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Minnie / 18 / she/they

Hi hi! I'm a self-taught anime and furry artist from Poland :3 Please read the warnings below before interacting!

Please do not
  • DNI bigots, LGBTQ+phobes, ableists, proshippers, any other problematic people.
  • Steal or copy my designs or art (inspiration and colorpicking is okay!).
  • Draw NSFW of my OCs (it makes me uncomfy :( ).
  • Offer on characters that aren't for sale/offer. If you do, the offer will be denied.
  • I have a dreamies folder. If one of your OCs is there and would like it to be removed, please tell me and I'll remove them.
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Bright Colours


Body Horror

Candy Gore

Glitchy Imagery


Suggestive Content

Sensitive Content

  • More specific warnings will be added for each OC profile
  • Some of my OCs may behave wrong and be bad people. It's made for the lore purpose only and does NOT reflect my personal opinions and beliefs
  • If there's something that should be tagged but isn't, please tell me! I'll fix it immediately

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