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Basic Info


Eugene Ha (하유진)


in his very late 10s to early 20s




child of Oh-Sung Ha (하오성) and Hyun-Soo Eun (은현수)




  HEADS UP.. due to the nature of the genre of the setting (crime organizations) there are mentions of violence and death in this character's bio! Only proceed if you feel comfortable about these topics.

Eugene is the son of a mafia boss (Oh-Sung)...

Family & Childhood • • •

(shared with Oh-Sung..)

  • Oh-Sung, who recently became blind due to an accident, gains a natural tattoo and receives a vision that his organization will crumble down, and that the only person to save it is his son. At the time, Oh-Sung didn't have any children. He's been already feeling the pressure of his men sneakily fighting over his position and even the other rivaling organization talking smack about him and his deteriorating condition and he is not pleased. He went through so much utter shit to be on top and maintain the gang and he isn't going to let himself be easily disrespected and replaced. So regardless of the credibility of his vision, he puts his faith into what he saw and plans to have a son. 
  • Oh-Sung makes his men investigate a bunch of women to make sure they are Naturals (he wants the "best"). He manipulates many women into sleeping with him, and one in particular, Hyun-Soo, bears a son.
  • Eugene's childhood was... not the best. Due to him being constantly followed around and monitored by the men sent by his father, he had a hard time fitting in with other kids (usually kids don't care, but it's the parents that don't let their child play with the son of a gang boss). Eugene ends up switching schools multiple times due to Hyun-Soo insisting on giving him at least a decent childhood/education, which Oh-Sung reluctantly agrees to. 
  • In one of the schools he switched to, Eugene begins to hang out with another kid and they become friends. Upon hearing this, Hyun-Soo was finally happy to hear that Eugene managed to find someone to hang out, but Oh-Sung is skeptical and decides to run some background search on the friend, only to find that she is a daughter of a gangster from the rivaling organization.
  • Ever since his injury, Oh-Sung has become quite reckless and he doesn't have as much patient nor tolerance as before. He has finally had enough of Hyun-Soo. After a massive dispute, Oh-sung is unable to control his anger and kills Hyun-Soo. He is quick to cover that up as an accident/burglary/etc... 
  • but Eugene ends up witnessing the scene. Tattoos also began to form on Eugene that night and he doesn't really know what this means but he feels the need to hide them from his father so he keeps it a secret for most of his adolescent life.

Personality • • •

  • Eugene has a decent moral compass.. but isn't above manipulating others to get what he wants (probably comes from his dad's side of the family). He has very strong willpower and is able to persevere through most difficulties in life and can be very focused on a particular goal, possibly even to the point of fixation. He is willing to do most things to achieve his goal. 
  • Because of this, he needs someone to ground him back and to let himself appreciate and enjoy the world around him a bit more. 
  • Eugene often fakes his extrovertedness, but he is in fact a very private person and finds social events exhausting. He absolutely hates dealing with random street gangsters starting shit with him (doesn't happen often due to his status, but there has been some cases) and gets frustrated when other unexpected events disrupt his plan. He tends to bottle up his frustrations and emotions behind a fake persona though so not many people really know what's going on in his head. He sometimes (reluctantly) take days off to rest. If you catch him on a particularly bad day, he will beat you to a pulp.

Physicality • • •

  • Strength-wise, he isn't the strongest (but that definitely doesn't mean that he is weak though, he just has less striking power in comparison to the rest of the cast). He has a rather skinny/slim frame. However, he is incredibly resilient and is able to take a lot of beating. Usually, his opponent gets tired long before they are anywhere close to knocking Eugene out. Extortion through physical torture will not work on him.
  • Tattoos cover his torso and all the way down his arms to his wrists.

Extra stuff
  • Funnily enough, Eugene isn't too strong against alcohol and is relatively quick to get drunk. He actually becomes easier to talk to in this state and will be much more honest with his emotions. He dislikes the feeling of vulnerability though, so if he has the choice, he prefers to drink only with trusted people.
  • Tattoos include: dragon, flowers
  • Contrary to popular belief, he isn't based on the try guys eugene yall.... o<-<