Hugh Oscar's Comments

I love vampires, they’ll always have a place in my heart and tbh he reminds me of Dracula

Tbh he's nothing like dracula other than being a vampire

Ok, first let me say how much I like the design for him! looks very much like hes from a popular cartoon. also, the fact that he has a stranger body build than a lot of vampires I see, that depend a lot of looking attractive. Hugh looks more like a classic, monstrous, Dracula-type vampire instead of the thin, lanky, pale vampires im more accustom to seeing in a vampire oc. 

Also the fact that hes a violent, brutal type but stays away from that kind of thing not for moral reasons but because he just doesnt wanna get burned is a pretty interesting standpoint too that I found interesting while reading his profile. 

so, yeah. pretty neat vamp you got here

i wish my animation skills were good enough to actually make a cartoon rip. that would be the dream