The sweet friend.

kind // level-headed // pragmatic

Story: Rick's World
Setting: anywhere, 1998
Created: 1998


Full Name Veronica Datley Age 24 Species Human
Nicknames Ronnie Birthday ??? Gender Female
Prefers Veronica Zodiac ??? Pronouns She/Her
Character Group Rick's World Religion nonreligious Sexuality Straight?
Group Role ??? Background American Relationship Status Single?
Day Job Librarian Birthplace ??? Living Situation ???

Veronica was a character in a long-running comic strip I made-- and even sold subscriptions* to-- throughout elementary and middle school called Rick's World. It was juvenile for sure, but it was my first serious comic project, and these guys still have a special place in my heart.

Sometimes the characters from the comic turn up in my other projects, and Rick was in the 2007 version of Catband, but I'm not sure if any of them will be in the comic this time. This profile is here mostly for fun and for posterity, and while I'll upload some art and describe the characters as they were, I don't necessarily stand by some of the content anymore, since I made it when I was a child.

It was a gag-a-day strip about the misadventures the Dikley brothers would get into in a world much saner than them, their relationships with their remarkably patient friends, and sometime appearances by the long-lost cousins who gave glimpses into what this family was really like. Like Catband, it was a story about a bunch of 20-something idiots trying to make their way through the world, screwing up everything all the time, but still doing it together and with love.

*A quarter would buy you a lifetime subscription, which is to say I'd re-draw every new strip for you to have a copy of in perpetuity. I didn't quite get rich off my rates, but I was probably able to get a few quality Pokémon stickers from the vending machine outside the sporting goods store.

Veronica is one of the more "normal" characters in the cast-- level-headed and smart, she's a voice of reason among the chaos, and she can be depended on to handle anything with humor and aplomb.

Height: 5'6"/168cm Build: Curvy, plump
Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark brown, curly

Veronica has brown eyes and dark, curly hair, and she's typically wearing cute sweaters and skirts.


Olga Best Friend

Olga is Veronica's best friend, and together the two of them are the logical center and the brains of the comic.


Nick Love Interest / Friend

Veronica is sweet on Nick, which she hopes is mutual, but regardless, they're good friends, and get to nerd out about stuff together, even if she's the only one who really knows what she's talking about. She thinks it's cute how hard he tries.


Rick Friend

Rick is a friend and Nick's brother.


Slick Friend

Slick is a friend and Nick's brother.

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