Snooty af.

haughty // pompous // spiteful

Story: Rick's World
Setting: anywhere, 1998
Created: 1998


Full Name Thomas Dikley Age 27 Species Human
Nicknames Tom Birthday ??? Gender Male
Prefers either Zodiac ??? Pronouns He/Him
Character Group Rick's World Religion nonreligious Sexuality ???
Group Role ??? Background American Relationship Status ???
Day Job None Birthplace ??? Living Situation Probably somewhere fancy

(No relation to Catband's Thomas.)

Tom was a minor character in my childhood comic strip, Rick's World. Tom is one of the Dikley brothers' various estranged cousins.

I'm not sure we ever actually met Tom in the comic, but he's mentioned by other characters as being a "zillionaire" and disliking cats.

He loathes his family and tries to distance himself as much as possible from them, thinking he's so much better than them. I guess he probably earned his fortune in some windfall-- the dot com boom, a lottery win, maybe-- because he's no smarter than the rest of them. I hope you enjoy your zillions alone, Tom.

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