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Do not steal my ideas for worlds my characters live in, my species or my characters themselves or their backstories, DO NOT STEAL OR HEAVILY REFERENCE ANYTHING, IT'S JUST COMMON SENSE!

Some characters might have NSFW or gore themes/stories/drawings etc, you've been warned.

My characters are currently a mess, if you're looking to offer on someone read the texts below.
- characters in the "The Story" folder are ALWAYS off limits (unless otherwise stated) and you will be blocked if you offer on any of them
- characters in the "MYO" folder are also off limits (unless otherwise stated) and you'll be blocked if you offer on them
- characters with the NFS (not for sale) tag can be offered on but 99% likely I will not accept any offer (trade offers only btw)
- characters without the NFS tag are more open for offers but it doesn't mean I'll accept an offer for them either
- characters with a warning saying that they're not for sale/trade and you'll be blocked if you offer are obviously off limits and as said: will result in me blocking you

A list of my design preferences, favorite designers, favorite species, dream characters etc can be found here.

WARNING: Emocje (same name on deviantart and toyhouse) has stolen adopts from me and even an adopt that I decided not to sell and kept to myself, if you've gotten a character from them be wary! This person refused to credit my toyhouse for any characters so their creator will be listed as my ancient adopt account on deviantart (SAdoptsS).

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