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  • Somewhere during the middle of the storm-plague, her family discarded her to reduce extra mouths to feed. Quite developed a complex from this where she would be really helpful to the country, thinking her family would regret throwing her away.
  • Carlotta shortly took her in to experiment on, though she quite got fond of her knowing they pretty have much the same thoughts about improving the country.
  • 3 months after her stay with Carlotta, Netto was taken in. Although Netto isn't too vocal due to how he mostly mutters about his past with his family, she got quite close to him by helping him recover from it.
  • Believing that she could finally be helpful helping someone else, she volunteered to be the donor of everything Netto needed. She believed that Netto could be a powerful entity that surpasses the whole storm-plague. Due to this, she entrusts everything on him.


  • Very upbeat and airheaded, easily gets sentimental.
  • Quite skilled for her age (11), Carlotta pretty much teaches her how to do chores in an early age and can go around doing indoor errands decently. Her cooking skill is still below basic, though.
  • A big clean freak. Leave one speck of dust, she's probably gonna freak out.
  • She's also the one who gave Netto the nickname because she doesn't really like pronouncing names more than 2 syllables.