


Olga Friend

Olga is Rick's best friend, smart, patient, and understanding. She loves Slick like her own brother.


Veronica Friend

Veronica is another of the brothers' friends, and she's Olga's best friend. She's kind, down-to-earth and friendly, unphased by the family's chaos, and she cares greatly for Nick.


Peter Cousin

Peter is one of the brothers' many cousins, and he's the closest to Rick in role and demeanor... but he lives in a tree.


Quigley Cousin

Quigley is another cousin. Quigley's a mess, moreso even than his giant bird's nest of a hairdo.


Tom Cousin

Tom is the "respectable", filthy-rich cousin who despises the rest of his family. Too bad he's no genius either.


Steve Cousin

Steve's another peculiar cousin. He's in love with his car, Sweetums.

Pet's Name: Vic Species: Cat
Sex: Male Breed: Domestic shorthair

Vic is the Dikley family's orange tomcat. Smart, brave, and levelheaded, he's Rick's confidant in a chaotic world.

Pet's Name: Mick Species: Dog
Sex: Male Breed: Hound mix

Mick is the brothers' sleepy, sensitive dog. He's a brown hound mix who loves affection and pets and gets nervous when things are unstable.

Pet's Name: Sick Species: Hamster
Sex: Male Breed: Syrian

Sick is the boys' hamster. He earned his name because he's known for eating too fast and throwing up his food. The brothers love him, though he's afraid of Slick.

Pet's Name: Bic Species: Ballpoint pen
Sex: n/a Breed: Blue, clicky

Bic is Rick's pet... ballpoint pen?

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